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Ok so Monday we played soccer as a zone. Pretty fun. That was it for that day though. haha. Then Tues, we had our zone mtg and i got a letter from gma ELrAE. I need to thank her for that. Anyway we had a little class about listening to people and also that we need to bear testimony often, I really liked the saying of one elder who said, that during moments of silence during a lesson is when the spirit talks. We learned not to be afraid of silence, really liked it, the spirit was there. I love the spirit, it makes you so happy! haha. Then we visited a family and talked a little about the second coming and how we need to ask ourselves often the following question, would I be ready to meet the Savior right now if He came? If not what do I need to change? Sometimes we get caught up in the worldy things and our physical well being when sometimes we should be more worried about our spiritual well being. Then we made some salchipapas haha. Which is hot dog with french fries haha. Oh and I got the last 3 months of liahonas in english!! wahooo! I was so happy. Then Wednesday, first of all we got to go eat at a restaurant for lunch, delicious.  Then we taught an investigator named Ulga and a less active named Julia Matos. We started to teach about the plan of salvation (because Ulga is pregnant) and during the lesson I was prompted to talk about baptism, even though it was a little off topic. And the words just came. We didnt set a baptism date or anything but I knew that, that was what I was supposed to talk about. I love being a missionary haha. The rest of the day I was just super happy. haha . Then Thurs. we had interviews with the president. He congratulated me on my improvement with Spanish and said he was amazed with how far I have come in the last 3 months. President Ardila is awesome. Then we visited our investigator named Rosa, who got baptized Saturday!. Then Fri. we had a little activity at the church, noche de pelicula. We watched a couple videos on the life of Christ, for this Easter season, and it went way well. We had 68 people come! And some people we had never met before! The spirit was there and was a big success! Oh, so quick funny experience. We had to go pick up a zone leader to give Rosa her interview, and on the way back there was this guy in the back seat with us with a dog in his bag. Anyway the dog had to use the bathroom and did so in the guys bag. The smell was terrible. haha. And also before that we accidently left a bag of supplies for the movie night. So we said some personal prayers and when we went back it was still there! The Lord is always listening. Always!  So then Sat, we had the baptism which took all day long because it was in Campoy and a ton of driving. But all went really well, first one in her family to get baptized and her brother and sisters came to the baptism! Awesome! Then Sun, Easter morning. I woke up and found the egg rock that my comp hid for me. haha. To remember home a little bit. To keep the tradition going even in Peru! And then we went to church and found out that we had to give the talks 2 mins before.... uhhhhhh. But ya I talked about a talk given by Uctdorf in the April Liahona about anchors and how the anchor keeps the boat of our lives in a good place even when the wind and waves, or temptations and worldly things, move us around a little. Great talk by him. Then we walked and walked and walked. No one was home. We taught one lesson, at night to a family whose kids are members but not the parents. We took along the husband of our pensionista and he shared his conversion story with the mom. It was just what she needed. She wants to be baptized but wants her husband’s support. So now we need to teach him! haha. But ya, it was cool to hear his whole story and how the gospel changed his life. Well thanks mom for the emails! HAPPY EASTER!! even though it past and HAPPY BDAY KAYLA AND BRYNNA! haha. I love you all! Hope you have a wonderful next week!

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