Monday, September 15, 2014

GUINEA PIG FOR DINNER...YUMM??!! Email 9/15/2014

MONDAY, p day!!! We did nothing really. A little ping pong and sleep. haha. Boring.
TUESDAY, we had district mtg. We also celebrated elder Richmonds bday and ate some cake. (an elder in our zone)  then we visited some new less actives however one of them didnt seem to really care about what we were teaching. bummer. 
WEDNESDAY, we taught Jean Franko about fasting because there is a new rule just for this ward, that the investigators need to fast and pay a fast offering in order to be baptized. interesting.  it went really well and he said that he would do it. i feel like he has a need, but we just cant find it. he sort of avoids the topic of baptism, but with faith and patience  i think we will get there! 
THURSDAY, we did a little service project. We painted the penionistas house. That was fun. I didnt like the color though. haha. Today was from then on a little slow and it is also 9/11 sad day. I cant believe that it has been 13 years since the twin towers. Time flies… and ya thats about it sorry. 
FRIDAY, we contacted a reference and now we have 2 new investigators! Two boys at the ages 12 and 13,their mom is less active so we will try to rescue her as well! Then we had a lesson with a previous investigator that we hadnt seen in a while. It went really well. I just hope that we can teach him more often from now on. 
SATURDAY, we got to see a new born baby today! A less active sister had her baby recently. Cute! haha. It makes you ask those questions, where did you come from little one? It is cool to have the knowledge that we know where we come from, why we are here and were we are going after this life! What a blessing! From there we had a lesson with a less active and he said that he wants to come to church and talk to us more! And he was the one on Tues, who didnt really want anything to do with the church! Cool to see how god touches people’s hearts through the holy ghost and the missionaries! Wow! 
SUNDAY, church! So church was good, a girl gave a really good talk to the youth about being strong and righteous because they are the next generation of the members! Really good. Then lunch took forever. After that we had time for one quick lesson and then off to dinner…. and guess what we had for dinner?......... CUY!!!!!! Yes, I ate guinea pig!!!!! ahhhhh! Sort of gross. Haha, but now I can say that I have eaten it and I am now officially Peruvian! hahaha. But ya, then we had a super spiritual lesson about the atonement. I love the topic of the atonement. It always gets to me. What a great way to end the week.  
   Thanks for the email again and I love all of you and hope the best for you and that you all have a great next week! Don’t forget read, pray, everyday!!!  Love yall!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MATTHEW 6: 19-23 Email 9/8/2014

Home sweet home!

MONDAY, all we did was play a little soccer and some ping pong. Nothing super special…well, we did make hamburgers for lunch. yum! haha
TUESDAY, we studied a ton and I found some really good scriptures that I liked a lot! In matthew 6 verses 19 to 23. Then after we got some references that we will be visiting sometime during this next week! Then we just taught some recent converts and thats about it!
WEDNESDAY, we taught jean franko, our investigator. He is progressing a lot, he just doesnt have a big desire to get baptized quite yet but we will see. We taught about the Sabbath day and he understood it perfectly. I dont think that he is going to miss another Sunday. haha. Then later I helped some people with English again. I think we are going to start English classes here because I am helping so many people with it. haha.  What better teacher than a gringo!  haha
THURSDAY, today was cool because we found a new less active to teach. He was baptized when he was like 8 or 9 and then stopped going. He is now about 35 ish and has a small family, so hopefully we can teach them too! As we work hard, we start to see the blessings, and its awesome! Work, work, work, like it says in preach my gospel! Best way to have success in the mission! 
FRIDAY, today we had a cool lesson with a recent convert. He is about 65. We talked about baptisms for the dead and he was overjoyed to learn it because his wife has passed away.. but now he knows that she can receive the ordinances that she needs in order to be in that spirit paradise! From there we tried to go and get some new references from some families! 
SATURDAY, today we visited and investigator named javier. We were going to teach him about the plan of salvation, but I got a prompting to teach about the restoration, so we did! and it went great! The spirit was super strong and he is going to read the book of Mormon and pray about it! The only problem is that he is going to travel somewhere so we cant visit him again for 2 weeks... but its ok! The Lord will provide! Then we also found another less active family! and they have a daughter who isnt a member! New investigator! wahoo!
SUNDAY, was fast Sunday. It went well. I love to just sit and think inside the chapel. It helps you understand things easier because the spirit is always there. I just love it. So then we had lunch and talked to that family for a second, then later had a super spiritual family home evening. We watched one of those Mormon messages and then I shared some scriptures and my testimony. The spirit is officially the best feeling ever!  Some of the recent converts were in tears. I’m just glad that they could feel that spirit because that is what is going to help them keep on enduring to the end. They need the spirit a lot right now in these first stages of their membership. So awesome! So thats about it! Thanks again for the email. i love you all and hope that you all have a great next week! love yall!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


MONDAY, we went to a cool store inside the boundaries of mission central, and bought a ton of stuff. I bought almost all of my christmas gifts. haha. Scout motto, be prepared! haha. and that was about it for today!
TUESDAY, we visited a lot of people today, and as we were going to visit someone a dog bit my companion. Not super hard but it drew blood and there were teeth marks. Haha, but hes ok. He took some pills in case the dog had a disease or something, but all is well! Then later we visited a family that is going through a rough time right now and we had a great lesson. The spirit was there and the dad was crying the whole lesson because he is so worried about his kids and his mom who is sick. I felt bad for them and then on top of it they gave us some crackers and a drink with bread and then paid for our moto to take us back to our room. So generous, but i felt bad.  They were so grateful that we went and visited them and they know that God will help them through this. 
WEDNESDAY, today we had a cool lesson with our investigator, jeanfranko, 19. His mom is less active and his uncles are members. He thinks things through really well. He’s really smart. He has already received his answer and has a baptism date for the 20th of sept. Oh and we had the lesson inside the church so it was even more spiritual and just awesome! Oh and btw. He plays league of legends, and my comp too. So we talked about that for a sec. haha.  So then later we were trying to find a house of a contact that we had made earlier. We finally found it and then taught a lesson. And then as we were going back to our room we passed the neighboring street and someone yelled "elder maxwell!!!"  i turned and it was elder licota! my old comp, with elder gonzales who was in my room in chosica! Apparently we were in their area. haha. So we taught a lesson in the area of their zone. haha. Funny, small world. 
THURSDAY, today, well what a day, and this is why.  So first we went to go give a blessing in a hospital, two sisters (members) came with us because one was part of the family of the sister who is sick, and the other a close friend. Their names are karolay and anyuri. So we get there and man, hospitals are different here. The hospital is open. It has like a garden/park in the center and then there are big rooms with patients in hospital beds and no curtains to separate them. The beds are super close to each other and there are a ton of people visiting openly. It felt like being in public. haha. So we were debating on whether or not to give the sister the blessing, but we felt like it was the right thing to do, so we did. I felt an overwhelming peace, as if we were the only ones in the room. Really cool,  and then we left happy and peaceful. Little did we know, things were about to get hectic.... so we left and crossed the street to go catch a bus to take us back. We had to go through this place called la cachina de gamarra. It’s like the DI, but outside, and a ton of people. We walked through a bit to get to a bus. So we got on, the 4 of us, and the bus headed through where we had walked, ( because its a street and the people just sell stuff on it) but really slowly because of all the people. We were in the back of the bus, i was on the left side and anyuri on the right with my comp and karolay in the middle 2 seats. Then a guy started to bang on my window. We all turned to look at him, and that was our mistake, because another guy, on the other side, reached in and tried to steal anyuri´s purse. Anyuri tried to hold on to it, but he ripped it out of her hands. The problem was that the strap on her bag had beads and wire and stuff. So as he ripped it out of her hands it sliced two of her fingers. She screamed and blood started to come out, everywhere. I turned and saw it and went into a mini-shock. So much blood. There was a puddle of blood about the size of a big frisbee on the ground. So we get off, run to the hospital, luckily it was way close. Then we needed to pay so that they could fix her hand up, but we had no money. We had nothing. So we end up asking people for money. We got enough and then we had to buy even more things, but luckily we ran back to where we gave the blessing and karolays family was still there. So they came and payed for the rest. Then we waited and as we waited 2 pastors started talking to us. Tried to give us seviche to eat. (thats against mission rules) and started to preach to us. What they said made no sense. haha. Then anyuri came out after 3 hours and her fingers were all sewn up. ya. What a day. haha. 
  FRIDAY, today was a little less crazy. haha. We visited some people, less actives and recent converts. Anyuri is doing well, still a little freaked out, but well. nothing else really, except that after we left for lunch the owner of our room walked by our room about 2 hours after we had left and found the door to our room wide open... a little sketchy., but nothing was stolen or anything.  And she said that the night before people were throwing rocks at our room, but i know that God will protect us. It’s like Joseph Smith said. "I am calm as a summers morning"
SATURDAY, well last night at midnight, someone threw a huge rock at a door we have. (its like a garage door) and it woke us all up and freaked us out a bit. Cool, then today we visited some less actives and recent converts again. They are all doing well. I also found a cool scripture today about patience, diligence, and longsuffering. In Alma 32 vs 41 through 43. cool.   oh and we helped some less actives blow up a bunch of balloons. Fun. haha.
SUNDAY, we had church. Every person in every mtg talked about tithing. tithing,tithing,tithing haha. Interesting. Then we visited some less actives and i helped anyuri with some English and thats it!
   Well that is my crazy week that i had! i hope you enjoyed reading it! i am all good and doing well! haha. i love the mission! i love you all and hope that you all have a great next week!