Wednesday, February 12, 2014





so Monday, so first we were able to watch Madagascar 2 which was awesome and hilarious and then we were able to watch the croods with the whole zone.  even though it was in Spanish  it was still really good. i cant wait to actually be able to watch movies in English again so that i can actually know what is going on. haha.  then we played volleyball as a zone without a net, but it was still a blast. then we had fhe with mamita and we made the muffins and they were a hit!! then Tues we walked a lot.  i felt like i made a difference when i talked to some investigators. however we only visited like 3 people because my comp talked to these 2 girl investigators for like 2 hours. ya.. anyway, we did find a family who i can just tell will all be baptized. the mom is really open to the gospel and wants to learn.  the moms name is Elizabeth. however they aren't married so that will need a bit of paperwork and stuff but all is well! then wed, was your birthday! happy birthday again! haha. so today my comp had something wrong in his tooth so we went to a dentist and he is going to have to get sorta like a root canal thing. not exactly sure. so later we went and he got a hole drilled up into the back of his tooth and stuff.  looked really painful which is why i dont want to go to the dentist here. haha. i did have an interesting experience. so there was this bigger girl in the back seat of the taxi we were in, and long story short she got out and paid a guy money and then he gave her this bag and i am sure it was drugs. so i witnessed a drug deal. weird. haha.then Thurs, we went up to cupiche which is the area a ways up. and i was talking to the a member there and my comp went to invite her less active sisters, right by us. anyway he came back and told the mom that people like her daughters are terrible people and that the mom would need to pray for them and their salvation because they are sinning.  ya... anyway today was the day that i did receive my package and i was sooo happy to get all the letters.  I'm trying to read at least 2 every night. there are just a lot haha. oh also when i was talking to the member she told me her conversion story and how when she went to pray about whether everything was true or not, some spirit stopped her from praying.  then after the 3rd time she prayed and was overwhelmed with joy and happiness.  really cool to hear peoples conversion stories.  it helps build my own testimony about the gospel. so Fri, we visited the dentist again to do some more stuff on his tooth. we still have to go back again Tuesday morning for one more appointment. then we visited an investigator named Carmina who is 14 and all we need to do is get permission from her parents in order to baptize her. then we talked to the two girl investigators i talked about earlier that he talked to for a while. they also just need to get permission to be baptized. then we had noche misional. really fun. and then we cleaned the font to prepare for the baptism font for the baptism of Fresia. who is a relative of the paes family and she is 12 i think or 14 cant remember.  so sat, we had the baptism and i was the one who baptized her! she was one of the investigators where i talked a lot and made a big difference.  so awesome!!! before the baptism the spirit was so strong and then when i baptized her i just felt happy. it was great. she is number 10!!! i love the mission. then we went back up to cupiche and contacted and got a lot of new investigators. then sunday we had church an Fresia got confirmed! sweet.  then we went to the bishops house and as we were eating i noticed that there were weevils in the rice. i told elder Mauldwin in English but neither of us wanted to say anything so we just tried to pick them all out.  really gross i almost threw up a couple times as i was eating but other than that it all tasted good haha! then we helped bake this jello ish cake thing with hna Bettsi and Diego.  really fun and delicious!! i love you all!!!! have a great week everyone!!!

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