Thursday, April 24, 2014


A little storage room in the church in Jicamarca

ok so to answer your questions.. Yes so my area is land of the dirt. A ton of dirt and dust. We live in this little complex type thing. t\The room is nice. There are like 3 other people who live in the same area thing. i will have to take pics so that you can understand haha. The new pensionista lives across the street. She is super nice. Normally the food is all ready for us when we get there. We live with 2 other missionaries. elder child and llave. elder llave is new from the mtc. elder child has 7 months. but he is super strict with all the rules. We dont talk a whole lot during the day, but ya we have our laughs. I email you in an internet cafe in Campoy. My zone, about an hour from Jicamarca, my area. haha. ya we have water. so thats good. its really actually nice, our room.  
So p day last week we went about visiting all the families that i would miss. So sad.... but that’s just the mission life right? So then Tues, we had transfers and first day in Jicamarca! And yes there is a ton of dirt again. But i love it. The people are the greatest i already feel like family here. My companion is elder Ochoa from Ecuador. He is a little strange.... he said that before his mission he was an emo and that he like dead things and the color black... yaaaa. But it’s all good.  We went to talk to some less actives and he started to bite his back pack strap that was on his lap, without using his hands if that makes sense. Sort of bending over and biting it… weird and then he likes to close his eyes when he talks. But he’s cool. i mean we get along which is nice. This will all be interesting though. haha. So then Wednesday, we walked a ton. If you have looked at my area on google u can probably tell. The main part is just a giant hill haha. Up down up down. And the sun is super bright and really hot. haha. We met some families, less actives, investigators. I’m still working on all the names though because Spanish names are a little strange sometimes. i talk a lot more than i did in Chosica which is good because i need the practice. i just need to learn more vocab that’s all haha. Then Thursday we had our zone mtg in Campoy and we have to get there in these small little vans that have a roof that is like 5 and a half feet and sometimes you have to stand. Really uncomfortable. haha. Our zone seems awesome. The zone leaders are elder McGregor and elder Dennis. elder Dennis actually sat next to me in my math class at Riverton when i was a sophomore. He was a senior or junior, and now he has like 22 months in the mission. What a coincidence haha. They are both awesome. 2 gringos or North Americans for zone leaders. awesome. Then we visited some more people, i found out that elder Cuadra who was in Chosica with me the whole time that i was there. Always was happy and greeted me with a smile and said, elder Maxwell  HOW ARE YOU haha. Anyway, he got sent home. Apparently he left his comp (he was supposed to be in my new zone again here in Campoy) and went back to Chosica alone. i don’t know why but. ya. That is a big no no and he had the choice to change missions or go home and he chose to go home. So sad, he was so cool. Always happy. Satan can always get the best of us though. We always need to be careful. Then Friday, we had a good lunch! It’s called lomo saltado. French fries, meat and rice, delicious. Then after i had to use the bathroom 6 times.. Those siempres! haha. But we still talked with some people. Helped a family of 3 sisters get over a fight they had. Then they gave me a sucker haha. But that was the whole day haha.  Sat, i rode in one of those vans again, and hit my head on the ceiling, smacked my chin on the seat in front of me, then hit my head on the window, and then tripped and fell as i was getting out...  ughhhhhh haha, that was fun. Then we talked with some members, continued to help with the problem with the sisters, then we taught an investigator named Nancy, 22, about prayer and we talked for an hour and i talked for half the time! Sweet! A lot better! haha. Then Sunday, we had church. it is in a house chapel thing. I’ll have to take pictures. It’s small but awesome haha. A lot of background noise. Then we ate with a member lady who had pigs. It smelled absolutely terrible. And i gagged all the food down... ugh ,me and food. But i did it! haha. Then we visited a less active whose wife left him and has 2 kids, works a ton but still tries to read the scriptures and pray every day. So sad. He started to cry after the closing prayer. i felt so bad for him. Then we just visited some more families. Getting to know everyone and that’s it! Thanks for the email! i hope you all have a spectacular next week! Love you all!

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