Monday, February 24, 2014




so monday was p day and we just played some soccer and volley ball. then tues we had a baptism of aaron 13 and angel 9 who are family of nathaly and geral and such. everything went great! there was a little kid though who dropped his pants and pooped on the sidewalk haha. ya.... his parents either didnt know or didnt care haha. then after we were talking to the friend of rosa and there was an earthquake! crazy. wasnt big but you could feel it.  then wednesday, we talked with some of our recent converts and then with rooth and sheyla who will be baptized saturday. then we had noche hogar (FHE) with mauldwin and reyes in their area. we each shared a little scripture and message. i shared mosiah 24:12 and talked about how god knows us perfectly and we can ask for anything through prayer. then we had this soup..... so it tasted good but it had chicken feet in it. they literally just cut the feet off and cooked it with everything. i got 2 feet in my bowl. and elder reyes the peruvian would put the whole foot in his mouth and chewed and sucked until it was just a bunch of the toe bones.... i gaged the whole way home and then we got chased by a giant german sheperd and had to vault over a wall in order to not die haha. thursday we talked to rooth and sheyla again and will be baptized friday or the next day not saturday haha. then we did some paper work at our mission leaders house and did some paper work. then on our way home the train past right past us! sooo cool!!!  then fri, we had the baptisms of rooth and sheyla. all went great and the spirit was there. it was just awesome. haha.  then we went and talked to the family of the little girls that we baptized a while back and then we had noche misional and had a little puppet show which was fun. about the stories of the ten virgins and also the good samaritan. really fun. oh ya when i was saying the baptism prayer i felt good and that it was like that through me, god was forgiving her of all her past sins and when i brought her out of the water she was literally perfect right then. pretty cool. then sat, we were studying at 11:30  and there was another earthquake! crazy it was just like the last one but it is crazy that i have felt two within just one week! ahhhhhhhhh! haha.  then we went to an inactive girls house and she came to the door oh and she is in her earlyish 20s. and she told us that she is now attending to the catholic church. so my comp shared a scripture that said people like her are negating the spirit and that she is going to hell. ya.. and then her grandma came over and she also was a member but is now catholic.  and lets just say that they both, her and e´ carcamo exchanges some not very nice words. i sorta just stood there. ya.. well. idk. then sunday and aaron sheyla and rooth all got confirmed. angel was late so we will have to confirm him next sunday.  the blessings were all super powerful. the bishop did 2 of them and they both were incredible. and i got to participate in the one of sheyla and rooth. really cool. then we went to the mission leaders house for lunch and we had ground beef tacos with guacamole and pico de gallo. sooooooo goooooood. haha. i ate 9 tacos and a big peice of corn and a huge slice of watermelon. delicious. reminded me of home. then we visited a bunch of families to say goodbye. and then went over to family paes and had the birthday party! oh and one other thing. i have been using the same 3 pair of socks for the past week and a half because mamita went on vacation and we couldnt find the bag of socks she cleaned before she left. we tried to find them and we thought someone accidently threw them away because they were all in like a grocery bag. but then we found them today, this morning haha. yaaa. well. have a great week everyone! i love and miss every single one of you more than you know!!!!!! LOVE DALLON

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