Monday, June 16, 2014


Elder Dykman, Elder Dennis,Elder Maxwell
All Riverton Home Boys

La Chancheria ** Pig Hotel?!

Love that Elder!!

MONDAY, we played soccer. super fun. scraped my leg a bit but im ok!! then we made grilled cheese sandwiches. it was a little hard to get the cheese but we did it! and they were delicious! 
TUESDAY. I got my package! thanks again! i loved the lettters and everything! so awesome! and then after we went and talked with hna. rosa. the recent convert. and she took us to a 14 yr old girl named estrella. new investigator! awesome! 
WEDNESDAY, we talked to a lady named erlinda. She is 27ish. Really intelligent and looking for the true church. She was a reference. anyway we talked to her and it was awesome! she had so many questions and even had a dream about the first vision. well sorta. so we taught the restoration and it was super cool.  the spirit was amazing. the only problem is she wont accept that we have a prophet now in our day.... .but we are working with that!!! she has a baptism date for the 28th if i remember correctly haha. woops. but super cool investigator. If i can stay in this area it would be awesome to keep teaching her!  
THURSDAY, today we went with an older lady. the mom of the tineo family haha. anyway, she took us up way high. walking. into our area. she said that there were families up there but we ended up visiting no one.... ya haha. like 2 and a half hours of walking in fog, acid rain, and pollution. haha. we couldnt see more than 100 ft in front of us. sort of gross. haha. but ya that was pretty much it. we did have a noce de hogar that went really well. but thats it. 
FRIDAY, we talked with that 14 yr old girl. estrella. shes cool. her parents dont let her do much. then we had a party for fathers day. it started 2 hours late.... the punctuality thing is so bad in peru. but ya we couldnt stay for very long. we did a little skit as missionaries and then left pretty much. 
  SATURDAY, we went to media luna. a part of our area a little far away. and we taught this one lady who was really interested, she said she would go to church the next day, she didnt but i think it was because she got a little lost. then we visited some recent converts and they gave us some cake. super delicious. haha. with hot chocolate. well. its fake hot chocolate. oh well. it was still good. 
SUNDAY, church started 25 min late.. what is this? elder dykman and my comp gave talks and burned them a little on the punctuality thing. but all went well in the end haha.  then we visited erlinda again with hna rosa. i didnt talk a whole lot because hna rosa kept interrupting me. annoying. i dont think she trusted me, that i could teach well or something. grrr. a little frustrating but i did get some chances to talk and it was cool.  She thinks this is the true church but just hasnt gotten that for sure answer still. patience nothing else. its all just a process. 
     Well thanks as usual for writing me! i love hearing about everything!  i love you all and miss you all a ton! have a great next week! nos vemos! love ya!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


ok so Mon, normal pday
   Tues, there was an earthquake, pretty strong but nothing really happened. Everyone is safe.   We also got to eat in a restaurant, chicken and French fries. Delicious. We also accidently went to Campoy in the morning, because we thought that there was a mtg but there wasnt. woops haha. 
   Wed, we went on splits. i went with elder dykman.  It was fun. Talked with him in English a bit. Then we visited some people. It was fun. haha. i also read a scripture today, Alma 37 vs 38 through 46 that talks about how the scriptures are our modern day Liahona. Pretty cool. 
Thurs. we had a district mtg, we learned about diligence. Really cool lesson. work work work, is the best way to have success. haha. So true!. We had noche de hogar. ate some food there and found a new investigator, friend of a recent convert, sweet. Her name is Diana and she is like 14ish.  
       Friday we had a ton of lessons with investigators. It was awesome. So hopefully they will all go to church this next week and start progressing. Hna Rosmarym the sister of Rosa, told us she doesnt want to be baptized anymore..... she wants to wait, sometime in the future.... dang it.. But we will keep on working with her.   
    Then Saturday  i taught English class, that was fun. Even though it was a little difficult, because some of the rules of English i dont even know and i speak English!!! What the crap!!! haha. Oh well. 
     Sunday, we went to go pick up an investigator, but only her kids ended up going, like little kids. 7 yrs old or lower.... oh well. a little hecktic. We got there 30 min late but still were able to take the sacrament because they started super late.  So much disorganization! Then we went to a part of my area way far away to visit some less actives and their non member family members. Crazy. i will send pics next time because i dont have time. Sorry and sorry about the email- I have to go now.  
     I love you all! Thanks again for the email. My times up sorry. i love you!!!!!!!!! Have a great next week!!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014


Monday, normal p day, played some soccer and man was i a mean goaly haha. Blocked a lot of goals and even scored some! Learning to become a true Latino!! haha. That was it haha.
Tuesday, I got to watch the testaments all the way through for the first time. That was cool, sorta to see how it would have been if we were actually in the Americas when Christ came. So cool. Then we had our district mtg. in campoy. It went well. My package didnt arrive but thats ok.  Then we werent able to talk to many people, we were also walking a little slow because our legs were a little sore from soccer. haha. Woops. We talked to hna. rosa a bit about the millennium and the 2nd coming. Really cool to think about that day, the second coming, when everything will fall in to order and we will be in a state of never ending happiness with no worries. uhhhhh. Why cant it come tomorrow? haha. Well we just have to keep preparing right? haha.
 Wednesday, we visited hna julia matos, a less active, divorced, with a little daughter who is 9. Anyway, we got her to go to church the last week but she sorta had a little bad experience. She wasnt paying attention and then some sisters laughed a little. So ya, she was hurt. Pretty bad, and i feel terrible for her. She finally got the desire to go back and when she does people laugh at her. ughhhh. Sometimes member’s dont think before they act. We will try to do the best that we can to help her feel comforted again and start going back to church but it will be even harder now. i hope we can help her though. So sad.
Thursday, we taught 2 investigators named Demetrio and Rosa. They are like 45, around there. Demetrio is taking the lessons well. He is going to read and pray about the book of Mormon! Sweet! His wife was sorta talking to a neighbor so she really wasnt paying attention. grrrrr. haha. Then later we had our noche de hogar.(FHE) I taught about being grateful for the things we have even during difficult times. I used an example where Iput a chocolate in the hand of my comp but also a rock in his shoe. Then i asked him to walk around and tell us how he felt. All he talked about or felt was the rock in his shoe. Sometimes we always focus on the thing that are hurting us or our trials and not focusing on the blessings like the chocolate that we have in our hands.  We always need to be grateful for the things we have even during hard times and if we do that we will notice less and less all of the burdens that we have or the things of the world.  Oh and we also did service today. We burned a lot of garbage that we sorted through for hna rosa. There were a ton of giant spiders.... not so fun. The fire was cool though.
Friday, we finally found the house of a reference, but she wasnt home and has crazy work hours. So we are still going to try to catch her when she is home! Then we visited the Tineo family. They are so cool. We talked a little about stuff and ate some food. haha. Then we went to another house. Talked a bit about the apostasy and priesthood, normal stuff.
Saturday, we talked with one of the sisters of hna rosa. Her name is flor and she really wants to find the true church. New investigator! Awesome! i love it. We will be teaching her this next week!!!    Then we had English classes and like 15 people came!!! wahoo! English! So that was fun. Then there was a huge boxing match going on by our room, like world tournament type of deal. There were a ton of people. So we bought a pizza and ate it on top of our roof. haha. But we couldnt see the match. Just a little too far away. Oh well. It was fun.
Sunday, first day of June! Crazy. It was nice to renew my covenants. Don’t you love it, the ability to become clean every week? Oh man i love it and then we had a delicious lunch. Papa la huancaina. i think thats how you spell it. haha. But ya really rico! and then talked to the Tineo family again and ended up making pancakes there again too! Oh i love pancakes. That was pretty much it. Some boring meetings that went too long. Oh well. gottta love Peruvians!!! haha.

    Well thanks for writing me like always!!! I love all of you and hope you have an awesome next week!!!!!