Monday, January 13, 2014


Maria's Baptism * Sat Jan 11, 2014


Mamita's niece Sammy
(Mamita is Dallon's pensionista* person who they live with and takes care of all their cooking and laundry!)
so tues, we taught a middle aged lady named maria.  she has a bapt. date for this sat, the lesson was awesome and i felt like i did my part in helping her move towards baptism.  really cool.  then we visited another family who are having some family problems and we helped them actually resolve it which was really cool.  then wednesday, we had a lot of awesome lessons today, one was with a lady named median and her husband clemente.  the lesson was super awesome and they are really cool.  i talked a bit and bore my testimony.  i feel like im helping people more and more.  they are going to be preparing for baptism but we will have to get them married first becasue they arent...  but all is well.  i also contacted a person today which i havnt really before this dday so that was great!    the lord really just hands us people who are ready to hear the gospel.  its so awesome.  then thurs, we had a member, hermana eudocia contact with us a bit.  she is really cool. she is a little old lady but she is a fireball haha.  she reminds me of seƱora denny haha.  she introduced us to a less active family so we will be working on them a little this next week.  oh and she has this pikachu cutout thing in her living room haha. i need to ask her why haha.  then i found some really cool scriptures today on faith if u wanted to read them alma32;21 through the end and then ether 12.  really good.   then fri, we taught this guy named julio cesar and he is less active but really loves the gospel.  he has a family but isnt married to the mom so we will be working on them too but he really wants to get active again.   he is extremely nice. today also was the day that i got the 4 letters.  then sat, we had marias baptism today and all went well.  she was so happy. its cool to see the changes in peoples lives.  we will now be getting her daughter to a baptism date!  so exciting.  so much is all going on at once and its a little hecktic haha.  oh make sure to say thank you to all the people who sent me letters.  especially gma and gpa because they sent me some photos of when i was little haha.  then later that night i taught english to some investigators and members.  it was a little difficult because i couldnt really describe some stuff in spanish haha.  but elder torres was there so he helped me out and then taught a little bit too.  it was really fun.  next saturday we will be doing it again but more of games and learning some songs in english. im excited.  then sun, was really awesome.  both maria and jaido were confirmed.  maria looked especially happy. even more than she was on her baaptism! so awesome!!!.  then after we visited the rojas family and we made some flan cracker pudding stuff haha.  it was really good actualy.  then we just had like a home teacher lesson.  it was really fun though.  they want me to make pancakes and a dessert this next sunday and mamita too which is why i ask.. haha.  then we went across the stairs to hna bettsi y hno diego. they gave us some legit mate.  i didnt really like it haha. it was really strong. so they gave me oreos and milk instead.  the milk was actually sour. and i didnt know at first becasue i was just dipping the oreos in it.  then i went to chug the whole thing... yaaaaa... haha i drank like half the glass. it was gross .  i hope i dont get sick haha.   so today was really great. a lot of weird and good food haha.  love you all!!!!!

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