Monday, May 5, 2014





So p day we went to a cross on top of a mountain which was fun haha. Then Tues, we had zone mtg and I learned that selfishness is the center to all sins. Which is why it is so important to be humble. It was why Satan was cast out because he wanted all the glory to himself. Then I got to go on intercambios with the zone leader elder dennis! My math buddy! haha just for a day in Campoy. Who would have thought that we would be companions for one day in our missions haha. So that was fun. I liked one thing that elder dennis said that day about the Sabbath day.  He said that the Sabbath day isn’t a day of restrictions but a day of opportunities.  To do good and leave the world behind. So true. Then Wednesday, on my way back from intercambios we had to go pick up elder llave from migrations or immigrations in Lima. A lot of time on a bus, but I did get to talk to elder mauldwin in the mission office. That was awesome. He is so cool. That was basically all we did. Then Thurs, I studied about virtue. How we should always have God in our minds and hearts all day long, I liked the scripture in 2 peter 1: 3 through 8 that talks about how virtue leads to everything. It all starts with virtue. Our thoughts, minds, which then lead to action and the rest. Then we took out our money for the month. There were some problems so it took forever. Then we did service for the Tineo family and then set up a projector for the noche de hogar that we had planned that day. Then for the niche de hogar we watched the other side of heaven. I had never seen it, pretty good. Makes me be more grateful for being here in Peru. haha. Then Fri, I made pancakes with the Tineo family! They were sooo good. Ha HA, and a big hit! Then we had a lesson with the Humareda family, the one where the parents aren’t members. We had an awesome lesson about the restoration and the spirit was super strong and I talked a ton which was good. They understood the doctrine but the dad just doesn’t want to really put forth his part. He wants to stick with his catholic traditions and likes his catholic buddies and his alcohol. But ya, we will still work with them. Then Sat, I cut my finger in a fan that was cool, nothing bad. Then I got a little sick after lunch had to rest a bit. Then long story short, we got into an argument about whether or not we could learn a cultural dance here, me and my comp both of us sorta exploded. haha. And my comp ended up calling the president then gave the phone to me to ask him at like 10:00 at night, yaaaa. But we are all good now haha. Then Sunday the testimony mtg was great. The spirit was super strong even though I couldn’t hear. haha. Then we were helping a family with some problems they had. I didn’t talk much.... it’s hard to understand when they talk about specific things with specific vocabulary. ohh well. Still learning. We get to go to the temple this Thursday!!!! I’m super excited and the skype call to all of you!! Well I love all of you and hope all of you have a spectacular next week! love ya!!!!

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