Thursday, August 7, 2014

BAPTISM!! EMAIL 7/28/2014

Congratulations Leonor! 7/27/2014

ok so Monday, was p day! and we played some soccer, that's it. I am getting better and i blocked quite a few goals, so that's good i guess. haha. 
 Tuesday, we talked to Leonor and Olga about baptism and Leonor is going to be baptized this Saturday for sure!!! wahoo! i was so happy!!!! She has gotten her answer and i know that she is going to be a strong convert!!! Olga is a little sick however so we are going to postpone her baptism a little. She has a blood disorder and is just a little too weak right now, then we found a new investigator named Betsa. who is 18. She has gone to church once and has already received an answer from god and wants to be baptized!! awesome!!! how crazy! what a miracle!!! we are starting to teach her the lessons. Its just so cool to see gods hand in peoples lives. 
Wednesday, I completed 9 months and mckenna 1 year! crazy!! We visited Leonor again  and shared a short lesson and did a pre interview thing.   We taught a little on how god works in mysterious ways and usually gives us an answer that is different from what we were expecting. We gave that same lesson to the Calderon family and it was cool because the spirit was just helping us along. Thank you spirit. 
Thursday, happy 24th of July!!!  We visited Leonor again for her pre interview but there wasnt a private room so we couldnt. We posetponed it, all good though. oh and I'm with elder eaton for this. Then we visited some people, talked with hna betsa and it was cool because she asked me to give her a blessing so that she could learn faster. Cool experience. the spirit was there too. How awesome! and that was pretty much it for today. 
Friday, we had the interview for real this time and she passed of course. She's awesome. Then we visited a recent convert and less active and talked about eternal life, the greatest blessing thta god had given us. Well, the opportunity to receive it. We need to work hard first and then we can get that blessing.  Then we had english class and 2 more people showed up than last time! wahoo! that was fun!
Saturday, we had the baptism! The spirit was so strong!!!! it was great, everything went well. we just gotta keep working so that we can have even more baptisms! Bring people unto Christ!!! So after that we ate a bunch of food, had a little activity and ate some more food, shared a message about the restoration, and ate more food, and that was it haha. 
Sunday, we had church! which was great as usual and then we visited some people, but we were a little tired from walking around a lot. We didnt walk super fast like normal, but it went well.  Tiring day. we visited Leonor and we started teaching her friend Luis. New investigator!!! wahoo! Now we just have to baptize him right??? haha
   Thanks for writing me and for everything. i love you all and hope you all have a great next week! 

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