Monday, March 10, 2014



So pday on Monday all we did was watch movies. ha-ha and sleep. Then Tues, we visited Mariella who is an invest. who is the cousin of Jessenia who is the wife well she isn't married to him, Carlos who is the son of a member family, the Rojas family.  Anyway we talked to her and she knows the church is true because she has felt the spirit but she doesn't want to be baptized, so we are still working on that. Then for dinner we had these chicken and fry sandwiches and they were amazing. OH and ya I received those letters today! love them!  Then Wed, it rained and it rained hard.  There were like little streams going down all of the streets.  It was like normal for Utah but not for here. Everyone is worried about a landslide.  So anyways we got soaked because no one was home and we walked and walked. ha-ha. Then we taught Sheylas brother. (Sheyla is the 17 yr old girl who got baptized) he is 16. He really liked the lesson! Hope we can make a baptism date with him! Then Thurs, it rained again and then we taught hna Mariella and made a baptism date for the 15th! So excited! She even said that she wants me to baptize her! she’s 35 btw I think and ya, awesome!!! Then Fri, we got a call early in the morning that I had to go and do Immigrations... the visa stuff in Lima. So ya, I went clear into Lima, signed a sheet, took a picture, and ya it took all day and was really boring. That is all I did ha-ha. Then Sat... ha-ha. sooo we started to go to our first family for the day and right before we knocked on the door my comp said uh oh... and i said what, and he said that he had to go to the bathroom like right then, so I said that we could go back to our room so he could go and so we started back. On the way back in the bus we passed a guy sitting on a curb completely naked... ya. I have no idea why but ya. interesting,, and gross haha. So back to our dilemma. My comp ALMOST made it back to the bathroom in our room in time.. so lets just say that he did have to change his underwear.. you only can hold it for so long.. ha-ha. then we had to wait for about an hour so that his stomach could settle down.. ha-ha, fun. Then we went to Mariella again and watched a video about the restoration. It was great! She learns really quick! and then we had English class with 4 people. wahoo! 1 more than the time before! ya.. we need to spread the word.  Sunday I got the chance to bless the sacrament in Spanish!!! oh my gosh i was so nervous ha-ha, but i did it! and the spirit was way strong during the passing of the sacrament. It was great and then I couldn't hear the talks because we were in the back and the microphone was broken, but the spirit was there still and that is all that matters.  Then we had a stake mtg with all of the new converts and talked about how they can help us find new investigators. fun. We sang count your many blessings (all the missionaries) for a special musical number! awesome! Thanks mom for the pics and email! Love all of you sooooooo much! Have a fantastic week!!!

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