Monday, December 30, 2013


Special pday with the Mission Pres.

Geral's baptism Dec 21,2013

Victoria's baptism* 8 yrs old* Dec 24,2013

so we get stuff every tuesday from the mission home so its really great.  transfers are in a few weeks so ill miss elder torres and i hope that i get someone else who can speak english because it really helps.  so basically how we have gotten our baptisms is the person who was baptized has a family member or friend that we know who wants to hear the lessons too.  really cool and the members help out a lot. i think i can print this email hopefully so all is well.  so this last week.     tues, today was the day we had our baptisms.  it was really cool, the girls name that i baptized was victoria abish kimberly mesa walpa.  haha ya.  then after the baptism i actually had to do the confirmation and blessing so it was difficult and i did my best but it was really cool and spiritual.  before the baptism we actually had to fill the font partially with water from a faucet with buckets haha. and the water was freezing cold.  then later at midnight a ton of fireworks went off. but these were just noise no color. lol.  then we went down and had a turkey dinner with our pensionista family! it was really good but there wasnt stuffing haha.  and also today was me being officially 2 months in my mission.  well the 23rd was...  wednesday, i got to talk to all of you!!! it was really awesome seeing and talking to all of you and it was a little hard but all is well.  i cant wait untill mothers day too!!!  we didnt really do anything else haha. no one was home.  thurs, we taught jaido who is 17 and he is a friend of a member family.  we have his baptism date for the 31 of this month!!  so excited.  hes really cool.  i only talked twice in the lesson but i felt the spirit so strong.  one of the strongest ive ever had.  way cool.  fri, we talked with the 2 siblings of geral who was our first baptism and they are now preparing for baptism for the 18 of january i think!  other than that we just walked around and talked with some people.  nothing weird or special or anything. then sat, i went on splits with elder torres, he really helped me see how to teach and contact people.  he is so cool and when he teaches he really focuses on the person and their needs.  then he helped me contact 2 people!!! my first.... haha but is was awesome.  then sun, we had church and then we taught jaido the rest of the lessons and he is almost ready for his bap.  he just needs permission from his dad and an interview!  so excited! this will be our 5th baptism in the mission!  then one cool experience, was elder torres left his b.o.m. on a bus in the morning and then at night when me and my comp were headed back to our room a guy stopped us and said if we knew and elder torres and that he knew who had is book haha. so we got their info and then elder torres and carcamo went to their house and the guy asked who they were and he said that they were representatives of jesus christ and then the guy said that they needed their help`(him and his wife)  and they are going to take the lessons now and are really interested! so cool how the lord prepares people and puts them in our hands.  then today we are going to some more waterfalls which is cool but i sorta just wanted to play volleyball haha.  but all good! we can play soccer now! so im excited for the next p day! haha.

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