Monday, March 17, 2014




So Mon, all we did was play soccer and I can’t play soccer really well. Haha, but it was fun! Then Tues we had our multi zone meeting with the President. It was really good. We learned how we can better help our investigators and how we should teach through their needs by using doctrine. Really cool. So we did that and then didn’t get back until like 330. Then we went to a member family, of Hna Jhasmin and had FHE. We ended up teaching Jhasmins uncle the restoration but he wasn’t really interested. Then they gave us some popcorn and my companion was eating it and bit a kernel and chipped off a decent piece of his back molar tooth... yaaa.... sooo we will have to go check it out at a dentist haha… my companion.... haha. Wednesday, we had district meeting and I learned how to contact better!  First be their friend, gain their trust and then you are able to teach them better. They will be more open with you. Awesome! Then we had a long conversation with Hna Jhasmin who is 17 I think, member, anyway she is preparing to serve a mission! and now she is first preparing to get her patriarchal blessing! awesome. Then Thursday, first we had a service thing with a less active family. We lifted their roof up so that when it rained the water wouldn’t leak through. Fun! We removed like half of the roof! Then we had cambios. For the day I went with elder gonzales, the one who does nothing.. but it was ok. One of the members that we talked to named Jenny, said that she was praying that day that we would come and visit her. Then I shared D&C 58, vs. 1-4. and after she said that that was what she needed exactly. Before the lesson I was debating on two scriptures and I said a little prayer before we knocked on the door and then I felt like the D & C scripture would be better, and I followed the prompting! Really awesome! To be able to know through the spirit exactly how to help someone in need!  One thing that I have learned is that you just can’t ask to know what to say, you need to start talking and then afterwards, after the trial of your faith, you will be guided to say or do the right thing. Faith without works is dead. James  something haha. We need to put forth our effort first and then we will be guided. Faith is two things: the belief and then acting on the belief. An example is exercising, you have to believe that you will get stronger, and because of the belief, actually exercise, and then you will get stronger and you will come to KNOW that it does make you stronger through your own personal experience. Then on Friday, we cleaned everything in our room! Fun! but ya it is nice to have everything clean again. haha. There is so much dust here that it isn’t even funny. Then we had noche misional and we talked about loving your neighbor and to try to serve the people around you. Oh and my comp is sick with a 100 degree fever.  Then Sat my comp is still sick and we had the baptism planned at 3 but she didn’t get there until 7. But thats ok it was still really good! The spirit was super strong! I love the work! Sunday we gave talks and I was only able to bear my testimony because we were running out of time, but that’s ok. Mariella got confirmed too! Awesome!!! Thank you all so much for everything!!! Love and miss you all! Have a great week!

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