Wednesday, July 23, 2014





MONDAY, we got to watch a little move called the leggo movie. You all have to go and see this movie. It is absolutely hilarious and just a great movie for the family. Go and see it! it’s called leggo the movie. Soooooo gooood.  Then after we went to a little family home evening and birthday party, ate some cake and stuff, shared a short message and it was fun! haha. 
TUESDAY. We had district meeting and i gave the message on how we can have an effective study, it’s in preach my gospel, the second section. It really helps teach us how to study the scriptures. It might help you too if you would like to read it! I recommend it! Then i didnt get my package. I told my zone leader about it and he said that he would look into it. So we will see. Then i went on divisions with elder eaton again. It went well. We visited 2 recent converts and just re-taught some things about the restoration to help them strengthen their testimonies.  That was it for today. 
WEDNESDAY, we went and visited olga but she was a little out of it. I dont really know why but she wasnt really listening to us as we were teaching. Next time i guess. So then we went to the calderon family, diana was there too and we talked about the law of chastity. A little bit of a touchy subject, especially with young people, but it actually went really well. They understood why we should avoid certain things. They understood the doctrine of it, so that was awesome! We were just guided through that lesson by the spirit. I loved it! Then we had ward council. It went really well this time, more organization. Finally haha. 
THURSDAY, we had a lot of our appointments fall through today so we didnt get a whole lot accomplished. We did have correlation which is where we talk to our mission leader, who is super young and a little less active. haha. but ya. We are planning a little activity for investigators and recent converts, some games, food, and a little video and message. It should be fun and i hope it all works out! 
FRIDAY, we finally got our little water heater thinga majig fixed so now we have hot water! wahooooo. It is so heavenly! haha. No more ice cold showers! yay!  We also visited hna leonor. We gave her another baptism date and we think this one is sticking. its for the 26th, this week! Awesome! We also gave the same date to olga! We are praying that all will go well! Then later we had english classes and some people actually showed up! So we had a nice little class, learned some basic english and it went well, now we just need them to keep coming every week! haha. 
SATURDAY, we did some service. We helped leonor and olga and their mom make a bunch of these styrofoam boxes with rice, potatoes and fish, like to-go boxes, so that they could sell them to a bunch of people. It was fun, a lot of running around and buying ingredients for them that they forgot. haha. But it was fun! Then we visited the calderon family. Now we are just really trying to help royer recognize his answer to his prayers, but they are progressing. Slowly. 
SUNDAY, I love sunday. We had some great lessons about responsibilities and callings. The spirit was there the whole time as usual, I just love it. haha. Then i went on splits with elder soto. Elder eatons companion. We went into his area and taught some families. It went well. It was nice to get to know some families up in his area. Then as we were going to the branch president’s house a dog bit my pants, that was nice. It didnt rip them or anything thank goodness, but it startled me a little bit haha. Then the president gave us all a tie that he had. He had like 30 ties and we got to all choose one. I chose a sweet bluish one haha, and thats it!
    Thank you for writing me! I love hearing from you every week! I love you all and hope you all have a spectacular next week filled with adventures! haha cya!

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