Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Family of Gold" ... "Golden Family" Email 8/11/2014

Trip to the Temple

One Giant Sandwich!!!

Monday, we had internet, played some games as a zone, then we visited hna elva, who actually has 1 other daughter named araceli, 12.   We had a good lesson with them. I can see the change in them every time we visit them. Its cool. 
 Tuesday, we had district mtg and I got my package wahoo!!!! Thanks again! Then we went to visit hna elva and her kids and her kids were talking about how they had some Spanish ctr rings and then lost them. They miss those rings. well, I had 4! that i think i got from mom or someone, anyway, i gave the rings to them and they loved them! Thanks for sending those! You made some girls really happy! So then we had a super cool spiritual lesson with the calderon family. Apparently they went on a little vacation and went to a church, i cant remember which  church and the members there started to chant and stuff and got like possessed and start shaking and screaming. The teacher guy said that it was god using their bodies to communicate with people. Well, as you can imagine it scared the crap out of jensy, royer, and diana. crazy. So we had a good lesson about how good things come from god and how they should follow the path that leads to light and happiness and not to darkness and fear, great lesson and royer told me that he felt something good as i was talking!! i know i made a difference in that lesson and the spirit was talking through me!!!
Wednesday, we talked to hna elva again. They are going through the typical family problems; obedience and the kids dont think that their parents are fair. It reminds me of home, but i am so grateful that my parents were and still are the best in the world! Who taught me right and who love me! thanks mom and dad!!! 
Thursday, today we ran everywhere, very tiring. haha. We visited some families and had hna leonors bday party!  fun!!! We ate cake!! delicious!  and thats about it. 
Friday, we had a long lesson with hna jensy and diana, it went really well, the spirit was there. We talked about a lot of things like how only good things come from god, like the last lesson, but it was really cool because they told us that every time that they were scared or tempted or something they would picture me and my comp. and then they would be comforted. cool. Representatives of Jesus Christ. Its awesome how he helps us help other people. 
Saturday, we had pachamanca. We made it in the ground and man was it good. It did take forever to make it though. haha. and then we visited two new investigators. hna susi and her mom primi. susi, 29  primi, 50. anyway, they are one of those families of gold we think!!! sweet! They are leonors friends so maybe we can get leonor to come with us and help teach and stuff!!! wahoo!
Sunday, we didnt make it in time to take the sacrament but thats ok because we got elva and her whole family to go to church! I felt the spirit as we got there, it was so cool. Then we visited them again later and my comp played a game of chess with one of the daughters who likes it. Then had a little lesson and that is really about it for today.
    Well thanks for emailing me! I love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week!!!!  love you!!
Lion or Dog?!

He looks sooo tall!  Luv him...miss  him!

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