Monday, March 31, 2014



Ok so Monday we just watched some movies: Baptists at our BBq, pretty hilarious! Then we went to the Paes family and watched a video about John Taylor, inspirational! Tues, I had to bathe with a bucket because there wasn’t any water, that was fun.. and freezing, ha-ha. Then we went to our zone mtg and I got the package with the zelda shirts! As well as the postcard from gma and all of that so make sure to tell everyone thank you! Then we went and talked to Miguel about our purpose here on the earth. He really likes to ask questions, which is good. Then we talked to Mariela and she is stayin strong! She still hasn’t missed a Sunday! And she is even talking to people she meets about the gospel already! Awesome!  Wednesday we visited Miguel again. He says he still hasn’t received an answer to his prayers yet... but we are still moving forward with the lessons. Then we visited the Rojas family and had family home evening and then played some fun games after.  Thursday we visited some families, normal stuff, so the one thing we did find out today is that we are changing pensionistas because there is 1 bathroom and 4 missionaries... and because mamitas daughter is reaching the age of 14 and you can’t stay in the same house as a girl who is 14 or older, but she is only turning 13 this year so we talked to the zone leaders and now 2 of us are just changing rooms but keeping the same pensionista so that we can get ready on time. The room change should be this week and we still dont know who will be moving to the new room. Cambios (transfers) will be the same this next week though.  I also weighed myself today. 120 lbs! Wahoo gaining a little bit of weight!  Fri, we talked to a friend of Jhasmin who is interested in the church! sweet! new investigator! Then we had noche misional with was normal, not a lot of people...  then as we were going back to our room the train was passing and I put  1 sol (money) on the track and the train smooshed it! ha-ha,.  1 more coin for the collection! haha.  So im going to hurry and tell you about what we eat for breakfast, so we have this quaker oat drink and it really is gross and then half an avocado with bread. That is the normal. haha just thought I would let you know haha.  Saturday... so we got this call from a lady member named Trinity, who said that her friend is in the hospital and is paralyzed on her right side. We don’t really know how she got that way but she asked us to go and give her a blessing, oh and she isn’t a member. So we went there and then went into the ER with her daughter. She was in the bed and couldnt talk or move (the one side that wasnt paralyzed). We gave her a blessing. I anointed, and the spirit was incredible and the end of the blessing the daughter was in tears. Then as we were leaving I was the last one out and I turned to say goodbye and she was able to wave to me and said "gracias....gracias". Tears filled my eyes. I felt like I was on the Lord´s errand and an instrument in His hands.  I could just feel the spirit pulsing through my body. An experience that I will never forget!  After we went to visit Carlos and Jessenia and Mariela. We watched a video on marriage, really good film. Then we went to English classes but no one showed. Oh well.  Sunday, was testimony mtg! Many young women and men bore their testimonies because one of the young men got his mission call to Paraguay. Pretty awesome!  Then we went to Hna Bettsi´s and Diegos. Bettsi´s sister was there, Sandra, and her husband David  and he isn’t a member and we talked about prayer and his religious backround. He really has the desire to find the truth, the true church of God. Really cool guy. Asked a lot of questions including about poligamy and how Jesus drank wine. haha. but cool guy. Then Cyntia, Hna Bettsi´s other sister brought us chocolate that she made and it was really good! It had caramel in it! and to top it off we got front row seats to some big and colorful fireworks! and then Bettsi made pancakes!!! mmmmmmm. delicious. haha. It was great! Well thanks for everything! I love all of you soooooo much!!!  can’t wait for Mother’s day! Have a great week and  I love you all!

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