Sunday, November 3, 2013


At the Airport
HOLA!   So about peru..... holy cow it is beautiful, we went to the temple today and it was amazing. the spirit was so strong. we had to listen to everything in spanish!!!!.  it was pretty cool though.  the food is amazing. some of the best food i have ever had. (besides mom´s and grandmas of course)  so i have already learned how to pray, bear my testimony, and meet people in spanish.  the spanish is going really well.  so some experiences for this last week is that one of the elders in my district went home and i dont know why :(  ummmm another elder ate a nut that he was allergic to and he was about to go to the hospital but we gave him a blessing and he got better in like 5 minutes.  it was soooo cool.  Some other things about peru is that there are a ton of weird birds that sound awesome! ill send you a picture of one or two if i can.  this last week we have had to teach an investigator, well its actually one of our teachers impersonating another dude.  me and my companion, elder barnson, did really well for both lessons and really taught with the spirit, it was neat.  today i baught a llama tie! also i got a soccer jersey from peru and i got a jersey from spain for dad!!!  basically every day we have a ton of classes for spanish and stuff.   we have seen a couple missionary talks given by apostles that are really good.  sorry if this is disorganized im really rushed. so the people of peru are really friendly and are really crazy drivers. its scary companion had been ahaving a couple of hard times with the language and being gone from his family.  So another funny experience i had was a bird got into the lunch room and we sorta spooked it and it flew across the room and ran into the window. it was hilarious but i felt really bad. it was dazed but fine. we eat a lot of rice here. and i mean a lot of rice.  we make a joke that the meals always have arroz con arroz. which means rice with rice.  i love you all sorry i cant right much more because i want to upload some pictures and it takes a a while.  so my pday is on thursdays remember but im not sure what time during the day
my testimony in spanish:
       yo se que la iglesia es verdadero. yo se que jesucristo es el salvador y es muy amoroso.  yo se que jose smith es un profeta.  yo se que las familias son eternos y el espiritu santos habla con nostostros. en el nombre de jesucristo amen.   sorry thats all i know so far and i cant type real fast.  imma upload some picks after i write to dad and mckenna.  i love you guys sooooo much!!!!! nos vemos!!! oh and one other thing that i just remembered. this saturday we are going proscelyting dont know how to spell that. anyway we are going pros. sat!!!!. and the crazy thing is they usually go with a native but all the natives are leaving earlier because there is some important meeting with the presidents so its only going to be us new gringos ( white boys) and the elders who have been here for like 4 weeks!!! its going to be crazy!!!! ill let you know how it goes next week!!! Love ya!!ok so try to download all those pictures and tell me if it works next week.  thanks you so much for that letter mom! i love you!  some last minute stuff:  the picture of that fish eyes looking stuff is called a granadia and i thinks its called a passion fruit in english but im not sure. its soo good. my favorite fruit here.  Im not goung to be able to write to dad seperatly. so little time. tell robb that he needs to learn how to use a gun haha and tell me what else has happened on the hunt. buena suerte!!! the weather here is fabulous. always around 60. apparently it only rains like less than 2 inches a year here haha. so much for all my rain gear.  most of the people you see in the airport picute are in another distrcit exept my companion front left.  but any i love being here!!! i love you all sooo much! i wont be able to read the email you send right after this mom i only have a few min left.   its tough not being able to have a lot of time. christmas is coming soon though!!! happy halloween!!!!!! i love you all with all my heart! hasta luego!!!!!! ill email you guys next week with many more experiences. and sorry again i cant type as fast as mckenna.... love you!  had to delete pics sorry no time next week!!!

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  1. Great to see that people sharing their travel experience with others as it will allow others to make decision of going to place. Great post, thanks for shairng it