Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Cushioned Benches!! What!?!?!" Email 8/25/2014

Elder Jeria from Chile

Monday, we had interviews which all went well as i said last Monday. Then after we visited some less actives and had a family night. That’s it sorry haha.  I need to write more sometimes. 
Tuesday, we had our zone mtg. There are a ton of new gringos that just came into the mission field. There are 4 in my zone! Crazy and i have also heard that there are a ton of new ones coming in at the end of this transfer too! Maybe i will have to train another north American! ahhhhhhh! haha. So then we visited some recent converts and less actives. We are trying to find new investigators still so it’s going a little slow with the teaching. 
Wednesday, today was our real p day! So we watched the croods and monsters university and then ate those giant sandwiches again. Then i played a little ping pong with my comp!!! There is a ping pong table and my comp knows how to play a bit! wahoooo! But i still do rein champion haha. 
Thursday, we found some people to teach from contacting. We have appointments with them later this week. We then had a family home evening and it was cool because the daughter shared a little message before that tied perfectly into the lesson! Cool how God gave her that revelation in order to help us with the lesson! Awesome! A little mini miracle. Then later, another miracle. We were a little late leaving the fhe. so we started to jog rapidly to get back to the room on time. we were getting close to our room and i decided to go one way, but my companion decided to go another and then he yelled "no this way!" So i turned my head to reply while still running, and i tripped on a metal bar that was sticking out the curb and i fell. I hit the ground pretty good, but i got up quick, despite my comps laughter and the pain, and finished jogging to the room. The whole right side of my body was absolutely filthy, and then the miracle. As i began to examine my hands, arms, and legs for scrapes and bruises, there was nothing. Not a scratch, even though i hit the ground and even skidded a bit. Wow. God protected me. It’s like what grandma ElRae always says. I really am superman for these two years at least! 
Friday, we had a cool noche de hogar with a less active family. We helped them remember how the gospel has helped them in their lives and they told us that they are going to go to church! wahoo! It was awesome! The spirit was there and everything just went great! We are "rescuing" them! Oh, the pres changed our theme from "bautisamos y confirmamos conversos semanalmente, to.... rescatamos (we rescue) bautisamos y.......... cool! Rescuing families! 
Saturday, I hit ten months! Double digits!! Then we visited some new investigators, and we just got to know them a bit, made other appointments. Awesome! We are progressing! 
Sunday, church is cool! It’s a 2 story building and they actually have cushioned benches!!! What!?!?!?! It reminds me of home a little bit. Then we had lasagna for lunch! Too much cheese though and it was fake cheese. ha-ha. Moms lasagna is way better ha-ha, but it was nice for a change, instead of rice ha-ha. Then we visited a family for FHE. They live far away, so it took a lot of time but went well!
Thanks to everyone! I love you all and hope you all have a great next week!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New area... 2nd most dangerous in the mission?!!!!! WHAT?!!!!!! EMAIL 8/18/2014

Goodbye to Chaclacayo!

MONDAY, so pday! we went to Jicamarca to play soccer with the zone Campoy! Weird to go back to my area... but it was cool. I got to talk to my old pensionista, which was cool and ya thats about it for pday.
TUESDAY, we said goodbye to everyone. Oh ya transfers arent until wed. We just said goodbye to everyone. Well, my comp did and then later we found out that my comp stays and I am leaving to Las Magnolias 2 in central! What.... that was a surprise, but I guess that the Lord wants and need me there! My comp is elder jeria from Chile and he has 3 months in the mission. I am going to be senior comp. cool! So we will see! 
  WEDNESDAY, so we went to La Molina for transfers and president talked to us for a little bit which was cool. He talked about how the Lord made these transfers not him. Awesome! Then we found our comps and went to our new areas. So apparently my area is the 2nd most dangerous area in the mission! Awesome! Like robbery and stuff, but dont worry I will be fine! It actually seems like a calm place! I am in a room with the zone leaders.  There are actually roads here! Not dirt! Wahoo! The other two elders are elder neira from ecuador and elder scott from california. They seem cool. So we will see how this plays out!
THURSDAY, we visited some less actives and recent converts. I like this area, not as sketchy as I thought it would be. I am grateful for the paved roads. The dirt roads beat up my shoes good.  Let me tell ya, super glue is a life saver! haha. My comp is awesome, very friendly and nice. He likes to talk a lot. The pension is cool, even though we found beetles in our food haha!  I also just about got hit by a "moto." it brushed my shirt sleeve which scared me a little bit, but i am ok! Oh and it is mckennas bday today! happy bday sis! 22!! wahoo!
FRIDAY, so cool little experience. I felt an impression my first day here to share a scripture about prayer with a little old less active lady. Come to find out that she later went back, studied it, marked it, and also shared it with some other people and she also found some other scriptures in the same chapter that helped her! Awesome!!! She thanked me for that and it made me feel great! So I am starting to be able to really recognize the spiritual promptings now. It’s super cool! So ya everything is going well, except for the worm I found in my dinner.  Mmmmmmm rico (rich)!  But oh well! You just gotta love life and push forward!  Also there was a  mouse that was in my comps drawer that jumped out as he opened it and ran away somewhere. Apparently that wasnt the first time that that has happened. Haha, but thats ok im not scared of mice.
SATURDAY, the rat is back! Well mouse. So it ran across the room and freaked the other elders out and then we tried to catch it with a broom, 2 buckets and trying to videotape it at the same time. However it did get a way this time but it will be back and we will be ready for him! So then we went to the priesthood session of stake conference. A member of the 70 came. Cool! And it was cool because on the invitation there was a quote from elder bednar that said.. well more or less because its in spanish... it says. " if we teach by the spirit and if you listen by the spirit, one will refer to your circumstances and will send you a personal, prophetic epistle just for you." cool, because that is just what happened. Me and my comp got the impression that in our area, we need to work with the less actives this transfer. Cool how the spirit works right!
SUNDAY, well first of all you got to love the people walking down the street in the morning screaming. Tamales!!!!! As you are trying to study. Haha,  but I did still find a cool scripture about what happens as we study our scriptures diligently in 2nd nephi 4 verse 16.  So ya, conference was good and then after we visited some people and then had a noche de hogar. I gave the lesson. We played some games and it was fun! And thats about it! 
   Thanks for writing me! I love hearing about all of you and how life is going in the states! I love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week! love you all!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Family of Gold" ... "Golden Family" Email 8/11/2014

Trip to the Temple

One Giant Sandwich!!!

Monday, we had internet, played some games as a zone, then we visited hna elva, who actually has 1 other daughter named araceli, 12.   We had a good lesson with them. I can see the change in them every time we visit them. Its cool. 
 Tuesday, we had district mtg and I got my package wahoo!!!! Thanks again! Then we went to visit hna elva and her kids and her kids were talking about how they had some Spanish ctr rings and then lost them. They miss those rings. well, I had 4! that i think i got from mom or someone, anyway, i gave the rings to them and they loved them! Thanks for sending those! You made some girls really happy! So then we had a super cool spiritual lesson with the calderon family. Apparently they went on a little vacation and went to a church, i cant remember which  church and the members there started to chant and stuff and got like possessed and start shaking and screaming. The teacher guy said that it was god using their bodies to communicate with people. Well, as you can imagine it scared the crap out of jensy, royer, and diana. crazy. So we had a good lesson about how good things come from god and how they should follow the path that leads to light and happiness and not to darkness and fear, great lesson and royer told me that he felt something good as i was talking!! i know i made a difference in that lesson and the spirit was talking through me!!!
Wednesday, we talked to hna elva again. They are going through the typical family problems; obedience and the kids dont think that their parents are fair. It reminds me of home, but i am so grateful that my parents were and still are the best in the world! Who taught me right and who love me! thanks mom and dad!!! 
Thursday, today we ran everywhere, very tiring. haha. We visited some families and had hna leonors bday party!  fun!!! We ate cake!! delicious!  and thats about it. 
Friday, we had a long lesson with hna jensy and diana, it went really well, the spirit was there. We talked about a lot of things like how only good things come from god, like the last lesson, but it was really cool because they told us that every time that they were scared or tempted or something they would picture me and my comp. and then they would be comforted. cool. Representatives of Jesus Christ. Its awesome how he helps us help other people. 
Saturday, we had pachamanca. We made it in the ground and man was it good. It did take forever to make it though. haha. and then we visited two new investigators. hna susi and her mom primi. susi, 29  primi, 50. anyway, they are one of those families of gold we think!!! sweet! They are leonors friends so maybe we can get leonor to come with us and help teach and stuff!!! wahoo!
Sunday, we didnt make it in time to take the sacrament but thats ok because we got elva and her whole family to go to church! I felt the spirit as we got there, it was so cool. Then we visited them again later and my comp played a game of chess with one of the daughters who likes it. Then had a little lesson and that is really about it for today.
    Well thanks for emailing me! I love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week!!!!  love you!!
Lion or Dog?!

He looks sooo tall!  Luv him...miss  him!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Monday, was like a half p day, because the zone leaders told us late that we weren’t going to have p day because we were going to the temple. We did like nothing because we had nothing planned... only 1 lesson... ughh. All good though!
Tuesday, today we talked to hna esmeralda who still hasn’t made her decision to be baptized. grrr. Then we had noche de hogar with hna leonor and olga.  We had a message, well mormon messages and played a little game! It was fun!
Wednesday, temple!!! Wow was it awesome. I love the temple, so peaceful. I listened to the whole session in Spanish! wahoo! It was cool but i still like it better in English. haha. After the temple we ate giant sandwiches for lunch and played some dodge ball. It was a blast. I loved that too.
Thursday, we visited olga to help her prepare for her baptism, but she doesn’t really want to. She keeps pushing the date farther. We think that she is afraid of the responsibility it brings, and some other things that are personal that are holding her back. But we just need to keep on working and trust in the lord. Then we talked to a less active who likes to talk a lot. But he is awesome. Oh and we did have a little service project. We cleaned up a little garden for a member family. Even though it wasn’t really a garden, just some green poking out from under all the dirt. haha. 
Friday, we visited olga again and she still isn’t really progressing. She doesn’t keep the commitments. We just need patience right? Everyone has their time. So then we tried to visit some other people but no one was there. So then we had English classes and a ton of people came! Finally! like 12ish people showed up and it was awesome! 
Saturday, we talked to a less active named elvia who has 2 daughters, andrea 16, and pamela 13. Pamela looks like, is like, and reminds me a ton of Kayla. We had a great lesson and invited them to come to church, and they said they would! Hopefully, We will see! So then we were going to have a mtg. with our mission leader but he didn’t come, so we ended up taking 2 sisters to one of their visiting teaching appointments because they were scared of the dark and robbers. haha. Then we picked them up a half hour later! Well that’s one way to give service! 
     Sunday, the testimonies were amazing today, I felt the spirit a ton! Then after church we had pachamanca! rico!! and then we went to visit hna elvia again. Oh, so she came to church but her daughters’ didnt... but the lesson we had today was incredible. The spirit just guided us and we were able to figure out why they stopped going to church so now we can help them better! We talked about a couple things like being an example and prayer, but we did it in a way that it all came together in the end and in just the right way that they needed. If that makes sense.  The mission is great. I love this family. They remind me a ton of my awesome sisters!  
  Lately I have realized that god has been answering my prayers, i just havnt been seeing it. But now i do and i am super grateful. This companion that god has put me with has taught me to be more direct. Which is what i asked for when i was in jicamarca! So cool how god has a plan for us. Everything happens for a reason and he always answers our prayers. 
  Thanks everyone! You are all awesome! I miss you all and love all of you with all of my heart! Have a great next week!

BAPTISM!! EMAIL 7/28/2014

Congratulations Leonor! 7/27/2014

ok so Monday, was p day! and we played some soccer, that's it. I am getting better and i blocked quite a few goals, so that's good i guess. haha. 
 Tuesday, we talked to Leonor and Olga about baptism and Leonor is going to be baptized this Saturday for sure!!! wahoo! i was so happy!!!! She has gotten her answer and i know that she is going to be a strong convert!!! Olga is a little sick however so we are going to postpone her baptism a little. She has a blood disorder and is just a little too weak right now, then we found a new investigator named Betsa. who is 18. She has gone to church once and has already received an answer from god and wants to be baptized!! awesome!!! how crazy! what a miracle!!! we are starting to teach her the lessons. Its just so cool to see gods hand in peoples lives. 
Wednesday, I completed 9 months and mckenna 1 year! crazy!! We visited Leonor again  and shared a short lesson and did a pre interview thing.   We taught a little on how god works in mysterious ways and usually gives us an answer that is different from what we were expecting. We gave that same lesson to the Calderon family and it was cool because the spirit was just helping us along. Thank you spirit. 
Thursday, happy 24th of July!!!  We visited Leonor again for her pre interview but there wasnt a private room so we couldnt. We posetponed it, all good though. oh and I'm with elder eaton for this. Then we visited some people, talked with hna betsa and it was cool because she asked me to give her a blessing so that she could learn faster. Cool experience. the spirit was there too. How awesome! and that was pretty much it for today. 
Friday, we had the interview for real this time and she passed of course. She's awesome. Then we visited a recent convert and less active and talked about eternal life, the greatest blessing thta god had given us. Well, the opportunity to receive it. We need to work hard first and then we can get that blessing.  Then we had english class and 2 more people showed up than last time! wahoo! that was fun!
Saturday, we had the baptism! The spirit was so strong!!!! it was great, everything went well. we just gotta keep working so that we can have even more baptisms! Bring people unto Christ!!! So after that we ate a bunch of food, had a little activity and ate some more food, shared a message about the restoration, and ate more food, and that was it haha. 
Sunday, we had church! which was great as usual and then we visited some people, but we were a little tired from walking around a lot. We didnt walk super fast like normal, but it went well.  Tiring day. we visited Leonor and we started teaching her friend Luis. New investigator!!! wahoo! Now we just have to baptize him right??? haha
   Thanks for writing me and for everything. i love you all and hope you all have a great next week!