Monday, May 26, 2014




 Monday, was p day. we just said goodbye to everyone. well elder ochoa did. nothing else. 
       Tues, we got our transfers and like i said before my comp is elder licota from peru and he is awesome. Also my district leader is elder dykman from riverton!! He was in my graduationg class!  crazy. Also we had some neat experiences today. We went to an elderly couples house, members, and right when we got there the lady needed us to read some medical information over the phone because she couldnt read very well. It was cool because right before i felt like they needed a visit, come to find out, we arrived just in time to help them with what they needed. So awesome. I love the spirit. Then we went to the hna ccanto. (isabel sylvia nancy) ya them. and the youngest one (ximena) gave us some water. well it was peruvian water. right when i tasted it i knew, so dirty and gross. bleh. luckily i didnt get sick. i only drank a little. but gross haha. Then we talked to hna rosa. a recent convert, who told us a story about how she needed to pay 300 soles for her sisters school but didnt have any. She ended up praying and then later met her uncle who she never sees and he gave them the money. wow! So cool how the Lord provides for everything if it is his will. Even if we dont know how it will happen. He is always looking out for us. 
       Wed, so my district is the best. We all get along super well. So another cool story. We were going to an appointment and we passed by the 8yr old son of an investigator walking home alone from school. scary. He was scared of dogs and asked us if we could walk him home. of course!!! another one of those small miracles every day. haha. Then nothing really else happened because my comp was a little sick with those siempres. haha. 
       Then Thurs, we had our zone/district mtg. It just hit me today. i just got a sudden love for the people. that might sound a little werid. but i just got excited. I realized really how much we can help people and excited to start teaching and stuff. i love it. i look forward to leaving the room more than i did before. i just sorta wanted to stay inside and study all day. haha.  but i love it now! helping people!!! its the best!!! oh and ps. now we have 3 people in this zone from riverton!!! me, elder dykman and elder dennis!!! riverton crew!!!
     then friday, i hit 7 months in the mission!! wahoo! time flies. had a little rough time. the hnas ccanto dont listen to me when i teach. i dont know why. and just say thanks to elder licota. i dont like it. makes me feel bad. but i wont let it drag me down. there are a ton of other people that i can help!!!: 
     Then saturday, we talked to the sister of hna rosa named rosmary. and i invited her to be baptized! and i felt super good. i felt the spirit as i was inviting her to be baptized and she accepted!!! for the 14th of june!!! wahoo! so cool and we also talked to her other sister, flor, and made an appointment with her sister! wahoo new investigators!
    Then sunday, we had an amazing lunch. a ton of food. called causa, ahi de gallina, and lomo saltado. ooohhhhh so good. haha. then we were looking for a reference and ended up finding 2 new investigators!!! ohhhh yaaaa. i love it how the lord leads us to those people who need the gospel in their lives. i just love it all.
   well thanks for the email!! i love all of you and hope you all have a happy and eventful next week! love ya!!!

Monday, May 19, 2014







   So, P DAY! After emailing we went to a store called polvos azules. Translated is Blue Dusts. haha. So its just like a giant store with everything you could think of haha. That took all day because it was downtown in the central mission. haha.
         TUES, we had our zone mtg. we learned a bit about focusing on the people not just the message or how we are teaching. We always should be listening to their problems or concerns and then teach them based on those and also on what the spirit prompts us to teach. Then later we talked about how Satan has power to bruise our heels but we have the power to crush his head. He has power, but we do too; Power to cast him and his angels out.
      WEDNESDAY, we visited a less active and found out that she actually used to believe in witchcraft and used to practice it... interesting. a little freaky. haha. But we got her to commit to go to church again and she did!!! wahoo!!! so awesome to see people realize or remember all of the blessings that the church has brought them and then to go back to church again and see the blessings newly. So cool! She had such a big smile on her face when she went!  i love it! Then we also took some food and supplies to an old lady and she was so happy to get all the supplies she needed and there was a new litter of puppies there!!!! soooo cute! haha.
    Then THURSDAY, we talked a bit on how our trials refine us, make us who we are, also how God knows what trials to send us, so that we are refined in the ways that He wants. He knows how to refine us just right so that we become perfect like him. Then later we talked about the Atonement and how, because of it, Christ knows all of our pains and afflictions perfectly. He knows just how to help us in times of need because he went through the same thing.  Awesome! Then we watched Johnny Lingo for a FHE. Awesome! Always remember to keep your promises!!
     Then FRIDAY, all of our appointments fell through.... so we walked, ate some popcorn at night with the Tineo family. Nothing else....
SATURDAY we did some service! bajando cerro  or basically carving a flat piece of land out of a moutnainside. fun!!! Then we had the baptism of hna nelly torrejon!!!! so awesome! Everything went well and i especially felt the spirit when she went to bear her testimony, but couldnt, she stared to cry. The spirit was super strong and then later she was able to share it! ya so hna nellya she was an investigator for a really long time. Months.,with elder ochoa. So we had been teaching her a bit. She got an answer to her prayers but still didnt realize it. Anyway, she just kept pushing off baptism. Always went to church just never baptism. So then when she heard that transfers were soon she wanted elder ochoa to baptize her. So we did that. So cool! Then we had a surprise birthday party for elder llave!!! Food games and a whole lot of fun!!! haha. When they were walking up we had the lights out and when we yelled suprise!!!! We scared elder child real bad haha! But it was a blast!!!! A lot of people came and it was super awesome and nice that they did that for elder llave. The people are so amazing here!!!! i love them all!
SUNDAY we had church and it was awesome to renew my covenants. Felt the spirit way strong. After we had lunch with the hnas ccanto. They gave us ahi de gallina, basically chicken alfredo and also pachamancha  soooo goood. And so much foood!!!!! haha. Then we talked with them a bit about stuff in general. Then later with the family tineo we did the same thing. haha. Well without food.
         Well thank you for the emails and everything that you all always do for me!!! i love you all and hope you all have an super duper next week!!!!! Love you all!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


So Monday we didn’t have p day because we were going to the temple Thurs, but we didn’t do much because we still had internet and stuff. So Tues, we talked to some Jehovah witnesses, well my comp did, in the morning when he wasn’t ready yet and didn’t have his missionary plaque on. Interesting conversation. haha. He ended up giving them a pamphlet on the plan of salvation. Then we had exchanges. I went with elder child into my area. We passed a lady with a bunch of kids and we both got the impression to contact her but we didn’t. Then after we walked a ways we decided to go back. We talked to her a bit and she seemed a little interested. We have plans to visit her again, so we will see how this goes. Then we practiced singing a song for a Mother’s day activity. We were also working on a video for Mothers day. Hope it all goes well! So quick side note. We have been showering with a bucket and ice cold water, because it is winter here, for the past 4 days. So the water system here is different. They get water from tanks that are in front of their houses. These tanks are filled from trucks that pass by every morning. So then the water from the tank is pumped throughout the house. However it is super slow and it takes 3 to 5 days to reach our room on the 2nd floor. haha. Oh well. Then Wed, we had zone mtg. which was good. We learned about how we are all chosen people. We chose to stay with God before this life. We have the potential to become Gods, we just have to work for it in order to achieve it! Cool! Then later we worked on the Mother’s day video some more, visited some members, less actives, but nothing really happened. I did feel the spirit though, which is all that really matters I guess.  I feel bad a bit. I know how this gospel can help people, but they just don’t seem to listen. uhhhh..... Then Thurs, we got to go to the temple!!!! I listened to the session in English to understand better about the covenants that we were making. So awesome. I love the temple. Then after as we were sitting in the Celestial room, the President came in with his wife, then he took some of us into the sealing room and then talked to us more about the session, the covenants we made, and then any other questions we had. He answered one question that I really liked: why did God make it so that Adam and Eve had to break one commandment in order to complete another one? And his answer to that was that God can’t make anything imperfect, so he put those commandments for Adam and Eve as well as Satan there to tempt them, so that they would fall and become imperfect on their own. This isn’t doctrine or in the scriptures, just the presidents opinion, really cool though to think about it like that.  Then after the temple we went to the church by the ccm and had lasagna and played basketball, even a little bit with the president haha. but that is when I started feeling sick. So then Fri, I woke up sick, I didnt sleep well because my comp stayed up until 12 with the light on... ughhhh. Middle of the night bathroom trips, migraine. Miserable! Then I ate some soup. My comp worked on the Mother’s day video all day,  that we were going to present that day, so that gave me time to rest. Then we had the activity. It went well. We did a skit where I was a statue. That was all. Then Sat, was actually my 200th day in the mission. Cool little fact! Still sick. Slept a lot. Went to stake conference Priesthood session. Turned out that the member of the 70 that was there just told all the leaders that they weren’t doing a good enough job. It was like a Holland talk. haha. That was all. Then Sun, stake conference, was good. I was at the back, couldn’t hear super well. All good though. Then I got to all to all of you!!!! Thank you for that! And thank you for emailing me! I love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! Love you all!

Monday, May 5, 2014





So p day we went to a cross on top of a mountain which was fun haha. Then Tues, we had zone mtg and I learned that selfishness is the center to all sins. Which is why it is so important to be humble. It was why Satan was cast out because he wanted all the glory to himself. Then I got to go on intercambios with the zone leader elder dennis! My math buddy! haha just for a day in Campoy. Who would have thought that we would be companions for one day in our missions haha. So that was fun. I liked one thing that elder dennis said that day about the Sabbath day.  He said that the Sabbath day isn’t a day of restrictions but a day of opportunities.  To do good and leave the world behind. So true. Then Wednesday, on my way back from intercambios we had to go pick up elder llave from migrations or immigrations in Lima. A lot of time on a bus, but I did get to talk to elder mauldwin in the mission office. That was awesome. He is so cool. That was basically all we did. Then Thurs, I studied about virtue. How we should always have God in our minds and hearts all day long, I liked the scripture in 2 peter 1: 3 through 8 that talks about how virtue leads to everything. It all starts with virtue. Our thoughts, minds, which then lead to action and the rest. Then we took out our money for the month. There were some problems so it took forever. Then we did service for the Tineo family and then set up a projector for the noche de hogar that we had planned that day. Then for the niche de hogar we watched the other side of heaven. I had never seen it, pretty good. Makes me be more grateful for being here in Peru. haha. Then Fri, I made pancakes with the Tineo family! They were sooo good. Ha HA, and a big hit! Then we had a lesson with the Humareda family, the one where the parents aren’t members. We had an awesome lesson about the restoration and the spirit was super strong and I talked a ton which was good. They understood the doctrine but the dad just doesn’t want to really put forth his part. He wants to stick with his catholic traditions and likes his catholic buddies and his alcohol. But ya, we will still work with them. Then Sat, I cut my finger in a fan that was cool, nothing bad. Then I got a little sick after lunch had to rest a bit. Then long story short, we got into an argument about whether or not we could learn a cultural dance here, me and my comp both of us sorta exploded. haha. And my comp ended up calling the president then gave the phone to me to ask him at like 10:00 at night, yaaaa. But we are all good now haha. Then Sunday the testimony mtg was great. The spirit was super strong even though I couldn’t hear. haha. Then we were helping a family with some problems they had. I didn’t talk much.... it’s hard to understand when they talk about specific things with specific vocabulary. ohh well. Still learning. We get to go to the temple this Thursday!!!! I’m super excited and the skype call to all of you!! Well I love all of you and hope all of you have a spectacular next week! love ya!!!!