Saturday, November 9, 2013


Dallon's Favorite Fruit "Granadia" or Passion Fruit
(acutally looks gross!) 

mi familia! como estan? i am sorry that i didnt get to writ all of you yesterday but ill explain later in this email. i did send a letter to you so look for it !. ill asnwer quest. at the end. so this week:  friday, all we did today was lang. study for pros. on sat. however all of our roomates left on their missions today!  sat., today we went pros.! it was awesome. i was able to at least bear my testimony every time we taught someone.  i coudnt understand hardly anything that the less actives and the members said, but i did feel the spirit. we taklked to an active catholic guy and got him to get a pamphlet and also sched. an appnt. with the sis. missionaries!. also we taught a guy who got hit by a missile but survived.  yes he actually got hit by a missile.  he said he would try to go to church the next day even though he didnt have legs.  so cool!  the area that i was in was called Canto Rey Lima Peru.  it is really poor and really sketchy haha.  there are dogs everywhere but dont worry almost all of them are tame.  its awesome.  all of the ppl we visited had just 1 room.  most of the houses are built on top of each other and mult. families live in the buildings. the ppl are really friendly though but they sure do change when they drive. haha. i swear they have a lang. with honking their horns. its nuts.    Sunday.  today we had church which was really good and then later we watched a talk given by bednar.  it was really cool.  he talked about how to know when you were feeling the spirit or if it was just you. he said stop worrying about it.  he said to put your trust in the lord and he will lead you where you need to go and help u say what u need to say without knowing it was the spirit.  he shared some stories about his that were awesome. he said even he didnt know it was the spirit at the time and hes an apostle!   dont worry about bbeing able to discern the spirit just have faith an the lord will direct you even if you dont know it at the time.  Mon.  today we did more lang study.  they really push you hard with the lang.  we are learning faast though. today we ate turkey neck for lunch and it was actually pretty good.  i also learned a funny word: escobazar which means to sprinkle with a wet broom. ya i have no idea haha.  also i started to get the siempres again.  its a ccm joke that the siempres (always) means that ur always in the toilet. and the nuncas (never)  means that ur never on the toilet because you cant go if you know what i mean. . by the end of today im feeling great and life is great!  tues.  today i sliced an apple in half with my finger which awed my district. and i also owned everyone with my ninja ping pong skills. XD.  we will get more latinos tommorrow and gringos as well. so ill try to enjoy my last night in an empty room (except for my comp. of course) hope it goes well.  wed., today we had a huge soccer game and it was real fun. we also did a service project to help make the grounds nice.  we washed these conopy things that are above the tables. they look like giant umbrellas.  we got new roomates and they are great so far !!   thur., went to the temple which was awesome like last time. then we loaded up on snacks.  then we had to go downtown to do visa stuff which is why i didnt get to write earlier so im soorry for that.  i will write on thursdays unless like something like that happens again.  I love you all soooooooooo much.  say hi to everyone for me! ill try to send pics this time! love you all!   answers to question: my gringo week went really good.  nothing super special happened except for pros.  ive only had 1 bad migraine and the weather hasnt changed!  love you guys!  elder maxwell

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