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so monday, so first i got a haricut!! haha then we played some volley ball with a lot of people which was a blast.  then we had to clean the baptism font because a black cat got in it and drowned in the water... ya not something you find every day haha. so that was fun.  the we had our family home evening and i gave the lesson!! i felt proud of myself haha.  then tues, i received my package!!! as you know. then we taught some new investigators and all went well. then we went to the paes family and had some cake.  it was delicious, haha. we also found out that we get to go to the temple this thursday!! wednesday, was juan abrahams birthday.  he is the son of mamita. so we had steak and potatoes. really good.then we had cambios.  elder mauldwin came over into my area with me! we visited a less active and i talked quite a bit. elder mauldwin is really encouraging. its awesome. thenn we taught another less active and found 2 new investigators, and in every lesson i felt like i made a difference.  its nice to feel like your helping someone.  then we went and gave a new born baby and her mom a blessing! i even consecrated the oil!  that was my first time doing it in spanish! neat experience.  then thursday. today is my 100th day in the mission!!! and we got to go to the temple. i actually didnt get to do a session because im new and there wasnt enough room so i did initiatory.  still really cool. the last 2 times through there was an american guy there and he said the last parts in english for me!! so cool to here the blessings in both english and in spanish.  then i talked to an elder who was in my district in the ccm for a while.  it was neat to hear how he was doing with everything.  we could connect really well because we are in the same boat haha.i also talked to an elder from riverton high. i knew who he was but we werent friends or anything. he has 6 months in the mission. i was able to get another spanish book of mormon like the one i lost from another elder because he had 2! so lucky. i still had to buy it from him but it was cheaper than in the temple store.  then friday, we had a wedding of an investigator of elder mauldwin and reyes.  it was really fun.  and there was cake... i love the cake here haha.  there was dancing and music, and it was a blast even though we cant dance haha.  we also met a girl who apparently wants me to baptize her. so we will see this next week! im excited!! then saturday we talked to a less active girl who we had never met before and it was really cool because when i started to talk she really payed attention and i felt like what i said helped her and was what she needed to hear at that time. her parents arent members so we will be working on them this next week too.  we will also probably have at least 2 baptisms this next week.  2 siblings of nataly and jeremy! hope everything goes well with that!! then sunday we had church and the whole sacrament mtg was blessings. we had 4 confirmations and 3 baby blessings haha. so ya.. pretty neat but my eyes hurt from closing them for soo long haha. then we had pachamanca which is that food dad talked about it means earth and meat in ketchuaw which is the language of the people up in the mountains and forrest and stuff haha. cool.  it is really good i love it. its bean things, a potato and sweet potato, rice of course, and chicken.  really tasty. love the mission!! love all of you sooo much and i will try to write everyone letters soon!!!!
Other fun comment from Dallon:
so my favorite thing really is just talking to everyone.  the members and nonmembers.  they are all sooo nice and funny. it is normal here to have families just give you food everytime you visit haha. im going to weigh myself see if ive gained anything. haha.  im really close with some families. especially the paes family.

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