Sunday, May 18, 2014


So Monday we didn’t have p day because we were going to the temple Thurs, but we didn’t do much because we still had internet and stuff. So Tues, we talked to some Jehovah witnesses, well my comp did, in the morning when he wasn’t ready yet and didn’t have his missionary plaque on. Interesting conversation. haha. He ended up giving them a pamphlet on the plan of salvation. Then we had exchanges. I went with elder child into my area. We passed a lady with a bunch of kids and we both got the impression to contact her but we didn’t. Then after we walked a ways we decided to go back. We talked to her a bit and she seemed a little interested. We have plans to visit her again, so we will see how this goes. Then we practiced singing a song for a Mother’s day activity. We were also working on a video for Mothers day. Hope it all goes well! So quick side note. We have been showering with a bucket and ice cold water, because it is winter here, for the past 4 days. So the water system here is different. They get water from tanks that are in front of their houses. These tanks are filled from trucks that pass by every morning. So then the water from the tank is pumped throughout the house. However it is super slow and it takes 3 to 5 days to reach our room on the 2nd floor. haha. Oh well. Then Wed, we had zone mtg. which was good. We learned about how we are all chosen people. We chose to stay with God before this life. We have the potential to become Gods, we just have to work for it in order to achieve it! Cool! Then later we worked on the Mother’s day video some more, visited some members, less actives, but nothing really happened. I did feel the spirit though, which is all that really matters I guess.  I feel bad a bit. I know how this gospel can help people, but they just don’t seem to listen. uhhhh..... Then Thurs, we got to go to the temple!!!! I listened to the session in English to understand better about the covenants that we were making. So awesome. I love the temple. Then after as we were sitting in the Celestial room, the President came in with his wife, then he took some of us into the sealing room and then talked to us more about the session, the covenants we made, and then any other questions we had. He answered one question that I really liked: why did God make it so that Adam and Eve had to break one commandment in order to complete another one? And his answer to that was that God can’t make anything imperfect, so he put those commandments for Adam and Eve as well as Satan there to tempt them, so that they would fall and become imperfect on their own. This isn’t doctrine or in the scriptures, just the presidents opinion, really cool though to think about it like that.  Then after the temple we went to the church by the ccm and had lasagna and played basketball, even a little bit with the president haha. but that is when I started feeling sick. So then Fri, I woke up sick, I didnt sleep well because my comp stayed up until 12 with the light on... ughhhh. Middle of the night bathroom trips, migraine. Miserable! Then I ate some soup. My comp worked on the Mother’s day video all day,  that we were going to present that day, so that gave me time to rest. Then we had the activity. It went well. We did a skit where I was a statue. That was all. Then Sat, was actually my 200th day in the mission. Cool little fact! Still sick. Slept a lot. Went to stake conference Priesthood session. Turned out that the member of the 70 that was there just told all the leaders that they weren’t doing a good enough job. It was like a Holland talk. haha. That was all. Then Sun, stake conference, was good. I was at the back, couldn’t hear super well. All good though. Then I got to all to all of you!!!! Thank you for that! And thank you for emailing me! I love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! Love you all!

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