Tuesday, November 19, 2013


 I did get to actually shake elder nelsons hand! .  so my last week:  first  today we heard elder nelson speak to us. it was so crazy.  right when he walked in the spirit hit me like a tidal wave! it was so cool to meet him in person.  he told us to learn 3 lang. the one we already know, spanish, and the lords language. (spirit).  he told us that we are all ´´ attractive´´ and that people when they see us want to know where we are from and who we are.  another thing he told us was that the best thing that we can be doing for our families is to serve because the lord will bless them and draw them nearer to god.then he gave us a special blessing which included. blessed with true faith in Jesus Christ and God, blessed us to be true disciples, blessed us with a hunger for his words and teachings.  blessed us health and safety and strength, blessed us with a special blessing that our families and friends would be watched over and be brought closer to heavenly father and Jesus Christ because of our service!!!! its was sooooo cool!!!  sat: today we went pros.  we were in north lima in a city called santa fe. it was a lot nicer than the last place i went to but still poor.  we talked to 2 less active ladies and i bore my testimony to one and said a prayer in the other lesson. we didnt give any book of mormons out or pamphlets or anything but it was still really cool because i felt the spirit.. sun: we had church today! it was a nice break from spanish haha.  we listened to 2 talks from Bednar. they were both really good. i liked the 2nd one better. he talked about becoming more like christ and also the characteristics of christ and how we need to put off the natural man and always look outward towards others. he also shared a story of a lady who even right after she found out her only daughter died she looked outward and made sure the 2 other mothers whose daughters were also involved in the accident were okay.  we need to focus on the people we are serving and not oursleves and ´´our´´ mission but on the"Lord´s" mission for us.  monday, today we did more lang study!!! all the latinos are leaving today. im sad to see my 2 latino roomates leave but im excited for the new ones too.teaching my fake investigators are going really well.  tomorrow is p day because for some reason they switched it this time and im pretty sure that next p day (our last) will be next Thursday but im not sure so check for my email on tues and thurs.  i talked to an hermana named hermana reush (roo-sh) and come to find out she went to bingham and is jacob rigbys cousin!!! crazy so she says to tell them hi!! haha.  small world.  tues: today we went to the temple.  the spirit is sooo strong there its crazy.  i look forward to it every p day.  then of course i bought some more stuff haha.  i only have 2 weeks remaining!!!! oh my gosh!!!! so crazy!!! well i love you all and hope you have a fantastic next week!!!! 

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