Tuesday, July 1, 2014





(left to right)
Elder Eaton from Kaysville, Ut.
Elder Aspajo from Peru **Dallon's comp
Elder awesome Maxwell
Elder Soto from Bolivia

So PDAY(MONDAY) was boring, we watched the latinos practice a skit in english to say goodbye to president ardila, and us gringos did nothing. haha. i did have captain crunch for lunch. that was delicious. haha. but other than that, nothing. 
   TUESDAY, we had our farewell type thing for president ardila. it was really cool. the latinos did their skit and then after the president, his wife and one daughter all shared their testimonies with us. such a cool experience. their daughter can speak perfect english, she learned here in the mission. and she shared her testimony in english too. it was crazy. the spirit was there for sure! and then we all got to shake hands with the president and give hna ardila a HUG! a little weird, an exception to the rule. but it was cool. to personally get to say goodbye to them all. then they gave us a pin with the missions logo and a little pamphlet with all the pictures of all the missionaries in the mission! cool!  so that was a little sad to say goodbye but also excitement for a new president!. then after we had a noche de hogar and that was it, the goodbye took a long time.. haha.
   WEDNESDAY, we had district mtg and we got a water heater! too bad that the cable to hook into it doesnt work. Hopes crushed!! looks like cold water for a little longer. brrrrrrrrrrrrr. haha.  then after we went on splits. elder eaton came with me. so we first had a lesson with our investigator. gensy, and it was a way cool lesson, promptings to read scriptures and stuff like that. so cool! i love it when i feel like i am just that instrument in the hands of the lord!  then we went to that family, the one with the finland guy if you all remember. and we had a good lesson with the parents of his wife, hna cindel, and then after talking to them for a while i figured out that hna cindel studied at salt lake community college! i described where we live and she knew where i was talking about! haha. how crazy and coool! such a small world!
    THURSDAY, so first we gave a lesson to another investigator, olga,33, and her sister leongilda, 31, we taught the restoration, and they both understood it really well and were really open to it. now we just need to give them a baptism date! so cool how the lord just puts people in your path sometimes, who are just completely ready to hear what you have to say!. then we went to another investigator, vilma, whose ¨husband¨  carlos, was there. he speaks a little bit of 4 different languages. and he has apparently served a ¨mission¨for 15 years, i think he was just preaching around, not a legit mission. anyway, right when we walked in he was like... WELCOME TO THIS PLACE!!!!!   interesting. haha. but ya he just basically talked to us for 45 min about who god is and how he loves us and how we should always have him in our minds and lives. ya... interesting.  but ya, we are going to go back and keep teaching! we will see how this goes! 
   FRIDAY, we taught olga again, she is still progressing and has a baptism date for the 20th of july! wahoooo! but ya, we just kept teaching and then we had english class but no one showed up... i think it was because no one knew about it though... oh well, that was pretty much it for today.
   SATURDAY.  so today we had a 3 hour lesson with hna gensy. haha. we just answered a bunch of her questions and just teaching. the time flew by. haha. she just needs to get an answer still. but we are praying for her! she is really cool. she always just wants to learn about god and have him be a big part of her life! awesome! that was pretty much it.. haha, that lesson took a ton of time. 
   SUNDAY, church! we had the stake president come and talked to the branch which was cool, we took the sacrament to a member, and she was overjoyed to get it. it made her so happy, which in turn made me really happy! haha.  then we talked to esmeralda, you know the one who just needs to make a date to get baptized and she will do it. ughhh. but ya, she is progressing, slowly. its just a little frustrating at times. then i helped a member scan some photos. which took a little bit, but it was fun, doing something a little different for a change. haha.  so quick side note... i had a burn on my chin, like a burn from a tramp or something, i cant remember how i got it really, also a cut that i picked at so it got bigger, on my chin as well. and also a poisonus spider decided to bite me above my right eye at night. so ya, my face is even uglier right now if you can imagine, haha(COULDNT BE UGLY IF HE TRIED-MOM). Healing with time. haha. yup thats all folks! thanks again for the email! i love hearing from you all! i love all of you and have a stupendous next week and 4th of july!!!! love ya!

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