Monday, May 26, 2014




 Monday, was p day. we just said goodbye to everyone. well elder ochoa did. nothing else. 
       Tues, we got our transfers and like i said before my comp is elder licota from peru and he is awesome. Also my district leader is elder dykman from riverton!! He was in my graduationg class!  crazy. Also we had some neat experiences today. We went to an elderly couples house, members, and right when we got there the lady needed us to read some medical information over the phone because she couldnt read very well. It was cool because right before i felt like they needed a visit, come to find out, we arrived just in time to help them with what they needed. So awesome. I love the spirit. Then we went to the hna ccanto. (isabel sylvia nancy) ya them. and the youngest one (ximena) gave us some water. well it was peruvian water. right when i tasted it i knew, so dirty and gross. bleh. luckily i didnt get sick. i only drank a little. but gross haha. Then we talked to hna rosa. a recent convert, who told us a story about how she needed to pay 300 soles for her sisters school but didnt have any. She ended up praying and then later met her uncle who she never sees and he gave them the money. wow! So cool how the Lord provides for everything if it is his will. Even if we dont know how it will happen. He is always looking out for us. 
       Wed, so my district is the best. We all get along super well. So another cool story. We were going to an appointment and we passed by the 8yr old son of an investigator walking home alone from school. scary. He was scared of dogs and asked us if we could walk him home. of course!!! another one of those small miracles every day. haha. Then nothing really else happened because my comp was a little sick with those siempres. haha. 
       Then Thurs, we had our zone/district mtg. It just hit me today. i just got a sudden love for the people. that might sound a little werid. but i just got excited. I realized really how much we can help people and excited to start teaching and stuff. i love it. i look forward to leaving the room more than i did before. i just sorta wanted to stay inside and study all day. haha.  but i love it now! helping people!!! its the best!!! oh and ps. now we have 3 people in this zone from riverton!!! me, elder dykman and elder dennis!!! riverton crew!!!
     then friday, i hit 7 months in the mission!! wahoo! time flies. had a little rough time. the hnas ccanto dont listen to me when i teach. i dont know why. and just say thanks to elder licota. i dont like it. makes me feel bad. but i wont let it drag me down. there are a ton of other people that i can help!!!: 
     Then saturday, we talked to the sister of hna rosa named rosmary. and i invited her to be baptized! and i felt super good. i felt the spirit as i was inviting her to be baptized and she accepted!!! for the 14th of june!!! wahoo! so cool and we also talked to her other sister, flor, and made an appointment with her sister! wahoo new investigators!
    Then sunday, we had an amazing lunch. a ton of food. called causa, ahi de gallina, and lomo saltado. ooohhhhh so good. haha. then we were looking for a reference and ended up finding 2 new investigators!!! ohhhh yaaaa. i love it how the lord leads us to those people who need the gospel in their lives. i just love it all.
   well thanks for the email!! i love all of you and hope you all have a happy and eventful next week! love ya!!!

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