Tuesday, April 29, 2014



So Monday we did nothing haha. tried to sleep.  TUES, i got my package! thanks again for that! i did get one letter from kirsi martin, if you could thank her and tell her i will be writing her back soon. Then we talked to the Tineo family, they are so awesome, always make me feel awesome. We also taught a less active lady and we helped her remember how she felt when she was baptized and then she said she was going to try to start going to church again! awesome! Then Wed, i hit 6 months in the mission! can you believe it! 1fourth of the way done haha. Then we tried to talk to some investigators, but they were all busy, a little frustrating, then there was supposed to be 2 activities today but they both fell through. so... not a super successful day, but thats all good. Just keep trying!  Thurs, i learned something cool about prayers. As we are finishing our prayers we should take time to pause and just listen because a prayer is a 2 way communication and many times we can receive revelation in that little amount of time. Cool! I never thought of that! Then we taught an investigator who is divorced and her husband came to check on the kids and well stuff happened, so she was super sad. But we helped her show how the gospel can help her through rough times, and she said she was going to go to church but she didnt. Maybe next week though! Then we visisted another mom, whose sons aren't very good people and she is really sad. She wants to change her life and be happy with her family.  I really think that she will progress and her daughter too! awesome! Then after we had a bday party for a member! super fun haha.  Fri. we had a lesson with a family whose girls are the only members and we brought along our pensionista and her husband, they did most of the talking about their conversion stories and stuff, the spirit was incredible. The mom wants to get baptized but the dad says that he will get baptized later.... ya well. We will keep working with them!. It was really cool to hear the stories of our pension though.  Sat, we did service for our pension. We shined up some tables and chairs and then cleaned some windows, then my comp broke their faucet so he spent the next 2 hours or so, after lunch, trying to fix it. ugh.... haha. while i did nothing. Then he chatted with them for about another hour our so. ya, Then later we taught the ward missionaries how they can help us and the work! and bought a pizza! an actual pizza! and it was delicious haha. Sun, I got the privilege to bless the sacrament, I was a little nervous though. There wasnt a microphone.. but ya i did it! haha. Then after lunch we were talking with hna. isabel who had to work after church at a gas station. and a combi, or van, pulled up and needed air in a tire. anyway they put too much in it and it exploded... no one was hurt, (the van was full). but it took me by surprise haha. It was super loud. Then later we talked about taking the name of Christ upon us. When it says that in the sacrament prayer and how the church is "the name of Christ" too. So we need to help build the church the best we can! members, less active, or nonmembers! Sorta cool to think about it like that. I love all of you and hope that you all have a stupendous proxima semana!!!!! love ya!

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