Monday, December 16, 2013


ok my week, so mon, was our first p day and we took this bus way far south and east into the a little more forrested area of peru.  it actually is part of our area but because it is so far we prob will never go pros there.  anyway we hiked up into the mountains and saw this awesome waterfall which i will send a picture of. oh and before there was this dog that we met at the bottom and it was way cool, reminded me of shasta.  anyway it followed us the whole way up!!! haha. then at the top before the waterfall there were these people living in a tent haha. 4 of them. they were all like in their 20s haha.  really weird and they had a donkey that i took a picture with XD.  also the whole way up was way foggy andf it rained a bit. it was soooo cool.  and we saw a dead tarantula which scared the heck out of me haha.  i loved it though. i couldnt ask for a better p day. then ftues, i had a little mishap. well not really but i got a sinus infection that hurt extremely bad and created migrains on top of it.  i had to stay in bed all day, drink a ton of water and pills.  worst day of my life but my comp gave me a blessing and all is good now.  then on wed, was better but i still had some pain and i had to rest again for about an hour and a half but i got to pros a little at least.  oh and yesterday when i was sick my comp found 2 ppl who want to be baptized!! so we are working on them and 1 will prob be baptized this sat!! and then another girl who is 8 (shes different then these 2 ppl) asked if i would be the one to baptize her on christmas eve!!! estoy muy animado!!!! yo no lo creo!!   thurs, was pretty normal except i got my christmas package!!! thank you so much for everything that you sent! i love it all! and i got all of it dont worry haha!!! im waiting to open the present until christmas cuz i want a present on christmas just so you know!!  the package made me so happy and a little homesick but all is well! haha.  however my roomates think my stuff is theirs and they just take my ocarina and play it. but all is good i started hiding it haha.  btw can you send me some music through emails next week one of the cd´s didnt work (the 24 days of christmas) so im going to try to burn it onto another one here but if you could send it through email and some other songs that would be awesome cuz i can dwnld them. fri, today was elder reyes bday (roomate) and basically we sat around until 2 or 3 because our pensionista was making a huge lunch for him.  it was realy good, then we went pros and about 430 but we had to get back by 6 to have peruvian cake!! it was sooooo good haha.  then after we had a little mtg with some members and then went back to go to sleep haha. btw the lunch was goat... behehehehehe haha but it was good. then sat, we tried to talk to a lot of families that we had appointments with but we only were able top talk to one for like 2 hours haha.  i did almost get bit by a dog twice today within 10 min of each other which scared the crap out of me but i was protected! no worries.  i think im going to buy some dog treats to carry around for emergencies haha.  then yesterday we had a couple of interesting things happen.  first we were asked to take up the whole sacrament mtg 5 min before it started.  my comp and the others did really good and i just bore my testimony and shared a scripture and i was way nervous haha but i did well too.  then later we walked past a full pig roasting on a rod thing which was pretty gross haha. then later i found out that one of the members that we visited was the sister of one of the latinos in my room the first weeks in the ccm!!! haha small world!  then i saw the moon for the first time. usually you dont see the sky because of the fog and stuff so it was awesome!!.  then a member said to us that she knew that her and her family would be blessed just because we were in their house. really cool to think that ppl look up to us like that and that we have the power of god wherever we go. chevere.  sorry i havnt typed any spanish in this email. lo ciento haha. ok so tomorrow at 1200 we get to call home for about 5 min and arrange a time to skype. the dates that we can are this friday through christmas next wednseday. and it can pretty much be any time of the day so you need to find a day you are available so we can talk about it tomorrow at noon!!!!  love you all!

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