Tuesday, November 19, 2013


mi familia! que pasa?  actividades de mi semana:  sat. today for physical activity we had a game of ultimate frisbee and it was a blast.  i could actually play well unlike soccer XD.  i suck at soccer but i am improving because i play with all the latinos haha.  so  frisbee was a good change of pace.  we found out otday that russel m nelson is coming here to the peru mtc on friday to talk to us!!!!!!!!!  i m so excited. i actually get the chance to meet an apostle of the lord!.  i cant wait!!!.  sunday.  church was normal today. i helped pass the sacrament though. then later we had a devotional and my district preformed a special musical number. we sang a song called i heard him come.  its a sweet song.  you should look it up. i bet youll like it. monday.  today we played soccer with the latinos and i actually scored a goal! the fake investigator lessons are going really well. we are definitely improving. my scripture reading is coming along.  im currently in alma chapter 30.  i amdoing really well. spanish is also coming along nicely. today we got taught by 2 latino hermanas who didnt speak any english and i was actually able to understand 90% of what they were saying!!.  im finally getting the hang of it!.  tues.  today i had lang study for most of the day. then had some sweet ping pong games. then we listened to a talk given by l tom perry at 9:00 pm.  his talk was about companionships and how they need to stay together with each other and have comp study every day.  it was pretty much directed to at my comp. because he leaves me all the time and complains alot. i hope he was paying attention haha.  hes great and all but its hard to stay positive when your around him but everything is possible with the lord though!!  wed.  tomorrow is p day! im so excited. then the next day we get to listen to an apostle. then on sat we get to go pros. again. im stoked!!. this time we actually get latino comps so us missionaries might actually be able to talk with the investigator haha.  a funny thing: my latino roomate strongly believes in aliens and area 51 and stuff like that haha.   ive only written seth like once and it was only like 1 line.  i did read a few of his emails though. the ones that cherri sent me.  ya elser larson is awesome. he leaves this next week and i dont know where he is going though.  what a small world.  oh! i also met another sister from riverton!!! haha shes awesome but i havnt been able to talk to her really.  i got a letter from gpa robert and will be sending one back to him but other than that i havnt gotten any other letters.   did you get my letter i sent?  thursday.  today in the temple we were able to watch the new video which was really cool.  they just got the new video 2 days ago..  other than that we bought some more stuff and played sports haha.   can you send me some stamps somtime in the near future just in case?  i love you all!!! i miss you all!!  oh! next week my pday is on tuesday for some reason. idk so be lookin for my email then.  Ill try to send some letters next week!! I Love you guys!!!!!

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