Monday, December 30, 2013


Special pday with the Mission Pres.

Geral's baptism Dec 21,2013

Victoria's baptism* 8 yrs old* Dec 24,2013

so we get stuff every tuesday from the mission home so its really great.  transfers are in a few weeks so ill miss elder torres and i hope that i get someone else who can speak english because it really helps.  so basically how we have gotten our baptisms is the person who was baptized has a family member or friend that we know who wants to hear the lessons too.  really cool and the members help out a lot. i think i can print this email hopefully so all is well.  so this last week.     tues, today was the day we had our baptisms.  it was really cool, the girls name that i baptized was victoria abish kimberly mesa walpa.  haha ya.  then after the baptism i actually had to do the confirmation and blessing so it was difficult and i did my best but it was really cool and spiritual.  before the baptism we actually had to fill the font partially with water from a faucet with buckets haha. and the water was freezing cold.  then later at midnight a ton of fireworks went off. but these were just noise no color. lol.  then we went down and had a turkey dinner with our pensionista family! it was really good but there wasnt stuffing haha.  and also today was me being officially 2 months in my mission.  well the 23rd was...  wednesday, i got to talk to all of you!!! it was really awesome seeing and talking to all of you and it was a little hard but all is well.  i cant wait untill mothers day too!!!  we didnt really do anything else haha. no one was home.  thurs, we taught jaido who is 17 and he is a friend of a member family.  we have his baptism date for the 31 of this month!!  so excited.  hes really cool.  i only talked twice in the lesson but i felt the spirit so strong.  one of the strongest ive ever had.  way cool.  fri, we talked with the 2 siblings of geral who was our first baptism and they are now preparing for baptism for the 18 of january i think!  other than that we just walked around and talked with some people.  nothing weird or special or anything. then sat, i went on splits with elder torres, he really helped me see how to teach and contact people.  he is so cool and when he teaches he really focuses on the person and their needs.  then he helped me contact 2 people!!! my first.... haha but is was awesome.  then sun, we had church and then we taught jaido the rest of the lessons and he is almost ready for his bap.  he just needs permission from his dad and an interview!  so excited! this will be our 5th baptism in the mission!  then one cool experience, was elder torres left his b.o.m. on a bus in the morning and then at night when me and my comp were headed back to our room a guy stopped us and said if we knew and elder torres and that he knew who had is book haha. so we got their info and then elder torres and carcamo went to their house and the guy asked who they were and he said that they were representatives of jesus christ and then the guy said that they needed their help`(him and his wife)  and they are going to take the lessons now and are really interested! so cool how the lord prepares people and puts them in our hands.  then today we are going to some more waterfalls which is cool but i sorta just wanted to play volleyball haha.  but all good! we can play soccer now! so im excited for the next p day! haha.

Friday, December 27, 2013


i did have the first baptism and it went really well and the spirit was way strong.  i will be baptizing 1 girl on wednesday so im really excited for that too!! i havnt gotten letters yet but we get our letters and stuff tomorrow so ill let u know when i do.  so this last week, first on tues, was really weird we went on splits and i was will elder reyes and his area and first we met some white people so i started to talk to them and teach and stuff in english and come to find out they were batptist missionaries haha so yaaa didnt go too well and then latera saw a plucked chicken that was alive just walking around... then i saw a peruvian dog which basically looks like a giant rat, oh ya after the baptist people these little girls kept throwing flowers in our faces even when we were talking to people. then we were talking to these one people and a bigger lady joined and sat down and i watched here pick a bug of of the other ladies neck, look at it for a little bit and then she ate it.... so weird and gross haha.  anyway later we went and sang christmas carols to members which isnt weird but cool.  wed, today was really normal and we taught lessons to members and stuff and then at night we went carolling again and we fit 20 missionaries on a bus that already didnt have any seats open haha. really squished.  thurs, today was our p day with the president to we went to the chapel that is next to the mtc and we preformed all our christmas skits for the pres and all the other missionaries because half of the east mission was there.  it was hilarious all of the different skits.  then we went and ate at this restaurant which as really good. it was like a buffet type thing.  then we went to this awesome water park with a bunch of fountains and lights and then they did a show sorta like the disney world of colors so it was really awesome!  fri, today we had a little activity where we sang a bunch of songs to members and invest. in the chapel. then i met this guy named nefi or nephi in english and he served in utah and riverton was his 2nd area!  he was in the spanish district though so he didnt know our stake pres.  way cool though he can still speak perfect english haha.  i described where we used to live and he knew exactly where it was!! sat, geral was baptized!!! way awesom!  spirit was strong and i just cant wait for wed, when i get to actually baptize someone!!!  later we visited the family of the girls we are baptizing and they gave us these cheeto puff things and when we almost finished them i saw these flea looking things in them... ewww gross so ya i stopped eating them..  then later we visited another family and the littlest boy kept throwing sugar in my face... it was terrible haha. lol then on sun we did a bunch of paper work and also i helped in gerals confirmation! way awesome so ya that was my week!  love you all merry christmas!  

Monday, December 16, 2013


ok my week, so mon, was our first p day and we took this bus way far south and east into the a little more forrested area of peru.  it actually is part of our area but because it is so far we prob will never go pros there.  anyway we hiked up into the mountains and saw this awesome waterfall which i will send a picture of. oh and before there was this dog that we met at the bottom and it was way cool, reminded me of shasta.  anyway it followed us the whole way up!!! haha. then at the top before the waterfall there were these people living in a tent haha. 4 of them. they were all like in their 20s haha.  really weird and they had a donkey that i took a picture with XD.  also the whole way up was way foggy andf it rained a bit. it was soooo cool.  and we saw a dead tarantula which scared the heck out of me haha.  i loved it though. i couldnt ask for a better p day. then ftues, i had a little mishap. well not really but i got a sinus infection that hurt extremely bad and created migrains on top of it.  i had to stay in bed all day, drink a ton of water and pills.  worst day of my life but my comp gave me a blessing and all is good now.  then on wed, was better but i still had some pain and i had to rest again for about an hour and a half but i got to pros a little at least.  oh and yesterday when i was sick my comp found 2 ppl who want to be baptized!! so we are working on them and 1 will prob be baptized this sat!! and then another girl who is 8 (shes different then these 2 ppl) asked if i would be the one to baptize her on christmas eve!!! estoy muy animado!!!! yo no lo creo!!   thurs, was pretty normal except i got my christmas package!!! thank you so much for everything that you sent! i love it all! and i got all of it dont worry haha!!! im waiting to open the present until christmas cuz i want a present on christmas just so you know!!  the package made me so happy and a little homesick but all is well! haha.  however my roomates think my stuff is theirs and they just take my ocarina and play it. but all is good i started hiding it haha.  btw can you send me some music through emails next week one of the cd´s didnt work (the 24 days of christmas) so im going to try to burn it onto another one here but if you could send it through email and some other songs that would be awesome cuz i can dwnld them. fri, today was elder reyes bday (roomate) and basically we sat around until 2 or 3 because our pensionista was making a huge lunch for him.  it was realy good, then we went pros and about 430 but we had to get back by 6 to have peruvian cake!! it was sooooo good haha.  then after we had a little mtg with some members and then went back to go to sleep haha. btw the lunch was goat... behehehehehe haha but it was good. then sat, we tried to talk to a lot of families that we had appointments with but we only were able top talk to one for like 2 hours haha.  i did almost get bit by a dog twice today within 10 min of each other which scared the crap out of me but i was protected! no worries.  i think im going to buy some dog treats to carry around for emergencies haha.  then yesterday we had a couple of interesting things happen.  first we were asked to take up the whole sacrament mtg 5 min before it started.  my comp and the others did really good and i just bore my testimony and shared a scripture and i was way nervous haha but i did well too.  then later we walked past a full pig roasting on a rod thing which was pretty gross haha. then later i found out that one of the members that we visited was the sister of one of the latinos in my room the first weeks in the ccm!!! haha small world!  then i saw the moon for the first time. usually you dont see the sky because of the fog and stuff so it was awesome!!.  then a member said to us that she knew that her and her family would be blessed just because we were in their house. really cool to think that ppl look up to us like that and that we have the power of god wherever we go. chevere.  sorry i havnt typed any spanish in this email. lo ciento haha. ok so tomorrow at 1200 we get to call home for about 5 min and arrange a time to skype. the dates that we can are this friday through christmas next wednseday. and it can pretty much be any time of the day so you need to find a day you are available so we can talk about it tomorrow at noon!!!!  love you all!

Monday, December 9, 2013


Elder Carcamo

Dallon's Mission Pres. and His wife
Nelson Ardila Vasquez and Liliana Ardila

Hola familia! sorry i wasn't able to email last week, we couldn't porque(because) we had to get our new comps!  so i will tell you about my week in the field after a little about the last week in the ccm!  first of all my headaches have almost all gone away so im doing great!  time does fly while im here its crazy!!  so my last week in the ccm.  im just going to do an overview..  so Thanksgiving was really great we had a ton of comida(food) and i ate like 6 pieces of pumpkin pie.  haha.  another thing was i got sick with cold like symptoms and i couldn't really talk at all.  i even didn't get to go pros(proselyting). this last time.  but it is ok.  i stayed with elder allgaier and it was still fun haha. so now to the week in the field!!!   on monday i got my new companion and his name is elder carcamo.  he is from honduras.  he knows 0 english haha.  we are actually opening up a new area in chosica peru!!! it the the farthest area east that you can go!!! so there is actually some green here!!! and it even rains un poco!!(a little)  mi area se llama(my area is called) palomar 2.  im not sure what the exact address is pero im sure you can look up chosica on google!!  so tues, our apartment has a main room, baño,(bathroom) and 3 other ¨rooms¨  which are mas like seccions(more like sections) haha. we have enough room pero it is still pretty small.  the food is really good and so far i have eaten everything off my plate! oh btw i did get gma´s postcard ill send here a short email thanking her.  we have a shower that has warm water but really low water pressure. and our toilet has to be flushed by using a bucket and dumping water down it haha.  today when we went pros. we got 18 contactos or just talked to 18 ppl.  some other things, we talked to 2 drunk guys and they were crazy..  they kept repeating themselves and the one guy shook my hand like 20 times. XD.  one other cool thing is there is a train track by us and we walked down it for a while, chevere (cool in spanish). that was tues and wed sorry haha.  thursday, today we had a zone meeting and apparently we are preforming some kind of skit por navidad.( for Christmas)  tambien, i am playing el parte de un apostle. i hope i dont have hablar(to talk) much.haha.  later we had another reunión con alguno miembros(mtg. with some members).  well it was more like an activity porque we played a game and then watched a little clip. one funny thing that happened was my comp said hi to this investigator who came and he said hola hermana!(hello sister) yet he was a guy.... ya not the greatest first impression haha.  also we met this young guy who is the only nonmember in the family and his sister commited suicide this last week and he really wants to see her again and so hes going to take the lessons and he wants to be baptized!! i cant wait to teach him! (we havnt taught him yet because of his trabajo and such).  oh btw we have 2 other elders in our cuarto(room), elder reyes from here in peru and elder torres from chile.  elder torres is a zelda and pokemon fan! haha. dont worry im staying focused.  friday, we had our study time and then went pros.  we talked with this one guy named ulices and he let us come into su casa.  he was the first person who actually let us into there house. i felt the spirit way strong and we will go back and teach him but he just left the pais por his (he left the country for his)trabajo(work).  y despues(and later) we tried to find this one guy we had an appointment with and we basically walked over the whole montaña. then on out way back we found him and we had actually walked past him 20 minutes before. lol.  oh ya i bought some chocolate today and i asked the lady how many sentimientos is cost and sentimientos are feelings haha. i meant to say centimos which is the peruvian dinero. haha.  sat, my comp got a little infermo(sick) so we rested for a little bit. then did the normal stuff. at night i ate cow liver and i didnt know that hasta(until) i was done. it was actually pretty good.  sun, today was my first sunday in the campo(field)!  it is definitley different than at home. it wasnt super reverent and there were fireworks going off in the background. but it was nice.  despues de iglesia nosotros fuimos (After church we went) at the mission leaders house for almuerso(lunch).  the mission leader is this awesome guy who looks a lot like grandpa dick he even has the same awesome mustache! and he is a fan of nebraska football! i got to tell preston!.  they gave us a ton of comida and i had a hard time eating it all but i did it!! oh and he had a monkey like the one off of night of museum.  pretty chevere. oh and he stole elder torres pen. lol.  later we decided to go over to this one ladies house who we had contacted earlier and they let us in and we taught the restoration.  the spirit was incredibly strong and we gave them a b.o.m. and asked them to read it and pray about it.  and then after my comp invited the mother (there were 2 other daughters there) to pray and he told her how to pray. so she started and then sort of just stopped but in a mumbling sort of way. so we sat there on our knees for 10 minutes in silence. really awkward. idk if she was still praying or anything but her eyes were closed and stuff. idk it was awkward but after my comp said that was his fav. lesson yet. hes only been out for 6 months. oh ya and then her daughter ended up sayin uh excuse me do we end the prayer or you. and then my comp told her that her mom needed to but then he ended up closing the prayer haha. weird but awesome.!!! today we are going up into the huancayo direction far east to the waterfalls! ill send some pics next mon.  our p day is monday and im pretty sure it is at 1030 every time here so 830 there or whatever time im not sure! i didnt get ur package last week but we pick up packages tomorrow so i hope it is there! ill send some pics in just a second after i email dad and gma and gpa.  i love you all so much and miss you a ton!  have a great week!  the church is true! love Dallon 

Sunday, December 1, 2013






hola! como estan?  so, we do get like a buffet type thing on thursday for thanksgiving so its all good.  thats so good to hear that kevin is doing so well!. im so excited for him.  so here are my events por este semana:  wed: today was our last day with our teacher hermano tello. he is so cool and i wish he would still be our teacher but he is going to be a supervisor now so we get to see him around still.  other than that today weas pretty normal.  right now im almost done with 3rd nefi. haha thats spanish for nephi.  thurs.,  i got a haircut today and lets just say it wasnt real fun.  he needed to cut a lot of missionaries hair so he had to go crazy fast.  one of the types of scissors he used would pretty much pull your hair out in stead of cut it.  it wasnt real pleasant. today we played ultimate frisbee cual fue muy divertido!  fri.,  today i got 3 letters! one from kiera, one from brynna and one from pres howell.  thank you so much!! pres howells letter said that apparrently a letter was sent to me that said that i had to go home early... but it was an accident haha.  even though i never did get a letter that said we also combined districts because a couple of our ppl left to the spanish districto.  im kinda sad cuz i dont really like the people in the other district.. oh well i just got to put a smile on my face right? sat., today we taught some members, well more like told them how they could get their non active amigos asistira a la iglesia y take the missionary lecciones. then later we taught some fellow latino missionaries and it was really cool because i am understanding more and more each time.  i did 98 percent of the talking porque mi componero no entiende espanol mucho. pero, esta bien.  hoy es el dia de me being out for exatly 1 month!!! crazy!!! haha.  sun., today we had churrch. its really nice to have this break from espanol por un poco tiempo.  my district sang how great thou art in sacrement mtg. it was sweet. i always rememnber that song because uncle terryl would sing it a lot!.  this is our last full week at the ccm!!! im still having a lot of headaches and have been taking ibu at least once every three days. for 3 weeks i took it about once every other day. or a little more.  is that bad for me?  anyway, i have really grown close to elder algaeir in my district, hes way cool. i wish i had him as a comp buy, esta bien.  hes from lehi so maybe we will meet up in dos años. monday,.  today we had an earthquake!!! so cool. it was actually in ecuador but we felt it clear dwon here.  it was my first earthquake that i have been in.  all of the sudden we heard this big rumbling sound and the ground started to shake.  we are all ok so dont worry it wasnt really big enough to do any real damage. i hope the ppl of ecuador are ok though.  thats where alex gomez is serving.  we also did service today, we wiped down windows. it was boring haha. but all good.  today we went to the temple which was really cool. it is my last time going to the temple while im in the ccm!!  so today i bought some nice spanish scriptures and a mini hymn book.  it cost 150 solace which is about 50 dollars so thats why there are 50 dollars missing in my account now haha. they are really nice though.  entoces, mi familia! como estan? como son sus vidas? jaja.  papa habla con migo y dije practicar español en mis emails.  so im am going tratar. (to try) un poco mas.
  i just want you all to know that you are all examples a mi.  gracias por todas las cosas que you have done for me!! i love you all and miss you so much!!! keep studying spanish!!  as well as the gospel. the more i have read in the scriptures the happier i have been and yo se que it will be the same for you guys if you read el libro de mormon tambien!!!   
i love you all!! happy thanksgiving!!!!