Monday, June 16, 2014


Elder Dykman, Elder Dennis,Elder Maxwell
All Riverton Home Boys

La Chancheria ** Pig Hotel?!

Love that Elder!!

MONDAY, we played soccer. super fun. scraped my leg a bit but im ok!! then we made grilled cheese sandwiches. it was a little hard to get the cheese but we did it! and they were delicious! 
TUESDAY. I got my package! thanks again! i loved the lettters and everything! so awesome! and then after we went and talked with hna. rosa. the recent convert. and she took us to a 14 yr old girl named estrella. new investigator! awesome! 
WEDNESDAY, we talked to a lady named erlinda. She is 27ish. Really intelligent and looking for the true church. She was a reference. anyway we talked to her and it was awesome! she had so many questions and even had a dream about the first vision. well sorta. so we taught the restoration and it was super cool.  the spirit was amazing. the only problem is she wont accept that we have a prophet now in our day.... .but we are working with that!!! she has a baptism date for the 28th if i remember correctly haha. woops. but super cool investigator. If i can stay in this area it would be awesome to keep teaching her!  
THURSDAY, today we went with an older lady. the mom of the tineo family haha. anyway, she took us up way high. walking. into our area. she said that there were families up there but we ended up visiting no one.... ya haha. like 2 and a half hours of walking in fog, acid rain, and pollution. haha. we couldnt see more than 100 ft in front of us. sort of gross. haha. but ya that was pretty much it. we did have a noce de hogar that went really well. but thats it. 
FRIDAY, we talked with that 14 yr old girl. estrella. shes cool. her parents dont let her do much. then we had a party for fathers day. it started 2 hours late.... the punctuality thing is so bad in peru. but ya we couldnt stay for very long. we did a little skit as missionaries and then left pretty much. 
  SATURDAY, we went to media luna. a part of our area a little far away. and we taught this one lady who was really interested, she said she would go to church the next day, she didnt but i think it was because she got a little lost. then we visited some recent converts and they gave us some cake. super delicious. haha. with hot chocolate. well. its fake hot chocolate. oh well. it was still good. 
SUNDAY, church started 25 min late.. what is this? elder dykman and my comp gave talks and burned them a little on the punctuality thing. but all went well in the end haha.  then we visited erlinda again with hna rosa. i didnt talk a whole lot because hna rosa kept interrupting me. annoying. i dont think she trusted me, that i could teach well or something. grrr. a little frustrating but i did get some chances to talk and it was cool.  She thinks this is the true church but just hasnt gotten that for sure answer still. patience nothing else. its all just a process. 
     Well thanks as usual for writing me! i love hearing about everything!  i love you all and miss you all a ton! have a great next week! nos vemos! love ya!

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