Saturday, October 26, 2013


ok so i only have ten mins ill try to tell u as much as i can.  so i ended up riding on the plane with like 20 missionaries it was really awesome.  ive already befriended everyone.  so to answer number 2 yes ive been feeling much bettter havnt had any more problems.  now onto the other stuff..  on the second flight to peru we actually got dleayed a half hour.  we also got an inflight meal and i got the chicken and it was actually really good.  on the first flight we flew through a ton of states and i was able to see the mississippi river out my window!!! we arrived in lima at like 1130 there and had to wait over an hour for some stuff so we didnt get yto the mtc until 2 AM!! i slept good though so its great.  I have my companion his name is elder barnson and hes from farmington.  hes pretty cool.  i havnt met my other 6 roomates because we got to sleep in this morning XD.  a already have my badge and am unpacked and stuff.  oh! story on the bus ride.  holy crap we just about died a dozen times because the buss driver drove like 100 mph and lets just say we had a lot of close calls.  Peru is beautiful. well sorta.  We drove through the main city and its way different. the houses are just stacked on top of each other.  Power lines everywhere, you wouldnt believe.  dont worry ill be careful around them.  its humid here but not as bad as hawaii was.  The temp is like 66 and it feels amazing.  ive already seen llamas! and a few dogs... there was a huge husky in the street when we were driving here.  The mtc is just like the picture, beautiful and really nice.  We just got all of our spanish learning books and our badges and a watere bottle with a filter haha.  The water in the mtc is clean though so thats good.  For breakfast this morning we had the leftovers from all the other missionaries which was cocoa puffs in a kind of yogurt mixed together.  it was really gross. but its ok.  so hows everyone at home!?!? is brynna still sick? hope she gets better.  we are about to go to meet our mtc president so i might not be able to write back because we have so little time today. Oh! which reminds me. i saw that letter for my birthday about the package u were sending and we got a thing that said we should tell our family not to send packages to the mtc because custom fees and taxes are expensive and they said it would be better to deposit money. so idk how that works withour special mail service but i have to go now srry i dont have much time.  I LOVE YOU ALL.  Nos Vemos!