Monday, March 31, 2014



Ok so Monday we just watched some movies: Baptists at our BBq, pretty hilarious! Then we went to the Paes family and watched a video about John Taylor, inspirational! Tues, I had to bathe with a bucket because there wasn’t any water, that was fun.. and freezing, ha-ha. Then we went to our zone mtg and I got the package with the zelda shirts! As well as the postcard from gma and all of that so make sure to tell everyone thank you! Then we went and talked to Miguel about our purpose here on the earth. He really likes to ask questions, which is good. Then we talked to Mariela and she is stayin strong! She still hasn’t missed a Sunday! And she is even talking to people she meets about the gospel already! Awesome!  Wednesday we visited Miguel again. He says he still hasn’t received an answer to his prayers yet... but we are still moving forward with the lessons. Then we visited the Rojas family and had family home evening and then played some fun games after.  Thursday we visited some families, normal stuff, so the one thing we did find out today is that we are changing pensionistas because there is 1 bathroom and 4 missionaries... and because mamitas daughter is reaching the age of 14 and you can’t stay in the same house as a girl who is 14 or older, but she is only turning 13 this year so we talked to the zone leaders and now 2 of us are just changing rooms but keeping the same pensionista so that we can get ready on time. The room change should be this week and we still dont know who will be moving to the new room. Cambios (transfers) will be the same this next week though.  I also weighed myself today. 120 lbs! Wahoo gaining a little bit of weight!  Fri, we talked to a friend of Jhasmin who is interested in the church! sweet! new investigator! Then we had noche misional with was normal, not a lot of people...  then as we were going back to our room the train was passing and I put  1 sol (money) on the track and the train smooshed it! ha-ha,.  1 more coin for the collection! haha.  So im going to hurry and tell you about what we eat for breakfast, so we have this quaker oat drink and it really is gross and then half an avocado with bread. That is the normal. haha just thought I would let you know haha.  Saturday... so we got this call from a lady member named Trinity, who said that her friend is in the hospital and is paralyzed on her right side. We don’t really know how she got that way but she asked us to go and give her a blessing, oh and she isn’t a member. So we went there and then went into the ER with her daughter. She was in the bed and couldnt talk or move (the one side that wasnt paralyzed). We gave her a blessing. I anointed, and the spirit was incredible and the end of the blessing the daughter was in tears. Then as we were leaving I was the last one out and I turned to say goodbye and she was able to wave to me and said "gracias....gracias". Tears filled my eyes. I felt like I was on the Lord´s errand and an instrument in His hands.  I could just feel the spirit pulsing through my body. An experience that I will never forget!  After we went to visit Carlos and Jessenia and Mariela. We watched a video on marriage, really good film. Then we went to English classes but no one showed. Oh well.  Sunday, was testimony mtg! Many young women and men bore their testimonies because one of the young men got his mission call to Paraguay. Pretty awesome!  Then we went to Hna Bettsi´s and Diegos. Bettsi´s sister was there, Sandra, and her husband David  and he isn’t a member and we talked about prayer and his religious backround. He really has the desire to find the truth, the true church of God. Really cool guy. Asked a lot of questions including about poligamy and how Jesus drank wine. haha. but cool guy. Then Cyntia, Hna Bettsi´s other sister brought us chocolate that she made and it was really good! It had caramel in it! and to top it off we got front row seats to some big and colorful fireworks! and then Bettsi made pancakes!!! mmmmmmm. delicious. haha. It was great! Well thanks for everything! I love all of you soooooo much!!!  can’t wait for Mother’s day! Have a great week and  I love you all!

Monday, March 24, 2014





So Monday, we went to watch a movie but the zone leaders just brought the bonus features disk, but that was ok. We then all changed and then played some soccer and volleyball without a net again. a little boring but a little fun too. Tuesday we talked to some less actives and made a plan to help a family paint their house. something to look forward to, then we played a game at the house of the Paes family where you stack matches on top of a bottle, if any fall off, for example 3, then you would get 3 lines of lipstick on your face haha. It is called paint the Indian... haha, really fun, and lets just say my comp dropped a lot haha. Oh and today I did get the one package so make sure to tell everyone thanks for putting letters, gifts and stuff in there!  Wed, we had to go to the dentist to get my comps tooth fixed, the dentist is actually the stake pres so that's good. He got one little filling or something in his tooth but we will have to go back in a week or so to check on it. Then we went and visited hna mariella and the rojas family. We watched a little video and then after they gave us some rice and fries and guess what was is the rice... ya i found a tiny weevil and there wasn't a lot of rice and the weevil was tiny so I just ate it all without looking because I didnt want them to notice that I was looking for something in the rice... ya. but im ok!  Sometimes you just gotta do stuff like that... haha!! It was ok though  because we went back to the room and had cupcakes and they didn't have weevils and were delicious!! haha.  Thursday, I felt an earthquake right when I woke up, it sure did a better job at waking me up than my alarm clock! haha!  Then we went and painted part of a less active members house... fun...but there were a ton of big spiders and I forgot my camera... sorry!  After we were done I honestly thought it looked terrible because it was too watery but apparently it was ok for them. Then we went into elder mauldwins area and had a short message and then their investigator asked the hand of his wife, but they have kids and live together but I guess its just traditional and then on the way back to our room we had to run cuz it was late and got chased by some dogs and my comp fell in a ditch but hes ok!! Friday we had the wedding and baptism of the investigators of elder mauldwin and gonzales but they arrived 2 and a half hours late sooo... ya it kinda took all day. and then we couldnt stay because of our curfew. ya... its ok though. Sat we had this activity thing at the chapel and about 5 of the young women and 1 guy from the young men, gave talks and then we and a couple other members gave them advice. Apparently they are speaking in like a stake conference or something and then after we ate some delicious fried chicken and fries. soooo gooood!!!!! Then church on Sunday, we visited Miguel and he is progressing slowly. He isnt attending church so we cant keep his baptism date that we set. We are progressing with the lessons but he needs to come to church. We talked a lot about prayer today and how we need to pray always and always have God in our thoughts throughout the day to open the door and let Him into our daily lives and in everything we do so that He can help us and bless us.  Love you all and have a stupendous week!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014




So Mon, all we did was play soccer and I can’t play soccer really well. Haha, but it was fun! Then Tues we had our multi zone meeting with the President. It was really good. We learned how we can better help our investigators and how we should teach through their needs by using doctrine. Really cool. So we did that and then didn’t get back until like 330. Then we went to a member family, of Hna Jhasmin and had FHE. We ended up teaching Jhasmins uncle the restoration but he wasn’t really interested. Then they gave us some popcorn and my companion was eating it and bit a kernel and chipped off a decent piece of his back molar tooth... yaaa.... sooo we will have to go check it out at a dentist haha… my companion.... haha. Wednesday, we had district meeting and I learned how to contact better!  First be their friend, gain their trust and then you are able to teach them better. They will be more open with you. Awesome! Then we had a long conversation with Hna Jhasmin who is 17 I think, member, anyway she is preparing to serve a mission! and now she is first preparing to get her patriarchal blessing! awesome. Then Thursday, first we had a service thing with a less active family. We lifted their roof up so that when it rained the water wouldn’t leak through. Fun! We removed like half of the roof! Then we had cambios. For the day I went with elder gonzales, the one who does nothing.. but it was ok. One of the members that we talked to named Jenny, said that she was praying that day that we would come and visit her. Then I shared D&C 58, vs. 1-4. and after she said that that was what she needed exactly. Before the lesson I was debating on two scriptures and I said a little prayer before we knocked on the door and then I felt like the D & C scripture would be better, and I followed the prompting! Really awesome! To be able to know through the spirit exactly how to help someone in need!  One thing that I have learned is that you just can’t ask to know what to say, you need to start talking and then afterwards, after the trial of your faith, you will be guided to say or do the right thing. Faith without works is dead. James  something haha. We need to put forth our effort first and then we will be guided. Faith is two things: the belief and then acting on the belief. An example is exercising, you have to believe that you will get stronger, and because of the belief, actually exercise, and then you will get stronger and you will come to KNOW that it does make you stronger through your own personal experience. Then on Friday, we cleaned everything in our room! Fun! but ya it is nice to have everything clean again. haha. There is so much dust here that it isn’t even funny. Then we had noche misional and we talked about loving your neighbor and to try to serve the people around you. Oh and my comp is sick with a 100 degree fever.  Then Sat my comp is still sick and we had the baptism planned at 3 but she didn’t get there until 7. But thats ok it was still really good! The spirit was super strong! I love the work! Sunday we gave talks and I was only able to bear my testimony because we were running out of time, but that’s ok. Mariella got confirmed too! Awesome!!! Thank you all so much for everything!!! Love and miss you all! Have a great week!

Monday, March 10, 2014



So pday on Monday all we did was watch movies. ha-ha and sleep. Then Tues, we visited Mariella who is an invest. who is the cousin of Jessenia who is the wife well she isn't married to him, Carlos who is the son of a member family, the Rojas family.  Anyway we talked to her and she knows the church is true because she has felt the spirit but she doesn't want to be baptized, so we are still working on that. Then for dinner we had these chicken and fry sandwiches and they were amazing. OH and ya I received those letters today! love them!  Then Wed, it rained and it rained hard.  There were like little streams going down all of the streets.  It was like normal for Utah but not for here. Everyone is worried about a landslide.  So anyways we got soaked because no one was home and we walked and walked. ha-ha. Then we taught Sheylas brother. (Sheyla is the 17 yr old girl who got baptized) he is 16. He really liked the lesson! Hope we can make a baptism date with him! Then Thurs, it rained again and then we taught hna Mariella and made a baptism date for the 15th! So excited! She even said that she wants me to baptize her! she’s 35 btw I think and ya, awesome!!! Then Fri, we got a call early in the morning that I had to go and do Immigrations... the visa stuff in Lima. So ya, I went clear into Lima, signed a sheet, took a picture, and ya it took all day and was really boring. That is all I did ha-ha. Then Sat... ha-ha. sooo we started to go to our first family for the day and right before we knocked on the door my comp said uh oh... and i said what, and he said that he had to go to the bathroom like right then, so I said that we could go back to our room so he could go and so we started back. On the way back in the bus we passed a guy sitting on a curb completely naked... ya. I have no idea why but ya. interesting,, and gross haha. So back to our dilemma. My comp ALMOST made it back to the bathroom in our room in time.. so lets just say that he did have to change his underwear.. you only can hold it for so long.. ha-ha. then we had to wait for about an hour so that his stomach could settle down.. ha-ha, fun. Then we went to Mariella again and watched a video about the restoration. It was great! She learns really quick! and then we had English class with 4 people. wahoo! 1 more than the time before! ya.. we need to spread the word.  Sunday I got the chance to bless the sacrament in Spanish!!! oh my gosh i was so nervous ha-ha, but i did it! and the spirit was way strong during the passing of the sacrament. It was great and then I couldn't hear the talks because we were in the back and the microphone was broken, but the spirit was there still and that is all that matters.  Then we had a stake mtg with all of the new converts and talked about how they can help us find new investigators. fun. We sang count your many blessings (all the missionaries) for a special musical number! awesome! Thanks mom for the pics and email! Love all of you sooooooo much! Have a fantastic week!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Elder Slalzar  to the right of Dallon.

Mamita got new furniture!

Lunch at McDonalds...just like home!

OK so Monday we just visited a bunch of families to say goodbye and then later we found out that i am staying in the same area! and that i would be getting my comp Elder Slalzar!.  then Tues were the cambios or transfers. so we all went to La Molina, were the mtc is. and found our new companions! so Elder Salazar knows a little English because he studied in school, just like how we study Spanish a lot but he doesn't know a ton. He's pretty funny. We laugh a lot. haha. He is acutally the only member of the church in his family. He is 20, his grandma was a member and she was like his influence to join the church. so ya he's great. I mean I still don't know him super well but so far we get a long and he encourages me so that's good.  All we did the rest of the day was visit a bunch of families so that he can get to know them and the area. I really like the way he teaches. He focuses on the needs of the investigator and doesn't just teach the same lesson every time. He asks questions and listens, so so far its great!  Then Wed, we had our zone mtg and some people stayed and some left  but still a cool zone and me elder mauldwin and salazar get along well, its fun. elder mauldwins comp sorta is in his own world and takes hour long showers in the morning...Tthen Thurs we visited more families haha. nothing more. but it was fun. Then Friday we walked a lot, just like the past days.  We started talking to this one guy who went off for about 30  minutes on how that Jesus could actually could be black and how people need to take that into consideration.... ya a little weird.  He did however give us a reference so that was nice. haha. Then we had noche misional but very few people showed up, but still fun. we talked about fasting because this week was fast sunday! haha. Saturday was interesting because we went to Surco which is like Lima, because my comp has a pain in his shoulder.  So ya we went down there and first of all I just about left my wallet in the taxi because it fell out and I didnt know. Then when I got out I felt like I should check my pockets and I did, and it wasnt there, luckily I caught the guy before he drove off and got it. haha. close one. then elder salazar talked with the doctor and got a bunch of pills and 3 needles for injection to take back to our room and elder mauldwin will be going to give him the injections. He studied medicine before his mission. so ya. Then we went to Mcdonalds for lunch!!!! it was sooo awesome and delicious!!!! I loved it haha. then we visited an investigator named Mariella who is about 35ish i think and she believes that this is the true church but is unsure about baptism... idk. but we will be trying to get her to baptism this next week. she says that when we come and when she went to our church that she felt the spirit. so thats good. then we had english classes but only 3 people showed up. but thats ok. then Sunday we had fast and testimony mtg. it was great. and then normal classes. hna eudocia teaches the gospel principle classes and she is great haha. then we had chicken for lunch and the family that we ate with had bbq sauce!!! hahahah soooo good. then we visited some families and drank some coke with them haha. delicious. so one thing about here is basically they only have inca kola or coke.  they have sprite and fanta but not much. so ya haha a lot of coke and inca kola so im fine with that haha. oh and elder mauldwin gave elder salazar his shot haha. he did good though! haha. love all of you sooo much and hope you all have a fantastic next week!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014




Dallon gets to continue to live with Mamita and Elder Mauldwin stayed as well.  I believe Elder Mauldwin and Elder Maxwell both got native companions...we will find out on Monday!