Friday, December 27, 2013


i did have the first baptism and it went really well and the spirit was way strong.  i will be baptizing 1 girl on wednesday so im really excited for that too!! i havnt gotten letters yet but we get our letters and stuff tomorrow so ill let u know when i do.  so this last week, first on tues, was really weird we went on splits and i was will elder reyes and his area and first we met some white people so i started to talk to them and teach and stuff in english and come to find out they were batptist missionaries haha so yaaa didnt go too well and then latera saw a plucked chicken that was alive just walking around... then i saw a peruvian dog which basically looks like a giant rat, oh ya after the baptist people these little girls kept throwing flowers in our faces even when we were talking to people. then we were talking to these one people and a bigger lady joined and sat down and i watched here pick a bug of of the other ladies neck, look at it for a little bit and then she ate it.... so weird and gross haha.  anyway later we went and sang christmas carols to members which isnt weird but cool.  wed, today was really normal and we taught lessons to members and stuff and then at night we went carolling again and we fit 20 missionaries on a bus that already didnt have any seats open haha. really squished.  thurs, today was our p day with the president to we went to the chapel that is next to the mtc and we preformed all our christmas skits for the pres and all the other missionaries because half of the east mission was there.  it was hilarious all of the different skits.  then we went and ate at this restaurant which as really good. it was like a buffet type thing.  then we went to this awesome water park with a bunch of fountains and lights and then they did a show sorta like the disney world of colors so it was really awesome!  fri, today we had a little activity where we sang a bunch of songs to members and invest. in the chapel. then i met this guy named nefi or nephi in english and he served in utah and riverton was his 2nd area!  he was in the spanish district though so he didnt know our stake pres.  way cool though he can still speak perfect english haha.  i described where we used to live and he knew exactly where it was!! sat, geral was baptized!!! way awesom!  spirit was strong and i just cant wait for wed, when i get to actually baptize someone!!!  later we visited the family of the girls we are baptizing and they gave us these cheeto puff things and when we almost finished them i saw these flea looking things in them... ewww gross so ya i stopped eating them..  then later we visited another family and the littlest boy kept throwing sugar in my face... it was terrible haha. lol then on sun we did a bunch of paper work and also i helped in gerals confirmation! way awesome so ya that was my week!  love you all merry christmas!  

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