Monday, July 7, 2014


NEW MISSION PRESIDENT: Pres. and Sis. Boswell

MONDAY, we basically did nothing. haha. I got a little sick on the bus ride back, that’s all haha
TUESDAY, I was a little sick still the next morning, coughing up a bunch of crap and major migraine haha, but it was ok. Then we taught a family and gave a blessing to a baby for the first time! That was cool. You have to hold the baby to bless it. That was cool. That was pretty much it for today.
WEDNESDAY, I fell, haha. I tried to kick a rock between my comps legs and I kicked the curb and fell. Its ok though i rolled and fell with style. haha. So i was alright, it didnt hurt. So then we went and visited olgas sister Leonor, she really thinks things through and is smart. She is learning really fast and really wants to come closer to God and Christ.  Then we talked to a family and their son likes pokemon! haha. How cool. So we talked about that for a second and that was about it for today. 
THURSDAY, we met pres boswell and his family!!!  wahoo!! What a cool president! I am super happy to have him as my new president! So a little about what he said to us... his expectations for the mission are, that we understand that we have a divine calling, love everyone, obey with exactness, work diligently, and to be full of faith, joy, and thanks. As he was talking I could just feel the spirit really strong, the whole time I could feel the love that he had for everyone. He is such a happy guy and it is contagious haha. As I listened I just wanted to become a better missionary. One thing I like that he said is that he is going to come with us to some appointments so that he can get to know us and our investigators, feel our spirit and our joy in serving others and then so that he can share his testimony with them. So cool! He has 4 daughters and 1 son like us! Haha, and he has 2 daughters here. They also showed us his house and man is he a millionaire. Wow, so big. haha but ya. I am very pleased with this pres. I will learn a lot from them!. 
FRIDAY, Happy 4th of July! I found some really good scriptures this morning. First alma 48 verse 11 through 13 and 17. Then I read a section in D&C that was an answer to a prayer! D&C 6 verses 8 through 11, 13 through 17, 20 through 21 and there I put my name instead of Oliver, and then verses 29 through 37 as well. Such a cool section! Im staring to read D and C and I love it! Such cool scripture. I wish that I would have read it sooner. haha. I also am marking my scriptures better. Yellow is doctine or teaching, green is something that someone did good and blue is the blessing they received from that. Red is something they did bad, and purple is the punishment that they got. and orange is just something that I liked. Then I underline the scriptures in those colors and then I can also color over certain words to add emphasis! This has helped me a ton, to really feast on the words of Christ.  It helps me dig deep, to help find the way to apply the scripture to my life and if I need to go back to that scripture, I can easily see what it is talking about again! I love it!! You should all try it out! It helps a lot and has helped me a ton to really read the scriptures and use them in my mission and life in general!    So from there we went and helped olgas mom grind some corn to make tamales. That was fun. Then we taught olga. She is still progressing! Then we went to a bday party of the relief society president, had some steak. Delicious, and thats it! 
SATURDAY, we had that cool service project helping clean up the streets for the city. There were a bunch of members. Then we went to the Calderon family and we found out that diana got her answer!  I felt the spirit so strong! However she probably wont get baptized until the other 2 get their answers but thats ok. It was still a good thing to hear! haha. 
SUNDAY was fast sunday! Man does fasting help you feel the spirit!  I got to bless the sacrament too! So awesome! The testimonies were awesome too! Even esmeralda bore hears even though she isnt a member yet! haha. Then we went to visit leonor and we taught a bit about baptism and gave her a baptism date for the 20th! wahoo! And then a mini miracle happened. A member couple knocked on the door as were closing and the brother bore the perfect testimony that was just right for hna leonor. They knocked on the door at the perfect time. Thank you Lord! Thank you spirit! It was such a cool experience. The spirit was super strong! Then later we taught a member family and as I started teaching I got this overwhelming feeling of happiness! I dont know why but I just smiled the whole time and was super happy! I love the mission! 
                                               I hope all of you have a great next week!

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