Tuesday, January 28, 2014

OUT 3 MONTHS!! EMAIL 1/27/2014





so mon, we had p day and we watched a bit kung fu panda in spanish haha. it was sweet. then my comp invited ourselves to go to a birthday party of the couple who got married, that we werent invited to. he brought ballons and made a lot of noise during elder mauldwin and reyes lesson. i felt so bad the whole time and apologized to all of them afterward. oh and we played some volley ball and i totally wrecked haha. tues, we visited some families and i actually talked a lot more than i usually do so that was nice.  its good practice.  elder mauldwin shared with me dc 67 and it really helped me. you should read it!  it basically says that we need to have faith and open our mouths or else he will take a way the gift of tongues.  its really good though. i also contacted some people today!!! really great. wednesday, we taught gerals siblings nataly and jeremy.they have their baptism date for this saturday! so again elder mauldwin shared corinthians 12,13,14.  these chapters are about the gifts that god has for everyone and how we need to strive to obtain all the gifts and we can come to the point of almost having the veil rent.  pretty insane stuff. he shared this with me because papito had an experience in the temple.  he actually saw peter james and john.  i know its hard to believe but the temple leader guy felt their presence too.  the people here actually recieve visions and stuff because they are descendents of nephi and lehi who had the gift of visions and dreams.  which is one of the gifts in corinthians.  you should read that too haha.  mauldwin says a lot of times people receive their answer through dreams and stuff. pretty cool stuff. the mission is awesome haha.  then thursday, we basically just contacted a ton of people way higher up on the mountain. really tiring haha. thenb we talked to the couple who are having problems with their relationship and marriage and baptism stuff and i felt really bad because i didnt say anything. i felt worthless. and them and the rest of the family only thank elder carcamo for visiting and then to me they just say ya elder.  anyway, a little difficult when you feel like nothing.  all is well though. anyway today is officially 3 months in the mission!!! wow time really flys.  soon it will be mothers day haha!  friday we had the baptism interviews with nataly and jeremy and all went well. then we had noche misional and played some games. really fun. then sat, we had interviews with the mission pres.  he is really nice and caring. he wants to get to know us individually and our families too. really cool guy. it did take forever because he talked to all of us for 15 min each or so and there were a lot of missionaries haha.  then we had the baptism and it lasted from 330 to 730 because everyone was really late and took forever to change and stuff but all when well and nataly especially looked happy when she came out of the water. she truly felt as if she was forgiven of everything. then we had english class which was really fun. i love it. then sunday the talks were really good they talked about ordinacnces and temples.  really neat.  then we ate pacha mancha at a richer members house. really good.  the house made3 me feel like i was back in the states. then we visited the paes family and their 12 yr old daughter said i have celestial eyes haha. funny. then we vistited another couple and we made calzones. it was fun. every week we go there and make some kind of new food or something. they are really cool! and also there are people here that are like all the people i know at home. if that makes sense. like there is hna eudocia who is exaclty like señora denny. haha. anyway.  i love all of you soooo much! have a great week!!!!!!!

Monday, January 20, 2014


Elder Mauldwin in from So. Jordan!!


so Tues, elder torres left and i was really sad to see him go . he helped me so much and was so cool.  we are going to keep in touch so thats good. today we also got elder mauldwin.  right at the beginning he told me if i needed anything to just ask.  hes really nice, and hilarious haha.then later we taught a lesson to a couple who isnt married but wants to be batptised and its awesome.  Wednesday, we taught marias daughter rosa.  she is 10 yrs old and just this happy little girl haha. i actually taught a big part of the lesson so i felt good about that. then we showed gerald and his cousin around to show them what is is like to be a missionary!  pretty cool even though they didnt talk much haha.  then Thursday, we taught rosa the last of the lessons and then she had her baptism interview.  we also have been teaching her friend at the same time and she wants to be baptized too! her name is britney. then we had a fiesta at mamitas house and i dont exactly know why but there were a ton of people and we had steak! it was soooo good. then we cleaned the font to prepare for the baptism.  then Fri, we had her baptism! all went well and dandy.  then after we went to get permission from britneys dad for her baptism and we ended up talking to him for an hour.  he was really humble and open.  he will be baptized if he receives an answer to his prayers and he also signed britneys baptizm permission slip! so awesome.  the lord just keeps handing people to us on silver platters haha. then we had noche misional and played a bunch of fun games.  oh and i found out my comp uses vaseline for hair gel, is that weird?  then Sat, we had a wedding and baptism of a couple that elder torres and reyes taught.  elder torres evcen came down here to do the baptisms.  it was really nice to see him again and he gave me a letter thanking me for all i did and being a good example.  he is so nice, he also gave me a pokemon card haha. anyway, the wedding and baptism was awesome and really spiritual. they are a strong family and will be going to the temple in 1 year to be sealed. so cool. then Sunday, so today rosa and the couple who were married got confirmed!  then us elders gave talks haha. so as I was thinking about what i should talk about i wanted to say something that would at least affect one person. so i talked a bit about recognizing the spirit and what we can do to feel the spirit.  it was really cool i felt like i was teaching with the spirit. then after 2 members thanked me for it and said i did great.  that made me feel really good to know that i did impact someone at least a little.  then we taught the primary kids.  it was good practice to teach really basics. sometimes we forget the basics yet they are crucial to build their spiritual foundation.  then later we gave a blessing to a nonmember old man who has cancer.  his whole nonmember family was there too.  and we did this because a member is related to him, anyway, he was in a bed in the corner and he couldnt move so our positioning for the blessing was really awkward and painful.  i was basically balancing on 1 leg and only my toes haha.  but it was really cool and spiritual and hopefully we will teach and convert their whole family.  then we went and taught a member family and my comp started to teach but he was almost yelling at their kids on how they dont respect their parents and how that is disobeyin commandments and how they need to repent and say sorry for being such bad kids. i honestly couldn't believe anyone would say that.  he did this for 30 min or more.  anyway, then i taught and i was prompted to teach about sacrificing for things like tithing or a mission and how we can be blessed if we do so.  and how life wont be easy but we can receive help.  aynway the words just flowed and it was like i was the instrument that the holy ghost used to teach them.  so cool.oh and at the beginning a giant dragonfly flew in the room that with its wings out was as big as my hand.  creepy.  it freaked the 1 daughter out and ya it freaked me out too. haha it had like pinchers.... anyway haha.  last week was awesome!!! i love you all!!



Monday, January 13, 2014


Maria's Baptism * Sat Jan 11, 2014


Mamita's niece Sammy
(Mamita is Dallon's pensionista* person who they live with and takes care of all their cooking and laundry!)
so tues, we taught a middle aged lady named maria.  she has a bapt. date for this sat, the lesson was awesome and i felt like i did my part in helping her move towards baptism.  really cool.  then we visited another family who are having some family problems and we helped them actually resolve it which was really cool.  then wednesday, we had a lot of awesome lessons today, one was with a lady named median and her husband clemente.  the lesson was super awesome and they are really cool.  i talked a bit and bore my testimony.  i feel like im helping people more and more.  they are going to be preparing for baptism but we will have to get them married first becasue they arent...  but all is well.  i also contacted a person today which i havnt really before this dday so that was great!    the lord really just hands us people who are ready to hear the gospel.  its so awesome.  then thurs, we had a member, hermana eudocia contact with us a bit.  she is really cool. she is a little old lady but she is a fireball haha.  she reminds me of señora denny haha.  she introduced us to a less active family so we will be working on them a little this next week.  oh and she has this pikachu cutout thing in her living room haha. i need to ask her why haha.  then i found some really cool scriptures today on faith if u wanted to read them alma32;21 through the end and then ether 12.  really good.   then fri, we taught this guy named julio cesar and he is less active but really loves the gospel.  he has a family but isnt married to the mom so we will be working on them too but he really wants to get active again.   he is extremely nice. today also was the day that i got the 4 letters.  then sat, we had marias baptism today and all went well.  she was so happy. its cool to see the changes in peoples lives.  we will now be getting her daughter to a baptism date!  so exciting.  so much is all going on at once and its a little hecktic haha.  oh make sure to say thank you to all the people who sent me letters.  especially gma and gpa because they sent me some photos of when i was little haha.  then later that night i taught english to some investigators and members.  it was a little difficult because i couldnt really describe some stuff in spanish haha.  but elder torres was there so he helped me out and then taught a little bit too.  it was really fun.  next saturday we will be doing it again but more of games and learning some songs in english. im excited.  then sun, was really awesome.  both maria and jaido were confirmed.  maria looked especially happy. even more than she was on her baaptism! so awesome!!!.  then after we visited the rojas family and we made some flan cracker pudding stuff haha.  it was really good actualy.  then we just had like a home teacher lesson.  it was really fun though.  they want me to make pancakes and a dessert this next sunday and mamita too which is why i ask.. haha.  then we went across the stairs to hna bettsi y hno diego. they gave us some legit mate.  i didnt really like it haha. it was really strong. so they gave me oreos and milk instead.  the milk was actually sour. and i didnt know at first becasue i was just dipping the oreos in it.  then i went to chug the whole thing... yaaaaa... haha i drank like half the glass. it was gross .  i hope i dont get sick haha.   so today was really great. a lot of weird and good food haha.  love you all!!!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014





 so this past week... so monday we went to the waterfall and it wasnt as cool as the other one that we went to.. but it was still really fun and ill send some pics.  tues, was the last day of 2013!  we had a zone mtg and i got 3 letters, one from gpa robert so plz thank him, one from bishop jones and his wife plz thanks them haha, and then the one from you from november 18 haha.  we also had jaidos baptism today.  only his family was their but it was really neat.  he has a really strong spirit.  then we visited 2 families and then went to our room at 6 because its not safe to be out because so many people drink and its really dangerous haha.  then i slept through the fireworks haha.  then wednesday, happy 2014!!! we went and talked to this 26yr old i think named arturo.  hes the one whose sister committed suicide a lil back and  he wants to be baptized but he works really far away on a fishing boat haha.  so we are working on a time to be able to get him baptized.  then later a guy in a taxi was like elderes!!!! and then took us to this guy who he said wanted to hear the gospel.  really cool but we havnt taught the guy yet becasue he wasnt home but we are trying.  thursday, we went up to the area farther away that we normally dont go to and did a little contacting up there,  honestly the 3 other elders more of focused on buying stuff which i was a little disappointing in.  basically they treated it like a p day and we took a bunch of pictures.  then at the last stop i lost my book of mormon... ya it had my mission money card and health card, my nice b.o.m. and the hawaii card from gma and 1 pic of me and the girls... so im buying another one and they canceled the card and stuff (its not my personal card dont worry) oh and all the people kept staring at me because they almost never get white people up there and all the teenagers looked like they wanted to kill me haha but im ok no worries.  friday we tried to teach some families but no one one home.  then we had noche misional which is where we show some members and invest. some videos and share a short message.  then after apparently elder torres and reyes talked to an old lady in like a garden and were prompted to heal her of her asthma problem.  so they asked if she had the faith to be healed and she said yes so they blessed her. idk if she was actually healed but its cool to have that experience.   then sat, we taught a lady named median and at first she had a lot of doubts about god and stuff but by the end of the lesson she wanted to be baptized.  the spirit was really strong and it was a way cool lesson. so we will be teaching her and her family this next week.  then after i was supposed to teach english to some ppl but no one showed up haha. so i will be teaching this next sat.  then sun, we had testimony mtg and it was amazing.  the spirit was so strong and the members are incredible. then we visited some families and the spirit was just great throughout the whole day. really awesome i love the work!!!