Monday, April 7, 2014

TRANSFERS??!! EMAIL 4/7/2014



So on p day, Monday, we just played some soccer, but i did score two goals against Latinos! haha. Oh I forgot to tell you last week but i have been sick for the past like 5 ish days. i am actually still a little sick today. So more like a week and a half, but its all good, cold like symptoms, and bad cough. But i keep movin forward and working hard!  Tuesday, elder mauldwin got a call in the morning that he is going to be the health secretary for the mission, and that he had to leave that very day in a couple of hours, so that was a little bummer. i was a bit sad, he helped me with a ton. But its all good. Elder Espinal came in his place, he’s from Honduras. So then we went and found a new investigator named Nancy, 16 yrs old. She looks promising even though i wont be there teaching her but thats ok!.  Wednesday, we helped Elder Espinal and Gonzales change rooms and pensionista, it took all day long becuase we had to move all of the furniture and everything. Then at night we had fhe with jessenia and carlos with some members. i gave the lesson and i was a bit nervous because i found out that i was teaching it like 10 min beforehand, but i did great! i was just guided to what to say. Thoughts just kept coming to my head. Awesome!.  Thursday, we talked to some member families and talked to an investigator named Roxana. 15. She learns a little slow so it will take a while for her to progress towards baptism but she had liked what she has heard so far.  Then Friday we went to this place called San Mateo Otao to get some paperwork for some other missionaries. They needed something for a wedding that they were having and the paper was there in San Mateo Otao. So basically its like a 2 and a half hour drive up a mountain. Absolutely beautiful,tiny little town on top of a mountain. haha. and then we drove back down. It took all day long. A ton of driving in a little bus, i got a bad headache haha. Then Saturday, we had the priesthood session which was awesome! Even though it was in Spanish and i couldnt understand it all completely, i still loved it! So to explain a little, we couldnt go to the other sessions unless we took an investigator, stupid rule of our zone leaders, so we couldnt go because everyone was at work or school. i was angry, i was really looking forward to watching all of them but oh well. We do what we are told. i really liked how the priesthood session was centered on serving others and how we should look for those little service opportunities every day. Also Pres Monson talked about having the courage to do the right thing, to always be obedient. i really liked that. He also said, are we the people who our Heavenly father wants us to be, and are we the people that we know that we should be? Sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves that question and find ways to better ourselves every day. Everyday try a little harder to be a little better. So Sunday, the one session of conference was good. i liked Uctdorfs talk about being grateful even during hard times. It is true that a lot of the time we look at the bad things instead of all the good that is happening. So then we had pachamancha with the Rojas family. Delicious, and then we talked to our investigator David for like 2 and a half hours on Joseph Smith and the book of mormon, he is going to pray about it and if he gets an answer will be baptized in 2 weeks! Awesome! Well thanks for emailing me! i love all of you with all my heart! Have a fantastic week!

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