Monday, February 24, 2014





ok so monday, we played a little soccer and then we helped papito paint some boards. then mauldwin made a pizza for dinner. soooo good haha. then tues i talked a lot! i feel like im am almost to the point where i can understand everything just about. and i can almost always get my point across of what i want to say. soooo awesome!!!  we talked to 4 investiogators who are preparing for baptism this next week.  sheyla rooth angel y aaron. then we had noche hogar (FHE)in katchawakra which is in mauldwins area and far up on the mountain but it was fun! there were a lot of people and it was just great! the spirit was way strong!.  mauldwin and reyes gave a great lesson on why we have trials and how god helps us through them. and how he will never give us something that we cant handle.  really great lesson. then tues we went to the denstist for the last time and i sent my letters to everyone!!!  then wed, we went to ticlio!! the farthest we can go in our mission boundary. it borders huancayo! with went up with mamita y papito in their car!.  we stopped in a littly city and then had to take a taxi the rest of the way up. oh and we got to ride in this double decker bus part way! it was super big and comfy haha. you could practically lay down in each seat.  when we got to the top we could see some snow but not much. i found some sweet rocks haha. then it started hailing!! crazy! it was freezing and there was thunder and lighting! it was miserable but great!! haha. then me elder carcamo and mamitas daughter belen hitch hiked back down to papito and their car... haha.  its actually really normal to hitch hike here. oh and before, on the way up, everything was green and there were a bunch of waterfalls and it was amazing! and on the way up i rode in the back of the car, like the trunkl sorta but not, with belen and she fell asleep sprawled out so it was really uncomfortable. haha. and then after we ordered godfathers pizza for dinner! haha so awesome.  then thurs, at 1015 the zone leaders called and told me i needed to wake up at 5 to go to lima to meet with the president. all of the new missionaries had to. just to be taught now that we are leaving our training. we got there at like 730 they told us some normal stuff like be obedient dont flirt with girls and stuff like that haha. then we got back at our room at 330. lets just say i was tired today haha. then fri, happy valentines day! i think haha. today we talked to an investigator who we found out that she is actually a member haha. but her husband isnt. so we will be trying to get them married and him baptized!!. the others are sheyla and rooth  17 and 18 yr old girls who have a date for next saturday. and aaron and angel who have a date for tues. they are 13 and 9 i think. not sure.  sat, we visited hna eudocia and right when we went in she started crying and said that we brought the spirit with just walking in.  crazy. to have that spirit with us always. then we taught rooth and sheyla again. that was it for today.  then sun was elder mauldwins birthday!!  we went to church and it was our turn to talk. so i talked about having a strong foundation and then teaching our children so that they can have a strong foundation too. i used the helaman 5 vs. 12 scripture,  then we went back and cooked the legit pachamancha that mamita sent fotos of to you.  it was awesome and really good. haha. then we ate that and tres leches cake! so good. then we had a noche hogar at a members with a less active teen who doesnt want to go to church because he thinks god doesnt care about him because he let his brother die.  anyway the spirit was super strong. i felt inspired to share dc 58 vs 2 through 4 and when i started to talk it wasnt me talking. it was the spirit. really neat experience. i love it.  oh another thing is that february here is called carnival. and the whole month people play with water. so we have had our own water fights haha. oh and a member of the family that we taught, his name is angel, gave me a tie from chile!  coool.  anyway i love all of you so much! have a great week and look for my letters!!!! love you!!!! 

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