Tuesday, July 1, 2014



TRANSFER! I changed to Pariachi,Cchaclacayo. My new comp. is Elder Aspajo from here in Peru.  It seems like a cool area. I am in a room with 4 elders again. One from Kaysville Utah! Elder Eaton and then Elder Soto from Bolivia!

Monday we had a cool p day. me and elder dykman went hiking, i will send some pictures. 
TUESDAY, we had the transfers which I told you about I really like it here. We have a lot of investigators that are progressing! so i am super excited! apparently this area has a huge potential. sweet!!!
  WEDNESDAY, we taught an investigator family. freddy 30 diana 21 royer 22 and gensy 19. well diana isnt really apart of their family. but ya. a close friend. their family has like 11 people in it. its huge. and the oldest is a bishop. the only member who is a member haha. so ya we are teaching them. we taught them about the restoration and it went super well. we also watched the restoration video and the testaments to help explain a little bit easier. 2 of them have a baptism date and we are going to give the other two a date too. the 19th of july. we want all of them to be baptized the same day, because they are family. and it would be really cool. haha.   
 THURSDAY, we talked to the mom, luci, of a recent convert, her daughter named wendaly. and apparently the mom was really against the church but now she is taking the lessons and says she will be baptized sometime in the future! its so cool how when people start to learn about christ, they want to follow his example more and more. they really get that desire to change. . then we talked to this really cool family. so this girl named cindel. shes like 26 is a member and she went to utah to study. she met a guy on facebook from finland who was also studying in utah. well, they got married. the only way the 2 communicate is in english. and the guy from finland doesn't speak super good english either, but ya. love has no boundaries. i talked to them for a little. they have 2 adopted kids. they got married this last january and will be moving to finland in a month to live. crazy, o ya the 2 kids are from finland. they are like 6 and 7 ish. so cool.   anyway we are teaching hna cindels parents the gospel. they are progressing too! CRAZY! i love it here! haha.   
FRIDAY, we talked with a kid who believes in the bible but mixes doctrine with science. weird. we had a long conversation just about doctrine and stuff. ya that took a lot of time. we will keep teaching him but he probably wont progress too fast. . 
   SATURDAY, we talked to a couple. who aren't married. the husband is inactive. the wife isnt a member. well spouse i should say. anyway. she wants to be baptized but he wont go back to church and doesnt want to get married. and he beats her a little.... ughhhh. i swear I hate that. They have a new born baby and anyway its just really hard but we will be working with them a lot too. just a little sad. so many people just live together here and it just destroys families. 
SUNDAY, we had church! Its actually a branch here still like jicamarca but the chapel is a bit nicer. well its not a church its a building. haha. but it seems really cool. the members are nice and its a little bit more reverent here. which is nice. i could feel the spirit really strong there when i was sitting down and waiting for the sacrament. so peaceful. i love it. then we went and talked to an investigator whose kids are members, her husband is less active, she has a testimony and wants to be baptized but hasnt made the decision to do it yet..... idk. weird. she just says. later, later. but she knows that everything is true and wants to be baptized. haha. so we are trying to help her. she is going to pray to figure out if she should be baptized the 5th of july. we will see. haha.
   well that is all pretty much. thanks you for emailing me. i love you all! have a great next week! love ya!

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