Monday, March 3, 2014


Elder Slalzar  to the right of Dallon.

Mamita got new furniture!

Lunch at McDonalds...just like home!

OK so Monday we just visited a bunch of families to say goodbye and then later we found out that i am staying in the same area! and that i would be getting my comp Elder Slalzar!.  then Tues were the cambios or transfers. so we all went to La Molina, were the mtc is. and found our new companions! so Elder Salazar knows a little English because he studied in school, just like how we study Spanish a lot but he doesn't know a ton. He's pretty funny. We laugh a lot. haha. He is acutally the only member of the church in his family. He is 20, his grandma was a member and she was like his influence to join the church. so ya he's great. I mean I still don't know him super well but so far we get a long and he encourages me so that's good.  All we did the rest of the day was visit a bunch of families so that he can get to know them and the area. I really like the way he teaches. He focuses on the needs of the investigator and doesn't just teach the same lesson every time. He asks questions and listens, so so far its great!  Then Wed, we had our zone mtg and some people stayed and some left  but still a cool zone and me elder mauldwin and salazar get along well, its fun. elder mauldwins comp sorta is in his own world and takes hour long showers in the morning...Tthen Thurs we visited more families haha. nothing more. but it was fun. Then Friday we walked a lot, just like the past days.  We started talking to this one guy who went off for about 30  minutes on how that Jesus could actually could be black and how people need to take that into consideration.... ya a little weird.  He did however give us a reference so that was nice. haha. Then we had noche misional but very few people showed up, but still fun. we talked about fasting because this week was fast sunday! haha. Saturday was interesting because we went to Surco which is like Lima, because my comp has a pain in his shoulder.  So ya we went down there and first of all I just about left my wallet in the taxi because it fell out and I didnt know. Then when I got out I felt like I should check my pockets and I did, and it wasnt there, luckily I caught the guy before he drove off and got it. haha. close one. then elder salazar talked with the doctor and got a bunch of pills and 3 needles for injection to take back to our room and elder mauldwin will be going to give him the injections. He studied medicine before his mission. so ya. Then we went to Mcdonalds for lunch!!!! it was sooo awesome and delicious!!!! I loved it haha. then we visited an investigator named Mariella who is about 35ish i think and she believes that this is the true church but is unsure about baptism... idk. but we will be trying to get her to baptism this next week. she says that when we come and when she went to our church that she felt the spirit. so thats good. then we had english classes but only 3 people showed up. but thats ok. then Sunday we had fast and testimony mtg. it was great. and then normal classes. hna eudocia teaches the gospel principle classes and she is great haha. then we had chicken for lunch and the family that we ate with had bbq sauce!!! hahahah soooo good. then we visited some families and drank some coke with them haha. delicious. so one thing about here is basically they only have inca kola or coke.  they have sprite and fanta but not much. so ya haha a lot of coke and inca kola so im fine with that haha. oh and elder mauldwin gave elder salazar his shot haha. he did good though! haha. love all of you sooo much and hope you all have a fantastic next week!!!

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