Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dallon's Homecoming Nov. 8th

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LAST EMAIL!!!! 9/28/2015

Well hi everyone!!! Sorry that this email will be a little different from the rest because it is the last one that I will write here in Peru as a missionary. The mission is incredible. It has changed my life for the better. I have loved the time that I have spent here serving the people of Peru. I have come to develop a great love for this country. I love serving others and I love serving the Lord!!! 
     This week has been great and full of many more spiritual experiences. I have truly felt the spirit touch my heart here. I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, he is our savior and our redeemer. He loves us so much. He knows us perfectly and individually. I have seen his hand touch the hearts of many here, including my own. 
     The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I invite all to read it and ponder about its teachings, then pray. God hears our prayers. He has answered so many of mine and I know that he is always listening and he does respond. Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, he translated that book through the power of God. 
     I know that everything happens for a reason. God uses us as instruments in his hands. He has done this so many times in my mission. I have seen miracles. I have come to know God. I know that it isnt over. We have to continue. We have to follow Christ until the end, striving every single day to become more like him. I know that God lives. He exists. He wants all of his children to come back to him. He loves us so much that I cant express in words. He is there and will always be there to guide us through this life back to his presence. Trust him, Follow him, Pray to him. He is our master. If we do these things we shall obtain Eternal life, the greatest of all gifts. I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers. I promise to continue to serve until the day that I die. I love this gospel. I love God and will serve him for forever.   Thank you all for helping me realize this. I love you!
                   Your faithful brother and friend,
                          Elder Dallon Maxwell, signing off for the last time.  See you all soon! Love yall!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2 WEEKS!!! Email 9/21/2015

MONDAY, pday! We went to the center of Lima to buy a few little trinkets. It was fun! Then we talked to a less active about charity. Just what he needed really, he is still excited to come back to church! Awesome! 
TUESDAY, we had our district meeting. We learned about listening with our hearts and not just hearing with our ears. Cool. Then we taught this lady who is kind of less active and it was cool because i asked some inspired questions and we were able to find a need that she had and help her with it. Then after she thanked us and said that we had helped her more than any of the past missionaries. It is cool how God sends us to the right place and the right time with the right people in order to help them! so cool! 
WEDNESDAY, today we had Elder Carlos Godoy of the area 70 come and talk to us. Really cool. I learned a lot and was able to feel the spirit very strongly. He also asked at the beginning that those who are finishing their missions to go to the front and bear their testimonies, which is me...... really cool experience testifying about what i know in front of an area 70 and the missionaries. Once in a lifetime, a great spiritual experience. 
THURSDAY, today we taught a recent convert. We are taking her to the temple tomorrow! So cool. That is truly the goal; getting people to go to the temple. Really incredible. Then we talked to a less active about forgiveness, how we need forgive all of those who have offended us. Even our enemies, we have to love everyone! 
FRIDAY, today we got to go to the temple!!!! with the recent convert and Alberto. Really awesome experience. It was cool because some missionaries from lima norte, and it turns out they needed us in order to do their baptisms and one of the elders was with me in the ccm. It wasnt a coincidence! Gods hand was there in that. 
SATURDAY, We helped our district leader contact in his area because they are struggling a little bit. Then we talked to our investigator and she is going to be baptized on October 10th most likely. It would be cool if my parents could be there for it so we are hoping for the best! Then we had a really short but really powerful lesson with a less active family. It was awesome. I love the spirit. 
SUNDAY, today we had church and the classes were amazing. Then we contacted all day. haha.  It was fun.
  So that was my week more or less. Sorry it is a little short, but my time is also short. But I love you all and hope that you all are happy and well. Have a great next week! Love you all and see you all in 2 weeks!!!!!

3 WEEKS TO GO * PLUS A BAPTISM!!! Email 9/14/2015

MONDAY, pday, so we played soccer and climbed a little cerro. fun. haha. 
TUESDAY, today we contacted a bunch. Not a ton of success. It is really hard to get into the houses here. From there we taught a member and come to find out she doesnt have a testimony but hey we can help her get one. She just is confused about a couple of things. Then we taught an investigator who hadn’t slept for 3 days for some reason. A little strange. haha. Then we did the pre interview for Elsa and did some paperwork then called it a day! 
WEDNESDAY, today we had district meeting and we learned about the importance of the members when we teach. Really helpful. Then we visited 2 of our investigators. They are progressing little by little still. But hey, at least they are progressing! One of them is having a hard time getting to church still because of her baby. She has all the lessons but lacks the attendance. From there we taught a recent convert about the priesthood organization. It is a blessing to have the priesthood restored in these the latter days!
THURSDAY, today we did divisions and in the other area we had 0 lessons and contacted all day! Fun! haha. 
FRIDAY, today was cool. We talked to a less active and we were able to find one of her needs! Wahoo. Now we can help her more so that’s good. Then we talked to a less active return missionary. We had a great lesson, really powerful. After the lesson he said that he wanted to go back to church and actually came! He is excited to reactivate himself! Cool. i love it when the spirit tells us what we need to say. 
SATURDAY, we had Elsa’s baptism today! All went well and she was way happy! A lot of members came to her baptism and she feels great! Now we hope we can also take her to the temple to do baptisms for the dead! That would be sweet! From there we visited some other investigators. One of them told us that he couldnt receive our visits anymore. Sort of sad. Everyone has their agency right?  But we are happy because there is a party in the heavens today because one more daughter decided to follow the Fathers path!
  SUNDAY, Elsa got confirmed! An official member of the church! Sweet. After we ate some delicious lasagna. It was great. We ate so much that our stomachs hurt. haha. Then we taught a less active that has some personal problems that prevent him from wanting to come back to church and to read the scriptures. But little by little everything will be resolved.  So i am just happy and i love it here. Not much more time to do this kind of work so i have to take advantage while i can! I love you all! Thanks for your support! Have a great next week! 

KICKED OUT OF AN AREA!! Email 9/7/2015

MONDAY, so today we played a couple of fun games. Then after pday we went and taught Elsa who is now set to be baptized on the 12th! We are so excited for her. She is going to be a way strong convert to the church. Wahoo!!!
TUESDAY, we started off contacting a lot, after a while, long story short, they kicked us out of an area because some people called and complained. Anyway. haha. I felt a little bad but hey at least its not like in the scriptures that they throw us in jail right? haha. So then we taught a recent convert who is ready to go to the temple! Wahoo! Another great success! We are excited for her too! Then we taught a family whose daughter passed away less than a month ago. I admired the faith that they have. They are staying strong. I cant imagine how hard that would be. 
WEDNESDAY, today we taught a strange investigator. He is way receptive but like he wont read the book of mormon until he finishes the bible and he recently started it. haha. So ya. haha. From there we taught a less active. She is feels that something is missing in her life. We tried to teach her that only God can fill that space. She understood, and knew what she had to do, so it was a success. The spirit told her what she needed to do in the lesson. Really cool. 
THURSDAY, more contacting! haha. We had 3 contacts today that talked to us in English. A little weird. haha. Then we talked to a new investigator! Her name is Liz, yes another female; all the men are working and never home. haha. But she is married!!! And the family is really important to her and her husband so we are hoping to be able to teach all of them at the same time! Then we taught a less active, but it seems like everything went in one ear and went out the other. But hey we can only invite people to come unto Christ. They have to do the rest.
FRIDAY, today we had a zone meeting. They had me bare one of my last testimonies. haha. que trunky. anyway, it was really cool. The spirit was really strong and i felt it working through me. Really amazing. From there we taught a recent convert and a less active. Oh ya, so i did get my package today! Thanks to all! i love you guys! and ya! today flew by haha. 
SATURDAY, today we talked to one of the first members in Peru. Pretty sweet to hear all of the stories she has. Incredible. A Peruvian pioneer! Then we talked to some less active teenage boys who dont go to church mainly because they sleep too much and cant get up in the morning. haha. Reminds me of myself a little haha. But it went well. One of them ended up coming on Sunday. So it was a success! Now he just has to keep coming! haha. 
SUNDAY, church! Was the best like usual! Testimony meeting is always powerful and the sacrament of course. My favorite hour of the week! Then we visited a less active return missionary. Really sad honestly to go on a mission and then fall away. It is hard to get them to come back too. From there we visited a lady who is a chef, she had a restaurant in California. She is pretty high class. haha. She also gave us dinner and cooked a chicken pot pie. Pretty good! haha. So i was happy. 
   Well sorry that this email is a little short, i dont have much time and i cant type real fast haha. But i love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dallon emailing on the 31st * Elder Reed in the background
MONDAY, so pday! Today we went sand surfing. ya... awesome, like sledding but on a sand dune. It was the best. Then we got transfers!!!! So i am getting transferred!!!! What!?!?!?!? To San Borja!!! One of the richest areas in the mission and i am going to be with elder Reed from Ohio!!! It is funny because i was with him in the same room when i was in Vitarte. So i already know him and we are already pals so i am excited! 
TUESDAY, transfers! So first day in san broja we taught a new investigator named Dante. We just contacted him and he let us in, which apparently is super rare here. But ya, cool guy. He wants to learn more about God! Then we taught an investigator named Elsa, who has a baptismal date. She is awesome. She learns super fast and reads everything that we leave her. She has also gone to church like 6 times. Really cool. 
   WEDNESDAY, we taught a recent convert who is really cool too. She is preparing to go to the temple for the first time! She is facing some opposition in her life right now that is making it a little harder but she is strong and tells us everything so that we can help her. We shared some scriptures with her and then after she thanked us and told us that that was just what she had needed. Awesome! So this area is huge. haha. i am so lost. haha. 
THURSDAY, Elder Bednar talked to us today!!!  It was incredible!!! The spirit was so strong. He asked us questions the whole time. The whole 3 hours. His focus was on learning by faith and through the Holy Ghost; as we act and DO things that the lord commands, THEN the miracles will follow. We must be agents not objects. We must ask God to help us do things not ask Him to do it. For example, we shouldn’t ask him to help the people who didnt come to church that we to help them come the next week, but we should ask him to help them open the door and let us in as WE GO and visit them. Stuff like that. Really inspiring and amazing. He also taught us how we should teach so that people think and have the Holy Ghost touch them instead of us just giving a lecture. We need to guide them and help them become agents of their own, and not object. So i testify that Elder Bednar is called of God and God lives. I just know it. 
FRIDAY, today we were able to teach another investigator who also has a baptismal date, but it is a little hard to teach her because her little daughter is very active and is always distracting her. haha. I love little kids, but sometimes they are difficult to control. but hey, they dont know any better. so ya, she is progressing and is going to church and everything. So we are happy. We have also been applying what elder bednar taught us and man does it work, we have had many spiritual experiences in the lessons. The spirit is stronger because he is the main teacher, not us. It is awesome! 
SATURDAY, today we had district meeting! There are a ton and i mean a ton of sisters in this zone. Like half, maybe more than half. haha. 11 of them. But it is cool. i mean i grew up with all women so i am used to it. haha. Elder jeria, my old companion back in central is my district leader. Cool. so after the meeting we taught a recent convert who is ready to go to the temple now! We just have to make a date and we might be able to go to! This being the first time and everything. So then we taught Elsa again and she had a few doubts about the book of mormon so we decided to talk about that and we had an amazing lessons. After she didnt have doubts and had felt the spirit. Really amazing experience. So now she is going to pray to see if she is going to get baptized this week or if she is going to wait until next week. We will see. She has almost all the lessons and has gone to church a lot, so she is more than ready. Awesome! 
SUNDAY, we had church! It was great. Cool to see how different wards work and everything. This ward has a bunch of important people in it. Area 70s and army generals and stuff. haha. I enjoyed it. After we taught our investigator the rest of lesson two, her daughter had a tablet so she was a lot more tranquila this time. haha. We were able to teach without interruptions. haha. Then we ate in the house of an area 70 for dinner. He has been a mission president too. He gave us some really good advice as missionaries and as members in general. 
  Well, that was my week! i loved it. Full of the spirit! I love you all and hope that you can all also feel the spirit this week! It is amazing! See you soon! Love yall! 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

LISTENING to the SPIRIT will teach us what WE need to know!!! Email 8/24/2015

MONDAY, pday, so we played soccer on an artificial field with another zone. Really fun. Then we had a lesson after with a family on family history work. cool!
TUESDAY, today was awesome. So we had our district meeting and learned about leaving our areas stronger than when we found them. Later we had some awesome appointments. We did divisions and i went and taught karol, an investigator and we had a great lesson on the restoration and she understood it all really well and the spirit was there, wow, i cant even describe it. Just amazing, also my comp found some great new investigators that we are going to start teaching!! The blessings!!!!
WEDNESDAY, today we were able to teach julio cesar. He is a great guy and has a sincere desire to follow Jesus Christ. We are helping him understand the organization of Christ’s church and how that church is the only true church upon the face of the earth. Then we taught some other investigators who want to get married. Well that’s a first. haha. They also want to know more about how our belief in Christ can help and strengthen us as a family. Awesome!!! 
THURSDAY, today we taught a bunch of member families. Like seriouly a lot. haha. Our lessons with investigators fell through and well we were just guided to these families. We hope that this will help us find new investigators through their references. References are always the best. Today we also taught a less active girl who doesnt believe in God..... it is sad to see a person reject this message even though they feel it and know that it is true, it is just that because of certain events they harden their hearts and push Him out of their lives...
FRIDAY, today we did some more divisions with some members. We were able to teach the investigators that want to get married. Well the lady. Her name is matilde and her couple is elmer. We taught matilde and she is really receptive. She wants to learn more and always has really good questions.  Then we contacted a bit to try and find new people to teach. We always need to find more. haha. The more the better. 
SATURDAY, today we taught 2 new investigators who are working here in lima but are from another part of Peru. They had been listening to the jehovas witnesses before and are curious to see the difference that we have with all other religions. Then we taught another couple of investigators who also want to get married, but its hard because they dont go to church.... they were going to go but then they had to work. Just like last week... a little tough. 
SUNDAY, today i complete 22 months in the mission. Wow. We had church and honestly this Sunday was very inspiring and spiritual for me. I was able to receive inspiration and the classes were on just what I needed and helped me understand a lot more about the temple and the sacrament. Incredible really. I loved it. Really every Sunday should be like this. We should go and try to listen to the spirit because he will teach us what we need to know. The talk that a sister was giving was on the book of Mormon, but during it i received revelation about the temple. Really cool. I felt the spirit, which taught me what i needed to know. Sweet. I love this gospel.
  Well i hope that all of you can have inspiring experiences and can feel the spirit this week because it is truly wonderful. I love you all and can’t wait to see you all again. Take care!!!!