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hola! como estan?  so, we do get like a buffet type thing on thursday for thanksgiving so its all good.  thats so good to hear that kevin is doing so well!. im so excited for him.  so here are my events por este semana:  wed: today was our last day with our teacher hermano tello. he is so cool and i wish he would still be our teacher but he is going to be a supervisor now so we get to see him around still.  other than that today weas pretty normal.  right now im almost done with 3rd nefi. haha thats spanish for nephi.  thurs.,  i got a haircut today and lets just say it wasnt real fun.  he needed to cut a lot of missionaries hair so he had to go crazy fast.  one of the types of scissors he used would pretty much pull your hair out in stead of cut it.  it wasnt real pleasant. today we played ultimate frisbee cual fue muy divertido!  fri.,  today i got 3 letters! one from kiera, one from brynna and one from pres howell.  thank you so much!! pres howells letter said that apparrently a letter was sent to me that said that i had to go home early... but it was an accident haha.  even though i never did get a letter that said we also combined districts because a couple of our ppl left to the spanish districto.  im kinda sad cuz i dont really like the people in the other district.. oh well i just got to put a smile on my face right? sat., today we taught some members, well more like told them how they could get their non active amigos asistira a la iglesia y take the missionary lecciones. then later we taught some fellow latino missionaries and it was really cool because i am understanding more and more each time.  i did 98 percent of the talking porque mi componero no entiende espanol mucho. pero, esta bien.  hoy es el dia de me being out for exatly 1 month!!! crazy!!! haha.  sun., today we had churrch. its really nice to have this break from espanol por un poco tiempo.  my district sang how great thou art in sacrement mtg. it was sweet. i always rememnber that song because uncle terryl would sing it a lot!.  this is our last full week at the ccm!!! im still having a lot of headaches and have been taking ibu at least once every three days. for 3 weeks i took it about once every other day. or a little more.  is that bad for me?  anyway, i have really grown close to elder algaeir in my district, hes way cool. i wish i had him as a comp buy, esta bien.  hes from lehi so maybe we will meet up in dos años. monday,.  today we had an earthquake!!! so cool. it was actually in ecuador but we felt it clear dwon here.  it was my first earthquake that i have been in.  all of the sudden we heard this big rumbling sound and the ground started to shake.  we are all ok so dont worry it wasnt really big enough to do any real damage. i hope the ppl of ecuador are ok though.  thats where alex gomez is serving.  we also did service today, we wiped down windows. it was boring haha. but all good.  today we went to the temple which was really cool. it is my last time going to the temple while im in the ccm!!  so today i bought some nice spanish scriptures and a mini hymn book.  it cost 150 solace which is about 50 dollars so thats why there are 50 dollars missing in my account now haha. they are really nice though.  entoces, mi familia! como estan? como son sus vidas? jaja.  papa habla con migo y dije practicar español en mis emails.  so im am going tratar. (to try) un poco mas.
  i just want you all to know that you are all examples a mi.  gracias por todas las cosas que you have done for me!! i love you all and miss you so much!!! keep studying spanish!!  as well as the gospel. the more i have read in the scriptures the happier i have been and yo se que it will be the same for you guys if you read el libro de mormon tambien!!!   
i love you all!! happy thanksgiving!!!!

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