Wednesday, July 23, 2014





MONDAY, we got to watch a little move called the leggo movie. You all have to go and see this movie. It is absolutely hilarious and just a great movie for the family. Go and see it! it’s called leggo the movie. Soooooo gooood.  Then after we went to a little family home evening and birthday party, ate some cake and stuff, shared a short message and it was fun! haha. 
TUESDAY. We had district meeting and i gave the message on how we can have an effective study, it’s in preach my gospel, the second section. It really helps teach us how to study the scriptures. It might help you too if you would like to read it! I recommend it! Then i didnt get my package. I told my zone leader about it and he said that he would look into it. So we will see. Then i went on divisions with elder eaton again. It went well. We visited 2 recent converts and just re-taught some things about the restoration to help them strengthen their testimonies.  That was it for today. 
WEDNESDAY, we went and visited olga but she was a little out of it. I dont really know why but she wasnt really listening to us as we were teaching. Next time i guess. So then we went to the calderon family, diana was there too and we talked about the law of chastity. A little bit of a touchy subject, especially with young people, but it actually went really well. They understood why we should avoid certain things. They understood the doctrine of it, so that was awesome! We were just guided through that lesson by the spirit. I loved it! Then we had ward council. It went really well this time, more organization. Finally haha. 
THURSDAY, we had a lot of our appointments fall through today so we didnt get a whole lot accomplished. We did have correlation which is where we talk to our mission leader, who is super young and a little less active. haha. but ya. We are planning a little activity for investigators and recent converts, some games, food, and a little video and message. It should be fun and i hope it all works out! 
FRIDAY, we finally got our little water heater thinga majig fixed so now we have hot water! wahooooo. It is so heavenly! haha. No more ice cold showers! yay!  We also visited hna leonor. We gave her another baptism date and we think this one is sticking. its for the 26th, this week! Awesome! We also gave the same date to olga! We are praying that all will go well! Then later we had english classes and some people actually showed up! So we had a nice little class, learned some basic english and it went well, now we just need them to keep coming every week! haha. 
SATURDAY, we did some service. We helped leonor and olga and their mom make a bunch of these styrofoam boxes with rice, potatoes and fish, like to-go boxes, so that they could sell them to a bunch of people. It was fun, a lot of running around and buying ingredients for them that they forgot. haha. But it was fun! Then we visited the calderon family. Now we are just really trying to help royer recognize his answer to his prayers, but they are progressing. Slowly. 
SUNDAY, I love sunday. We had some great lessons about responsibilities and callings. The spirit was there the whole time as usual, I just love it. haha. Then i went on splits with elder soto. Elder eatons companion. We went into his area and taught some families. It went well. It was nice to get to know some families up in his area. Then as we were going to the branch president’s house a dog bit my pants, that was nice. It didnt rip them or anything thank goodness, but it startled me a little bit haha. Then the president gave us all a tie that he had. He had like 30 ties and we got to all choose one. I chose a sweet bluish one haha, and thats it!
    Thank you for writing me! I love hearing from you every week! I love you all and hope you all have a spectacular next week filled with adventures! haha cya!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


PDAY, we went to the ZOO and man was it awesome! i saw some animals that i had never seen before like and ant eater and a tapir. It was actually really small, the zoo, but it was cool. They had white bangle tigers too. i took a bunch of pictures but forgot to bring my memory card so i will send the pictures next week. but ya, it was awesome and i loved it!
 TUES, we had zone meeting and when i got there the church was flooded. haha. So we spent quite a bit of time sweeping all of the water out of the chapel. We still have no idea where the water came from.  but ya. So later we visited Leonor and she sort of got her answer, she just doesnt realize it completely yet.  But hopefully she will and can be baptized in these next 2 weeks!  wahoo!!! i love it when the lord comes through and helps us. which he always does!
WED, I bought some new shoes today, some tennis type shoes. They were really cheap and i needed some new ones. My other ones are starting to come apart at the front. but ya, they cost like 10 dollars so I’m happy! haha. And i figured that it would be cheaper that way then you sending some. So later we went and visited the Calderon family and it was cool because hno royer is getting his answer, he also just needs help recognizing it.  Then hna diana started asking some questions and anyway long story short she told me how she liked my comp better and that she wants him to stay and me to go this next transfer..... a lot of times the Latinos get along better, even though i try super hard to be nice, loving and everything like that but it still doesnt work.. .ughhhhhh also frustrating some times. But its all good. 
THURS, we did a little service project cutting out a foundation for a house, out of a mountain.... haha. But it was fun. Hard, but fun and a big rock rolled down and smashed my ankle good but I’m ok! haha. So then we started fasting again. My comps idea, I sorta dont know why because we just fasted this last Sunday for the same people. But ya. we fasted. So that royer and diana could recognize their answers from God.   Then we talked to olga and leonor about the gift of the holy ghost. That went well. They learn quick. And that was it for today!
FRI, we taught some families. Then had English class but no one came again...... we are going to announce it better this Sunday. Then we found a new family to teach of 6 people. wahoo!!!!!!!!! They are awesome. We just got to know them but we are going to start teaching all of them. This is my first complete family that i have found in my mission so i am super excited!!!! 
 SAT, we talked to royer and diana. The fasting worked for Diana. She knows now for sure that she got her answer. Royer is still working on it, but now he has more of a desire to find out…  to really ask God if this is the right path.  So that was awesome. The spirit was there super strong. It was awesome. That was pretty much it for today though. 
SUN, I love going to church. There is just a peaceful feeling, he spirit that is always there. I love it. So from church we visited a bunch of families and taught them how to teach other people. We even did some practices and everything.   For once us as missionaries got to be the investigators! haha. We also found a less active who has a lot of problems. She doesnt go to church because she doesnt feel worthy because she yells at her daughters..... ya she is just a little confused about some things but we can help her with that now! So awesome how the Lord helps us find people to help!.
   I love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week!

Monday, July 7, 2014


NEW MISSION PRESIDENT: Pres. and Sis. Boswell

MONDAY, we basically did nothing. haha. I got a little sick on the bus ride back, that’s all haha
TUESDAY, I was a little sick still the next morning, coughing up a bunch of crap and major migraine haha, but it was ok. Then we taught a family and gave a blessing to a baby for the first time! That was cool. You have to hold the baby to bless it. That was cool. That was pretty much it for today.
WEDNESDAY, I fell, haha. I tried to kick a rock between my comps legs and I kicked the curb and fell. Its ok though i rolled and fell with style. haha. So i was alright, it didnt hurt. So then we went and visited olgas sister Leonor, she really thinks things through and is smart. She is learning really fast and really wants to come closer to God and Christ.  Then we talked to a family and their son likes pokemon! haha. How cool. So we talked about that for a second and that was about it for today. 
THURSDAY, we met pres boswell and his family!!!  wahoo!! What a cool president! I am super happy to have him as my new president! So a little about what he said to us... his expectations for the mission are, that we understand that we have a divine calling, love everyone, obey with exactness, work diligently, and to be full of faith, joy, and thanks. As he was talking I could just feel the spirit really strong, the whole time I could feel the love that he had for everyone. He is such a happy guy and it is contagious haha. As I listened I just wanted to become a better missionary. One thing I like that he said is that he is going to come with us to some appointments so that he can get to know us and our investigators, feel our spirit and our joy in serving others and then so that he can share his testimony with them. So cool! He has 4 daughters and 1 son like us! Haha, and he has 2 daughters here. They also showed us his house and man is he a millionaire. Wow, so big. haha but ya. I am very pleased with this pres. I will learn a lot from them!. 
FRIDAY, Happy 4th of July! I found some really good scriptures this morning. First alma 48 verse 11 through 13 and 17. Then I read a section in D&C that was an answer to a prayer! D&C 6 verses 8 through 11, 13 through 17, 20 through 21 and there I put my name instead of Oliver, and then verses 29 through 37 as well. Such a cool section! Im staring to read D and C and I love it! Such cool scripture. I wish that I would have read it sooner. haha. I also am marking my scriptures better. Yellow is doctine or teaching, green is something that someone did good and blue is the blessing they received from that. Red is something they did bad, and purple is the punishment that they got. and orange is just something that I liked. Then I underline the scriptures in those colors and then I can also color over certain words to add emphasis! This has helped me a ton, to really feast on the words of Christ.  It helps me dig deep, to help find the way to apply the scripture to my life and if I need to go back to that scripture, I can easily see what it is talking about again! I love it!! You should all try it out! It helps a lot and has helped me a ton to really read the scriptures and use them in my mission and life in general!    So from there we went and helped olgas mom grind some corn to make tamales. That was fun. Then we taught olga. She is still progressing! Then we went to a bday party of the relief society president, had some steak. Delicious, and thats it! 
SATURDAY, we had that cool service project helping clean up the streets for the city. There were a bunch of members. Then we went to the Calderon family and we found out that diana got her answer!  I felt the spirit so strong! However she probably wont get baptized until the other 2 get their answers but thats ok. It was still a good thing to hear! haha. 
SUNDAY was fast sunday! Man does fasting help you feel the spirit!  I got to bless the sacrament too! So awesome! The testimonies were awesome too! Even esmeralda bore hears even though she isnt a member yet! haha. Then we went to visit leonor and we taught a bit about baptism and gave her a baptism date for the 20th! wahoo! And then a mini miracle happened. A member couple knocked on the door as were closing and the brother bore the perfect testimony that was just right for hna leonor. They knocked on the door at the perfect time. Thank you Lord! Thank you spirit! It was such a cool experience. The spirit was super strong! Then later we taught a member family and as I started teaching I got this overwhelming feeling of happiness! I dont know why but I just smiled the whole time and was super happy! I love the mission! 
                                               I hope all of you have a great next week!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014





(left to right)
Elder Eaton from Kaysville, Ut.
Elder Aspajo from Peru **Dallon's comp
Elder awesome Maxwell
Elder Soto from Bolivia

So PDAY(MONDAY) was boring, we watched the latinos practice a skit in english to say goodbye to president ardila, and us gringos did nothing. haha. i did have captain crunch for lunch. that was delicious. haha. but other than that, nothing. 
   TUESDAY, we had our farewell type thing for president ardila. it was really cool. the latinos did their skit and then after the president, his wife and one daughter all shared their testimonies with us. such a cool experience. their daughter can speak perfect english, she learned here in the mission. and she shared her testimony in english too. it was crazy. the spirit was there for sure! and then we all got to shake hands with the president and give hna ardila a HUG! a little weird, an exception to the rule. but it was cool. to personally get to say goodbye to them all. then they gave us a pin with the missions logo and a little pamphlet with all the pictures of all the missionaries in the mission! cool!  so that was a little sad to say goodbye but also excitement for a new president!. then after we had a noche de hogar and that was it, the goodbye took a long time.. haha.
   WEDNESDAY, we had district mtg and we got a water heater! too bad that the cable to hook into it doesnt work. Hopes crushed!! looks like cold water for a little longer. brrrrrrrrrrrrr. haha.  then after we went on splits. elder eaton came with me. so we first had a lesson with our investigator. gensy, and it was a way cool lesson, promptings to read scriptures and stuff like that. so cool! i love it when i feel like i am just that instrument in the hands of the lord!  then we went to that family, the one with the finland guy if you all remember. and we had a good lesson with the parents of his wife, hna cindel, and then after talking to them for a while i figured out that hna cindel studied at salt lake community college! i described where we live and she knew where i was talking about! haha. how crazy and coool! such a small world!
    THURSDAY, so first we gave a lesson to another investigator, olga,33, and her sister leongilda, 31, we taught the restoration, and they both understood it really well and were really open to it. now we just need to give them a baptism date! so cool how the lord just puts people in your path sometimes, who are just completely ready to hear what you have to say!. then we went to another investigator, vilma, whose ¨husband¨  carlos, was there. he speaks a little bit of 4 different languages. and he has apparently served a ¨mission¨for 15 years, i think he was just preaching around, not a legit mission. anyway, right when we walked in he was like... WELCOME TO THIS PLACE!!!!!   interesting. haha. but ya he just basically talked to us for 45 min about who god is and how he loves us and how we should always have him in our minds and lives. ya... interesting.  but ya, we are going to go back and keep teaching! we will see how this goes! 
   FRIDAY, we taught olga again, she is still progressing and has a baptism date for the 20th of july! wahoooo! but ya, we just kept teaching and then we had english class but no one showed up... i think it was because no one knew about it though... oh well, that was pretty much it for today.
   SATURDAY.  so today we had a 3 hour lesson with hna gensy. haha. we just answered a bunch of her questions and just teaching. the time flew by. haha. she just needs to get an answer still. but we are praying for her! she is really cool. she always just wants to learn about god and have him be a big part of her life! awesome! that was pretty much it.. haha, that lesson took a ton of time. 
   SUNDAY, church! we had the stake president come and talked to the branch which was cool, we took the sacrament to a member, and she was overjoyed to get it. it made her so happy, which in turn made me really happy! haha.  then we talked to esmeralda, you know the one who just needs to make a date to get baptized and she will do it. ughhh. but ya, she is progressing, slowly. its just a little frustrating at times. then i helped a member scan some photos. which took a little bit, but it was fun, doing something a little different for a change. haha.  so quick side note... i had a burn on my chin, like a burn from a tramp or something, i cant remember how i got it really, also a cut that i picked at so it got bigger, on my chin as well. and also a poisonus spider decided to bite me above my right eye at night. so ya, my face is even uglier right now if you can imagine, haha(COULDNT BE UGLY IF HE TRIED-MOM). Healing with time. haha. yup thats all folks! thanks again for the email! i love hearing from you all! i love all of you and have a stupendous next week and 4th of july!!!! love ya!



TRANSFER! I changed to Pariachi,Cchaclacayo. My new comp. is Elder Aspajo from here in Peru.  It seems like a cool area. I am in a room with 4 elders again. One from Kaysville Utah! Elder Eaton and then Elder Soto from Bolivia!

Monday we had a cool p day. me and elder dykman went hiking, i will send some pictures. 
TUESDAY, we had the transfers which I told you about I really like it here. We have a lot of investigators that are progressing! so i am super excited! apparently this area has a huge potential. sweet!!!
  WEDNESDAY, we taught an investigator family. freddy 30 diana 21 royer 22 and gensy 19. well diana isnt really apart of their family. but ya. a close friend. their family has like 11 people in it. its huge. and the oldest is a bishop. the only member who is a member haha. so ya we are teaching them. we taught them about the restoration and it went super well. we also watched the restoration video and the testaments to help explain a little bit easier. 2 of them have a baptism date and we are going to give the other two a date too. the 19th of july. we want all of them to be baptized the same day, because they are family. and it would be really cool. haha.   
 THURSDAY, we talked to the mom, luci, of a recent convert, her daughter named wendaly. and apparently the mom was really against the church but now she is taking the lessons and says she will be baptized sometime in the future! its so cool how when people start to learn about christ, they want to follow his example more and more. they really get that desire to change. . then we talked to this really cool family. so this girl named cindel. shes like 26 is a member and she went to utah to study. she met a guy on facebook from finland who was also studying in utah. well, they got married. the only way the 2 communicate is in english. and the guy from finland doesn't speak super good english either, but ya. love has no boundaries. i talked to them for a little. they have 2 adopted kids. they got married this last january and will be moving to finland in a month to live. crazy, o ya the 2 kids are from finland. they are like 6 and 7 ish. so cool.   anyway we are teaching hna cindels parents the gospel. they are progressing too! CRAZY! i love it here! haha.   
FRIDAY, we talked with a kid who believes in the bible but mixes doctrine with science. weird. we had a long conversation just about doctrine and stuff. ya that took a lot of time. we will keep teaching him but he probably wont progress too fast. . 
   SATURDAY, we talked to a couple. who aren't married. the husband is inactive. the wife isnt a member. well spouse i should say. anyway. she wants to be baptized but he wont go back to church and doesnt want to get married. and he beats her a little.... ughhhh. i swear I hate that. They have a new born baby and anyway its just really hard but we will be working with them a lot too. just a little sad. so many people just live together here and it just destroys families. 
SUNDAY, we had church! Its actually a branch here still like jicamarca but the chapel is a bit nicer. well its not a church its a building. haha. but it seems really cool. the members are nice and its a little bit more reverent here. which is nice. i could feel the spirit really strong there when i was sitting down and waiting for the sacrament. so peaceful. i love it. then we went and talked to an investigator whose kids are members, her husband is less active, she has a testimony and wants to be baptized but hasnt made the decision to do it yet..... idk. weird. she just says. later, later. but she knows that everything is true and wants to be baptized. haha. so we are trying to help her. she is going to pray to figure out if she should be baptized the 5th of july. we will see. haha.
   well that is all pretty much. thanks you for emailing me. i love you all! have a great next week! love ya!