Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Cushioned Benches!! What!?!?!" Email 8/25/2014

Elder Jeria from Chile

Monday, we had interviews which all went well as i said last Monday. Then after we visited some less actives and had a family night. That’s it sorry haha.  I need to write more sometimes. 
Tuesday, we had our zone mtg. There are a ton of new gringos that just came into the mission field. There are 4 in my zone! Crazy and i have also heard that there are a ton of new ones coming in at the end of this transfer too! Maybe i will have to train another north American! ahhhhhhh! haha. So then we visited some recent converts and less actives. We are trying to find new investigators still so it’s going a little slow with the teaching. 
Wednesday, today was our real p day! So we watched the croods and monsters university and then ate those giant sandwiches again. Then i played a little ping pong with my comp!!! There is a ping pong table and my comp knows how to play a bit! wahoooo! But i still do rein champion haha. 
Thursday, we found some people to teach from contacting. We have appointments with them later this week. We then had a family home evening and it was cool because the daughter shared a little message before that tied perfectly into the lesson! Cool how God gave her that revelation in order to help us with the lesson! Awesome! A little mini miracle. Then later, another miracle. We were a little late leaving the fhe. so we started to jog rapidly to get back to the room on time. we were getting close to our room and i decided to go one way, but my companion decided to go another and then he yelled "no this way!" So i turned my head to reply while still running, and i tripped on a metal bar that was sticking out the curb and i fell. I hit the ground pretty good, but i got up quick, despite my comps laughter and the pain, and finished jogging to the room. The whole right side of my body was absolutely filthy, and then the miracle. As i began to examine my hands, arms, and legs for scrapes and bruises, there was nothing. Not a scratch, even though i hit the ground and even skidded a bit. Wow. God protected me. It’s like what grandma ElRae always says. I really am superman for these two years at least! 
Friday, we had a cool noche de hogar with a less active family. We helped them remember how the gospel has helped them in their lives and they told us that they are going to go to church! wahoo! It was awesome! The spirit was there and everything just went great! We are "rescuing" them! Oh, the pres changed our theme from "bautisamos y confirmamos conversos semanalmente, to.... rescatamos (we rescue) bautisamos y.......... cool! Rescuing families! 
Saturday, I hit ten months! Double digits!! Then we visited some new investigators, and we just got to know them a bit, made other appointments. Awesome! We are progressing! 
Sunday, church is cool! It’s a 2 story building and they actually have cushioned benches!!! What!?!?!?! It reminds me of home a little bit. Then we had lasagna for lunch! Too much cheese though and it was fake cheese. ha-ha. Moms lasagna is way better ha-ha, but it was nice for a change, instead of rice ha-ha. Then we visited a family for FHE. They live far away, so it took a lot of time but went well!
Thanks to everyone! I love you all and hope you all have a great next week!

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