Monday, December 9, 2013


Elder Carcamo

Dallon's Mission Pres. and His wife
Nelson Ardila Vasquez and Liliana Ardila

Hola familia! sorry i wasn't able to email last week, we couldn't porque(because) we had to get our new comps!  so i will tell you about my week in the field after a little about the last week in the ccm!  first of all my headaches have almost all gone away so im doing great!  time does fly while im here its crazy!!  so my last week in the ccm.  im just going to do an overview..  so Thanksgiving was really great we had a ton of comida(food) and i ate like 6 pieces of pumpkin pie.  haha.  another thing was i got sick with cold like symptoms and i couldn't really talk at all.  i even didn't get to go pros(proselyting). this last time.  but it is ok.  i stayed with elder allgaier and it was still fun haha. so now to the week in the field!!!   on monday i got my new companion and his name is elder carcamo.  he is from honduras.  he knows 0 english haha.  we are actually opening up a new area in chosica peru!!! it the the farthest area east that you can go!!! so there is actually some green here!!! and it even rains un poco!!(a little)  mi area se llama(my area is called) palomar 2.  im not sure what the exact address is pero im sure you can look up chosica on google!!  so tues, our apartment has a main room, baño,(bathroom) and 3 other ¨rooms¨  which are mas like seccions(more like sections) haha. we have enough room pero it is still pretty small.  the food is really good and so far i have eaten everything off my plate! oh btw i did get gma´s postcard ill send here a short email thanking her.  we have a shower that has warm water but really low water pressure. and our toilet has to be flushed by using a bucket and dumping water down it haha.  today when we went pros. we got 18 contactos or just talked to 18 ppl.  some other things, we talked to 2 drunk guys and they were crazy..  they kept repeating themselves and the one guy shook my hand like 20 times. XD.  one other cool thing is there is a train track by us and we walked down it for a while, chevere (cool in spanish). that was tues and wed sorry haha.  thursday, today we had a zone meeting and apparently we are preforming some kind of skit por navidad.( for Christmas)  tambien, i am playing el parte de un apostle. i hope i dont have hablar(to talk) much.haha.  later we had another reunión con alguno miembros(mtg. with some members).  well it was more like an activity porque we played a game and then watched a little clip. one funny thing that happened was my comp said hi to this investigator who came and he said hola hermana!(hello sister) yet he was a guy.... ya not the greatest first impression haha.  also we met this young guy who is the only nonmember in the family and his sister commited suicide this last week and he really wants to see her again and so hes going to take the lessons and he wants to be baptized!! i cant wait to teach him! (we havnt taught him yet because of his trabajo and such).  oh btw we have 2 other elders in our cuarto(room), elder reyes from here in peru and elder torres from chile.  elder torres is a zelda and pokemon fan! haha. dont worry im staying focused.  friday, we had our study time and then went pros.  we talked with this one guy named ulices and he let us come into su casa.  he was the first person who actually let us into there house. i felt the spirit way strong and we will go back and teach him but he just left the pais por his (he left the country for his)trabajo(work).  y despues(and later) we tried to find this one guy we had an appointment with and we basically walked over the whole montaña. then on out way back we found him and we had actually walked past him 20 minutes before. lol.  oh ya i bought some chocolate today and i asked the lady how many sentimientos is cost and sentimientos are feelings haha. i meant to say centimos which is the peruvian dinero. haha.  sat, my comp got a little infermo(sick) so we rested for a little bit. then did the normal stuff. at night i ate cow liver and i didnt know that hasta(until) i was done. it was actually pretty good.  sun, today was my first sunday in the campo(field)!  it is definitley different than at home. it wasnt super reverent and there were fireworks going off in the background. but it was nice.  despues de iglesia nosotros fuimos (After church we went) at the mission leaders house for almuerso(lunch).  the mission leader is this awesome guy who looks a lot like grandpa dick he even has the same awesome mustache! and he is a fan of nebraska football! i got to tell preston!.  they gave us a ton of comida and i had a hard time eating it all but i did it!! oh and he had a monkey like the one off of night of museum.  pretty chevere. oh and he stole elder torres pen. lol.  later we decided to go over to this one ladies house who we had contacted earlier and they let us in and we taught the restoration.  the spirit was incredibly strong and we gave them a b.o.m. and asked them to read it and pray about it.  and then after my comp invited the mother (there were 2 other daughters there) to pray and he told her how to pray. so she started and then sort of just stopped but in a mumbling sort of way. so we sat there on our knees for 10 minutes in silence. really awkward. idk if she was still praying or anything but her eyes were closed and stuff. idk it was awkward but after my comp said that was his fav. lesson yet. hes only been out for 6 months. oh ya and then her daughter ended up sayin uh excuse me do we end the prayer or you. and then my comp told her that her mom needed to but then he ended up closing the prayer haha. weird but awesome.!!! today we are going up into the huancayo direction far east to the waterfalls! ill send some pics next mon.  our p day is monday and im pretty sure it is at 1030 every time here so 830 there or whatever time im not sure! i didnt get ur package last week but we pick up packages tomorrow so i hope it is there! ill send some pics in just a second after i email dad and gma and gpa.  i love you all so much and miss you a ton!  have a great week!  the church is true! love Dallon 

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