Monday, March 24, 2014





So Monday, we went to watch a movie but the zone leaders just brought the bonus features disk, but that was ok. We then all changed and then played some soccer and volleyball without a net again. a little boring but a little fun too. Tuesday we talked to some less actives and made a plan to help a family paint their house. something to look forward to, then we played a game at the house of the Paes family where you stack matches on top of a bottle, if any fall off, for example 3, then you would get 3 lines of lipstick on your face haha. It is called paint the Indian... haha, really fun, and lets just say my comp dropped a lot haha. Oh and today I did get the one package so make sure to tell everyone thanks for putting letters, gifts and stuff in there!  Wed, we had to go to the dentist to get my comps tooth fixed, the dentist is actually the stake pres so that's good. He got one little filling or something in his tooth but we will have to go back in a week or so to check on it. Then we went and visited hna mariella and the rojas family. We watched a little video and then after they gave us some rice and fries and guess what was is the rice... ya i found a tiny weevil and there wasn't a lot of rice and the weevil was tiny so I just ate it all without looking because I didnt want them to notice that I was looking for something in the rice... ya. but im ok!  Sometimes you just gotta do stuff like that... haha!! It was ok though  because we went back to the room and had cupcakes and they didn't have weevils and were delicious!! haha.  Thursday, I felt an earthquake right when I woke up, it sure did a better job at waking me up than my alarm clock! haha!  Then we went and painted part of a less active members house... fun...but there were a ton of big spiders and I forgot my camera... sorry!  After we were done I honestly thought it looked terrible because it was too watery but apparently it was ok for them. Then we went into elder mauldwins area and had a short message and then their investigator asked the hand of his wife, but they have kids and live together but I guess its just traditional and then on the way back to our room we had to run cuz it was late and got chased by some dogs and my comp fell in a ditch but hes ok!! Friday we had the wedding and baptism of the investigators of elder mauldwin and gonzales but they arrived 2 and a half hours late sooo... ya it kinda took all day. and then we couldnt stay because of our curfew. ya... its ok though. Sat we had this activity thing at the chapel and about 5 of the young women and 1 guy from the young men, gave talks and then we and a couple other members gave them advice. Apparently they are speaking in like a stake conference or something and then after we ate some delicious fried chicken and fries. soooo gooood!!!!! Then church on Sunday, we visited Miguel and he is progressing slowly. He isnt attending church so we cant keep his baptism date that we set. We are progressing with the lessons but he needs to come to church. We talked a lot about prayer today and how we need to pray always and always have God in our thoughts throughout the day to open the door and let Him into our daily lives and in everything we do so that He can help us and bless us.  Love you all and have a stupendous week!!!!!

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