Tuesday, January 28, 2014

OUT 3 MONTHS!! EMAIL 1/27/2014





so mon, we had p day and we watched a bit kung fu panda in spanish haha. it was sweet. then my comp invited ourselves to go to a birthday party of the couple who got married, that we werent invited to. he brought ballons and made a lot of noise during elder mauldwin and reyes lesson. i felt so bad the whole time and apologized to all of them afterward. oh and we played some volley ball and i totally wrecked haha. tues, we visited some families and i actually talked a lot more than i usually do so that was nice.  its good practice.  elder mauldwin shared with me dc 67 and it really helped me. you should read it!  it basically says that we need to have faith and open our mouths or else he will take a way the gift of tongues.  its really good though. i also contacted some people today!!! really great. wednesday, we taught gerals siblings nataly and jeremy.they have their baptism date for this saturday! so again elder mauldwin shared corinthians 12,13,14.  these chapters are about the gifts that god has for everyone and how we need to strive to obtain all the gifts and we can come to the point of almost having the veil rent.  pretty insane stuff. he shared this with me because papito had an experience in the temple.  he actually saw peter james and john.  i know its hard to believe but the temple leader guy felt their presence too.  the people here actually recieve visions and stuff because they are descendents of nephi and lehi who had the gift of visions and dreams.  which is one of the gifts in corinthians.  you should read that too haha.  mauldwin says a lot of times people receive their answer through dreams and stuff. pretty cool stuff. the mission is awesome haha.  then thursday, we basically just contacted a ton of people way higher up on the mountain. really tiring haha. thenb we talked to the couple who are having problems with their relationship and marriage and baptism stuff and i felt really bad because i didnt say anything. i felt worthless. and them and the rest of the family only thank elder carcamo for visiting and then to me they just say ya elder.  anyway, a little difficult when you feel like nothing.  all is well though. anyway today is officially 3 months in the mission!!! wow time really flys.  soon it will be mothers day haha!  friday we had the baptism interviews with nataly and jeremy and all went well. then we had noche misional and played some games. really fun. then sat, we had interviews with the mission pres.  he is really nice and caring. he wants to get to know us individually and our families too. really cool guy. it did take forever because he talked to all of us for 15 min each or so and there were a lot of missionaries haha.  then we had the baptism and it lasted from 330 to 730 because everyone was really late and took forever to change and stuff but all when well and nataly especially looked happy when she came out of the water. she truly felt as if she was forgiven of everything. then we had english class which was really fun. i love it. then sunday the talks were really good they talked about ordinacnces and temples.  really neat.  then we ate pacha mancha at a richer members house. really good.  the house made3 me feel like i was back in the states. then we visited the paes family and their 12 yr old daughter said i have celestial eyes haha. funny. then we vistited another couple and we made calzones. it was fun. every week we go there and make some kind of new food or something. they are really cool! and also there are people here that are like all the people i know at home. if that makes sense. like there is hna eudocia who is exaclty like seƱora denny. haha. anyway.  i love all of you soooo much! have a great week!!!!!!!

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