Monday, January 6, 2014





 so this past week... so monday we went to the waterfall and it wasnt as cool as the other one that we went to.. but it was still really fun and ill send some pics.  tues, was the last day of 2013!  we had a zone mtg and i got 3 letters, one from gpa robert so plz thank him, one from bishop jones and his wife plz thanks them haha, and then the one from you from november 18 haha.  we also had jaidos baptism today.  only his family was their but it was really neat.  he has a really strong spirit.  then we visited 2 families and then went to our room at 6 because its not safe to be out because so many people drink and its really dangerous haha.  then i slept through the fireworks haha.  then wednesday, happy 2014!!! we went and talked to this 26yr old i think named arturo.  hes the one whose sister committed suicide a lil back and  he wants to be baptized but he works really far away on a fishing boat haha.  so we are working on a time to be able to get him baptized.  then later a guy in a taxi was like elderes!!!! and then took us to this guy who he said wanted to hear the gospel.  really cool but we havnt taught the guy yet becasue he wasnt home but we are trying.  thursday, we went up to the area farther away that we normally dont go to and did a little contacting up there,  honestly the 3 other elders more of focused on buying stuff which i was a little disappointing in.  basically they treated it like a p day and we took a bunch of pictures.  then at the last stop i lost my book of mormon... ya it had my mission money card and health card, my nice b.o.m. and the hawaii card from gma and 1 pic of me and the girls... so im buying another one and they canceled the card and stuff (its not my personal card dont worry) oh and all the people kept staring at me because they almost never get white people up there and all the teenagers looked like they wanted to kill me haha but im ok no worries.  friday we tried to teach some families but no one one home.  then we had noche misional which is where we show some members and invest. some videos and share a short message.  then after apparently elder torres and reyes talked to an old lady in like a garden and were prompted to heal her of her asthma problem.  so they asked if she had the faith to be healed and she said yes so they blessed her. idk if she was actually healed but its cool to have that experience.   then sat, we taught a lady named median and at first she had a lot of doubts about god and stuff but by the end of the lesson she wanted to be baptized.  the spirit was really strong and it was a way cool lesson. so we will be teaching her and her family this next week.  then after i was supposed to teach english to some ppl but no one showed up haha. so i will be teaching this next sat.  then sun, we had testimony mtg and it was amazing.  the spirit was so strong and the members are incredible. then we visited some families and the spirit was just great throughout the whole day. really awesome i love the work!!! 

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