Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New area... 2nd most dangerous in the mission?!!!!! WHAT?!!!!!! EMAIL 8/18/2014

Goodbye to Chaclacayo!

MONDAY, so pday! we went to Jicamarca to play soccer with the zone Campoy! Weird to go back to my area... but it was cool. I got to talk to my old pensionista, which was cool and ya thats about it for pday.
TUESDAY, we said goodbye to everyone. Oh ya transfers arent until wed. We just said goodbye to everyone. Well, my comp did and then later we found out that my comp stays and I am leaving to Las Magnolias 2 in central! What.... that was a surprise, but I guess that the Lord wants and need me there! My comp is elder jeria from Chile and he has 3 months in the mission. I am going to be senior comp. cool! So we will see! 
  WEDNESDAY, so we went to La Molina for transfers and president talked to us for a little bit which was cool. He talked about how the Lord made these transfers not him. Awesome! Then we found our comps and went to our new areas. So apparently my area is the 2nd most dangerous area in the mission! Awesome! Like robbery and stuff, but dont worry I will be fine! It actually seems like a calm place! I am in a room with the zone leaders.  There are actually roads here! Not dirt! Wahoo! The other two elders are elder neira from ecuador and elder scott from california. They seem cool. So we will see how this plays out!
THURSDAY, we visited some less actives and recent converts. I like this area, not as sketchy as I thought it would be. I am grateful for the paved roads. The dirt roads beat up my shoes good.  Let me tell ya, super glue is a life saver! haha. My comp is awesome, very friendly and nice. He likes to talk a lot. The pension is cool, even though we found beetles in our food haha!  I also just about got hit by a "moto." it brushed my shirt sleeve which scared me a little bit, but i am ok! Oh and it is mckennas bday today! happy bday sis! 22!! wahoo!
FRIDAY, so cool little experience. I felt an impression my first day here to share a scripture about prayer with a little old less active lady. Come to find out that she later went back, studied it, marked it, and also shared it with some other people and she also found some other scriptures in the same chapter that helped her! Awesome!!! She thanked me for that and it made me feel great! So I am starting to be able to really recognize the spiritual promptings now. It’s super cool! So ya everything is going well, except for the worm I found in my dinner.  Mmmmmmm rico (rich)!  But oh well! You just gotta love life and push forward!  Also there was a  mouse that was in my comps drawer that jumped out as he opened it and ran away somewhere. Apparently that wasnt the first time that that has happened. Haha, but thats ok im not scared of mice.
SATURDAY, the rat is back! Well mouse. So it ran across the room and freaked the other elders out and then we tried to catch it with a broom, 2 buckets and trying to videotape it at the same time. However it did get a way this time but it will be back and we will be ready for him! So then we went to the priesthood session of stake conference. A member of the 70 came. Cool! And it was cool because on the invitation there was a quote from elder bednar that said.. well more or less because its in spanish... it says. " if we teach by the spirit and if you listen by the spirit, one will refer to your circumstances and will send you a personal, prophetic epistle just for you." cool, because that is just what happened. Me and my comp got the impression that in our area, we need to work with the less actives this transfer. Cool how the spirit works right!
SUNDAY, well first of all you got to love the people walking down the street in the morning screaming. Tamales!!!!! As you are trying to study. Haha,  but I did still find a cool scripture about what happens as we study our scriptures diligently in 2nd nephi 4 verse 16.  So ya, conference was good and then after we visited some people and then had a noche de hogar. I gave the lesson. We played some games and it was fun! And thats about it! 
   Thanks for writing me! I love hearing about all of you and how life is going in the states! I love all of you and hope that you all have a great next week! love you all!

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