Tuesday, July 15, 2014


PDAY, we went to the ZOO and man was it awesome! i saw some animals that i had never seen before like and ant eater and a tapir. It was actually really small, the zoo, but it was cool. They had white bangle tigers too. i took a bunch of pictures but forgot to bring my memory card so i will send the pictures next week. but ya, it was awesome and i loved it!
 TUES, we had zone meeting and when i got there the church was flooded. haha. So we spent quite a bit of time sweeping all of the water out of the chapel. We still have no idea where the water came from.  but ya. So later we visited Leonor and she sort of got her answer, she just doesnt realize it completely yet.  But hopefully she will and can be baptized in these next 2 weeks!  wahoo!!! i love it when the lord comes through and helps us. which he always does!
WED, I bought some new shoes today, some tennis type shoes. They were really cheap and i needed some new ones. My other ones are starting to come apart at the front. but ya, they cost like 10 dollars so I’m happy! haha. And i figured that it would be cheaper that way then you sending some. So later we went and visited the Calderon family and it was cool because hno royer is getting his answer, he also just needs help recognizing it.  Then hna diana started asking some questions and anyway long story short she told me how she liked my comp better and that she wants him to stay and me to go this next transfer..... a lot of times the Latinos get along better, even though i try super hard to be nice, loving and everything like that but it still doesnt work.. .ughhhhhh also frustrating some times. But its all good. 
THURS, we did a little service project cutting out a foundation for a house, out of a mountain.... haha. But it was fun. Hard, but fun and a big rock rolled down and smashed my ankle good but I’m ok! haha. So then we started fasting again. My comps idea, I sorta dont know why because we just fasted this last Sunday for the same people. But ya. we fasted. So that royer and diana could recognize their answers from God.   Then we talked to olga and leonor about the gift of the holy ghost. That went well. They learn quick. And that was it for today!
FRI, we taught some families. Then had English class but no one came again...... we are going to announce it better this Sunday. Then we found a new family to teach of 6 people. wahoo!!!!!!!!! They are awesome. We just got to know them but we are going to start teaching all of them. This is my first complete family that i have found in my mission so i am super excited!!!! 
 SAT, we talked to royer and diana. The fasting worked for Diana. She knows now for sure that she got her answer. Royer is still working on it, but now he has more of a desire to find out…  to really ask God if this is the right path.  So that was awesome. The spirit was there super strong. It was awesome. That was pretty much it for today though. 
SUN, I love going to church. There is just a peaceful feeling, he spirit that is always there. I love it. So from church we visited a bunch of families and taught them how to teach other people. We even did some practices and everything.   For once us as missionaries got to be the investigators! haha. We also found a less active who has a lot of problems. She doesnt go to church because she doesnt feel worthy because she yells at her daughters..... ya she is just a little confused about some things but we can help her with that now! So awesome how the Lord helps us find people to help!.
   I love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week!

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