Thursday, August 7, 2014


Monday, was like a half p day, because the zone leaders told us late that we weren’t going to have p day because we were going to the temple. We did like nothing because we had nothing planned... only 1 lesson... ughh. All good though!
Tuesday, today we talked to hna esmeralda who still hasn’t made her decision to be baptized. grrr. Then we had noche de hogar with hna leonor and olga.  We had a message, well mormon messages and played a little game! It was fun!
Wednesday, temple!!! Wow was it awesome. I love the temple, so peaceful. I listened to the whole session in Spanish! wahoo! It was cool but i still like it better in English. haha. After the temple we ate giant sandwiches for lunch and played some dodge ball. It was a blast. I loved that too.
Thursday, we visited olga to help her prepare for her baptism, but she doesn’t really want to. She keeps pushing the date farther. We think that she is afraid of the responsibility it brings, and some other things that are personal that are holding her back. But we just need to keep on working and trust in the lord. Then we talked to a less active who likes to talk a lot. But he is awesome. Oh and we did have a little service project. We cleaned up a little garden for a member family. Even though it wasn’t really a garden, just some green poking out from under all the dirt. haha. 
Friday, we visited olga again and she still isn’t really progressing. She doesn’t keep the commitments. We just need patience right? Everyone has their time. So then we tried to visit some other people but no one was there. So then we had English classes and a ton of people came! Finally! like 12ish people showed up and it was awesome! 
Saturday, we talked to a less active named elvia who has 2 daughters, andrea 16, and pamela 13. Pamela looks like, is like, and reminds me a ton of Kayla. We had a great lesson and invited them to come to church, and they said they would! Hopefully, We will see! So then we were going to have a mtg. with our mission leader but he didn’t come, so we ended up taking 2 sisters to one of their visiting teaching appointments because they were scared of the dark and robbers. haha. Then we picked them up a half hour later! Well that’s one way to give service! 
     Sunday, the testimonies were amazing today, I felt the spirit a ton! Then after church we had pachamanca! rico!! and then we went to visit hna elvia again. Oh, so she came to church but her daughters’ didnt... but the lesson we had today was incredible. The spirit just guided us and we were able to figure out why they stopped going to church so now we can help them better! We talked about a couple things like being an example and prayer, but we did it in a way that it all came together in the end and in just the right way that they needed. If that makes sense.  The mission is great. I love this family. They remind me a ton of my awesome sisters!  
  Lately I have realized that god has been answering my prayers, i just havnt been seeing it. But now i do and i am super grateful. This companion that god has put me with has taught me to be more direct. Which is what i asked for when i was in jicamarca! So cool how god has a plan for us. Everything happens for a reason and he always answers our prayers. 
  Thanks everyone! You are all awesome! I miss you all and love all of you with all of my heart! Have a great next week!

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