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   So, P DAY! After emailing we went to a store called polvos azules. Translated is Blue Dusts. haha. So its just like a giant store with everything you could think of haha. That took all day because it was downtown in the central mission. haha.
         TUES, we had our zone mtg. we learned a bit about focusing on the people not just the message or how we are teaching. We always should be listening to their problems or concerns and then teach them based on those and also on what the spirit prompts us to teach. Then later we talked about how Satan has power to bruise our heels but we have the power to crush his head. He has power, but we do too; Power to cast him and his angels out.
      WEDNESDAY, we visited a less active and found out that she actually used to believe in witchcraft and used to practice it... interesting. a little freaky. haha. But we got her to commit to go to church again and she did!!! wahoo!!! so awesome to see people realize or remember all of the blessings that the church has brought them and then to go back to church again and see the blessings newly. So cool! She had such a big smile on her face when she went!  i love it! Then we also took some food and supplies to an old lady and she was so happy to get all the supplies she needed and there was a new litter of puppies there!!!! soooo cute! haha.
    Then THURSDAY, we talked a bit on how our trials refine us, make us who we are, also how God knows what trials to send us, so that we are refined in the ways that He wants. He knows how to refine us just right so that we become perfect like him. Then later we talked about the Atonement and how, because of it, Christ knows all of our pains and afflictions perfectly. He knows just how to help us in times of need because he went through the same thing.  Awesome! Then we watched Johnny Lingo for a FHE. Awesome! Always remember to keep your promises!!
     Then FRIDAY, all of our appointments fell through.... so we walked, ate some popcorn at night with the Tineo family. Nothing else....
SATURDAY we did some service! bajando cerro  or basically carving a flat piece of land out of a moutnainside. fun!!! Then we had the baptism of hna nelly torrejon!!!! so awesome! Everything went well and i especially felt the spirit when she went to bear her testimony, but couldnt, she stared to cry. The spirit was super strong and then later she was able to share it! ya so hna nellya she was an investigator for a really long time. Months.,with elder ochoa. So we had been teaching her a bit. She got an answer to her prayers but still didnt realize it. Anyway, she just kept pushing off baptism. Always went to church just never baptism. So then when she heard that transfers were soon she wanted elder ochoa to baptize her. So we did that. So cool! Then we had a surprise birthday party for elder llave!!! Food games and a whole lot of fun!!! haha. When they were walking up we had the lights out and when we yelled suprise!!!! We scared elder child real bad haha! But it was a blast!!!! A lot of people came and it was super awesome and nice that they did that for elder llave. The people are so amazing here!!!! i love them all!
SUNDAY we had church and it was awesome to renew my covenants. Felt the spirit way strong. After we had lunch with the hnas ccanto. They gave us ahi de gallina, basically chicken alfredo and also pachamancha  soooo goood. And so much foood!!!!! haha. Then we talked with them a bit about stuff in general. Then later with the family tineo we did the same thing. haha. Well without food.
         Well thank you for the emails and everything that you all always do for me!!! i love you all and hope you all have an super duper next week!!!!! Love you all!

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